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This is a guide on what to spend Aeos Gems on in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to spend Aeos Gems on items wisely.

What to Spend Gems On

Battle Point Boost Cards

Battle Point Boost Card 7 Day.png

The best item to spend Aeos Gems on are Battle Point Boost Cards, considering that once players reach Trainer Level 30, they can stop buying these items. They only cost 10, 20, and 40 Aeos Gems for the 1-Day, 3-Day, and 7-Day Boost Card respectively.

However, the best option to spend Aeos Gems on is the 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card. Players can save more Aeos Gems as well as real money with this option. The other two options are not even worth buying at all considering both their price and duration.

Booster Card Recommendation
Battle Point Boost Card 1 Day.pngBattle Point Boost Card (1-Day) This is not a thrifty booster card to buy. It is quite expensive for only one day of use.
Battle Point Boost Card 3 Day.pngBattle Point Boost Card (3-Day) Compared to the 1-day booster card, buying this card is a thriftier option. However, it is still not a good option to buy using Aeos Gems.
Battle Point Boost Card 7 Day.pngBattle Point Boost Card (7-Day) This booster card is the best option. Assuming players play everyday, it is best to buy 4 7-Day Battle Point Boost Cards. This costs only 160 Aeos Gems but lasts for about a month.

Aeos Coin Boost Cards

Aeos Coin Boost Card 7 Day.png

Another item to spend Aeos Gems on are Aeos Coin Boost Cards. The cost 15, 35, and 80 Aeos Gems for the 1-Day, 3-Day, and 7-Day Boost Cards respectively. Compared to the Battle Point Boost Card prices, this might not be a good item to spend Aeos Gems on. However, should players insist buying this item, it is best to use Aeos Tickets instead since they are given through battle point levels, and events.

Prefered Pokemon

Pokemon Licenses.png

Buying Pokemon Licenses unlocks the Pokemon players prefer. However, using Aeos Gems is not a good option compared to using Aeos Coins. The reason players might choose to buy licenses using Aeos Gems is to save Aeos Coins to buy all Held Items as fast as possible. In this case, it is a good option. Nevertheless, it is best not to spend more than 1000 Aeos Gems to buy licenses, which is about two Pokemon Licenses.

Players need to make sure that they are committed to the Pokemon they want to unlock. They can use the Practice Area to try out different Pokemon, and get a feel of which Pokemon they prefer. Also, knowing which Pokemon is the most effective in battles can also help in making a decision.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use (July 28th Updated)

What are Aeos Gems?

Aeos Gems

Aeos Gems are the premium currency for the game. Players can earn Aeos Gems by topping up with real world currency or completing challenges. They can be used to buy certain items that the other currencies can't buy.

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Aeos GemWhat to Spend Aeos Gems On

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