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Invincibility Guide.png
This is a guide on the invincibility mechanic in Pokemon Unite. Read on to know how to get invincibility, when is the best time to be invincible, what Invincibility is, and more!

How to Get Invincibility

Scoring Goals

Invincible Scoring Goals.png
Whenever you successfully score a goal, you will become invincible until the scoring animation ends. Most of the time, players will quickly use their moves when they see an enemy near their Goal Zone. When the enemy approaches, immediately score a goal to potentially dodge an attack!

Training Mode: How to Practice

Use Specific Pokemon Moves

Invincibility Feint.png

Pokemon Move
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Fly ImageFly
Cinderace ImageCinderace Feint ImageFeint
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Cotton Cloud Crash ImageCotton Cloud Crash

There are only a handful of Pokemon moves that give invincibility. Using Fly or Cotton Cloud Crash will launch you up in the air, making you effectively untargetable for the duration of the move.

Feint, on the other hand, only gives you a short window of invincibility, and needs to be activated before a move lands to prevent the damage. It may take a lot of tries to get the right timing, but it is worth it when you managed to pull it off!

List of Moves by Move Type

Gain Invincible after Respawning

Invincible After Respawning.png
Patch introduced the mechanic wherein you will become invincible for 5 seconds after you respawn from a KO. This is likely to deter teams from camping outside their enemy's base.

Updates and Patch Notes

Use in the Practice Arena

Practice Options.png

Outside of Unite Battles, you activate invincibility in the Practice Area. Just select the Invincible toggle under Ally Pokemon in the Practice Options while in traning mode.

Training Mode: How to Practice

When to Use Invincibility

Dodge Moves

Feint Dodge Attacks.gif
Being invincible at just the right moment can spare you from taking damage from enemy attacks and moves. Moreover, a successful dodge means that you are delaying your enemy to damage you further because of their move's cooldown!

When you have Low HP

Invincible Escape.png
It is best to be invincible while running away from a losing fight to further protect you from getting knocked down. It also gives you enough time to reach a safe area like an allied Goal Zone to recover HP or tall grass to hide from enemies.

What is Invincibility?

Fly Invincible.png
Invincibility is the state wherein your Pokemon cannot be damaged by enemy attacks. Invincibility effects are only available to a handful of Pokemon, and can be activated by doing specific game mechanics or playing certain game modes.

Wears Off Fast

Like in other games, being immune to damage is a powerful Buff that can potentially make players overpowered. Thus, all Invincibility effects have a short duration.

List of Status Effects

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