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Pokemon UNITE - How to Use Quick Chat and Pings

Quick chats are a great way for players to communicate with their team instantly. This is a guide on the quick chat and ping mechanic in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn how to use quick chat and pings, when to use them, and more!

Newest Quick Chat Additions!

Recent Quick Chat Update

Pokemon Unite has come out with an update for the Quick Chat system!

You can now replace the pre-set quick chat pings with a wide variety of options for Attacking, Defending, and general Communication.

Quick Chat Replacements

Quick Chat Replacements.png

The newest addition for Quick Chat replacements are listed below as follows;

Defense Attack Communication
Defend our goal zone! Knock out the opposing team's Pokemon. I need backup!
Lets wait for our allies! Let me take the lead. Headed to the top path!
Wait a sec. Let's hide! Headed to the central area
Watch out for surprise attacks! Let's set up an ambush. Headed to the bottom path!
Let's protect our allies! Let's fight together Thanks!
Leave defense to me! --- You can do it!
--- --- Let's retreat!
--- --- We're outnumbered. Avoid fighting!
--- --- Watch out
--- --- Help me!
--- --- Let's gather at the top path!
--- --- Let's gather at the bottom path!
--- --- Please let me level up first!

How to Use Quick Chat

There are a total of 8 Quick Chat Prompts players can use to communicate with their teammates. Using them will send an alert to your teammates, notifying them of your current position on the map.

Mobile Quick Chat Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Chat Pings (Mobile)

How to Use Icon Quick Chat
Press the icon for the quick ping you want to use.
Press the Speech Bubble icon to use quick chat to open more prompts.

Mobile Icon Quick Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Chat During Match

Select and drag the Speech Bubble icon to your Pokemon's move or Battle Item to alert your teammates that it is still in cooldown or ready to use. You can also drag the icon to your Aeos Energy pool to alert the team of how much Energy you have.

Nintendo Switch Quick Chat Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Chat Wheel

How to Use Quick Chat
Press the Up (Pokemon UNITE - Up D-Pad Switch) button to open the chat wheel.
ᆞUse the Right analog stick (Pokemon UNITE - R Analog Switch) to choose a prompt.

ᆞPress R or ZR to alert the team if your move is available.
ᆞPress Y to alert the team of how many Aeos Energy you currently have.
3 Release the analog stick to select the prompt.

Quick Chat Icon Prompts

Icon Prompt
Pokemon UNITE - Retreat! Quick Chat Retreat!
Pokemon UNITE - Keep the pressure on! Quick Chat Keep the Pressure On!
Pokemon UNITE - Gathere here! Quick Chat Gather Here!

The three icons at the top of the quick chat wheel offer essential communication for the whole team. They have a distinct color and an assigned symbol, which players can easily recognize while in the heat of battle. Generally, they are key prompts that players would often use in competitive games.

Quick Chat Basic Prompts

Quick Chat Basic Prompts
I Need Backup!
Headed to: Top / Central Area / Bottom Path
Unite Move Ready to Go!

The remaining prompts are more straightforward. They are mainly used to notify your allies where you are or where you are headed on the map. Moreover, it can inform the team of any available Unite Moves, which is good to know before clashing with the opponent!

How to Use Map Pings

Pings offer more specific prompts compared to a quick chat. They are used to alert the team on certain areas of the map and are especially helpful in rallying teammates when fighting taking on Objective Pokemon. Keep in mind that giving out a ping takes more time compared to using quick chats.

Map Pings Controls

Mobile Map Pings

Pokemon UNITE - Mobile Map Pings

How to Ping on Mobile
1 Click on the Minimap for it to expand.
2 Click the location, goal, enemy, etc. that you want to ping
3 It should automatically reflect and the ping will push through.

Nintendo Switch Map Pings

Pokemon UNITE - Nintendo Switch Map Pings

How to Ping On Nintendo Switch
Press the Minus (Minus Button) button on your controller to expand the mini map.
Use the Right analog stick (R Analog Switch) to move the Green pointer to a location.
Press the A (Buttons A) button to ping the map.

Map Pings Icon Prompts

Pointer Location Prompt
Pokemon UNITE - Friendly Pokemon IconSelecting yourself or a teammate. This Pokemon needs backup!
Pokemon UNITE - Enemy IconSelecting an enemy Pokemon. Let's attack this Pokemon!
Pokemon UNITE - Team Goal Zone IconSelecting an allied Goal Zone. Defend our Goal Zone!
Pokemon UNITE - Enemy Goal Zone IconSelecting an enemy Goal Zone. Score some goals!
Pokemon UNITE - Objective Pokemon IconSelecting an objective Pokemon. Let's defeat this Pokemon together!
Selecting anything else. Check it out!

When to Use Quick Chat and Pings

Getting Into Position

Prompt When to Use
Pokemon UNITE - Gather here! Quick ChatGather here ᆞWhen you want to take a Wild Pokemon objective.
ᆞWhen you want to go for a full team attack at your location.
ᆞWhen you want to score points together at a specific Goal Zone.
Headed to top/central area/bottom! ᆞNotifying the team where you are going.
ᆞWhen coming in to give support or do a gank.
Pokemon UNITE - Friendly Pokemon IconThis Pokemon needs backup! ᆞWhen a teammate is alone in a lane.
Pokemon UNITE - Team Goal Zone IconDefend our Goal Zone! ᆞWhen you see an unprotected allied Goalo Zone.
Pokemon UNITE - Objective Pokemon IconLet's defeat this Pokemon together! ᆞUse to rally teammates to capture Objective Pokemon.

Fighting Opponents

Prompt When to Use
Pokemon UNITE - Keep the pressure on! Quick ChatKeep the pressure on ᆞInforms teammates that you want to maintain a push.
ᆞ When you want to score points together at a specific Goal Zone.
Unite Move ready to go! ᆞA way to tell your teammates that you are ready for a clash.
Pokemon UNITE - Enemy IconLet's attack this Pokemon! ᆞWhen you want your team to focus attacking a specific opponent.
Pokemon UNITE - Enemy Goal Zone IconScore some goals! ᆞTargeting a specific enemy Goal Zone
Check it out! ᆞPoint out enemies hiding in the tall grass.
Move is ready to go! ᆞTell your teammates that you Pokemon's move is available for the fight.

Losing a Fight

Prompt When to Use
Pokemon UNITE - Retreat! Quick ChatRetreat ᆞWhen you know you cannot win the fight.
ᆞWhen your team is coming to save you but you know it is not worth it.
ᆞ When you feel that the team is over extending.
I need backup ᆞWhen you need support fighting enemies
ᆞWhen you want help trying to score a goal.

Quick Chat and Pings Tips

Pre-Match Lobby Quick Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Lobby Quick Chat (Mobile)

A quick chat is also available while in the character select screen. This set of quick chats can range from simple greetings like hello to game-specific information like what lane or role you plan to take.

Mobile Pre-Match Lobby Quick Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Lobby Quick Chat Options (Mobile)

Input Click the Quick button to bring up the quick chat menu.

Nintendo Switch Pre-Match Lobby Quick Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Pre Game Quick Chat

Press the (Minus Button) button to bring up the quick chat menu.

Quick Chat 5 Second Interval

Pokemon UNITE - 5 Second Interval

After making a quick chat or ping, you will have to wait for 5 seconds before you can make another. This is likely to prevent this mechanic from being spammed. So, be careful with giving out prompts as you may confuse your teammates!

Quick Chat Has Local Translation

Pokemon UNITE - Chat Local Translation

For both in-game and pre-game lobby quick chats, the game will automatically translate the prompt into the user's local language settings.

What are Quick Chat and Pings?

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Chat Ping Showing (Mobile)

Quick chats and pings are a fast and easy way to communicate with your team. They can range from telling your team to fall back from a losing fight to asking them to explore certain parts of the map. All quick chats and pings you make are only seen by your teammates.

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