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Tutorial Missions: How to Access and Rewards

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Pokemon UNITE - Tutorial Missions: How to Access and Rewards Banner

New to Pokemon UNITE? Learn the basics of the game by completing the Tutorial Missions and get awesome rewards! Read this guide about Tutorial Missions, how to access them, and the rewards you get from completing them.

Tutorial Mission Rewards

Aeos Coin Rewards

When you first start the game after character creation, you will be put through the first two tutorial missions and will be rewarded a total of 1,600 Aeos Coins.

Doing the other 4 missions will reward you with a total of 3,200 Aeos Coins.

Reward Task
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Basic 1)
Learn the rules and practice scoring goals.
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Basic 2)
Try the 5 v 5 team battle mode.
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Advanced 1)
Learn how to aim and cancel moves!
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Advanced 2)
Defeat Rotom to make your opponents goal defenseless.
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Advanced 3)
Knock out Zapdos with your teamates, and win the battle.
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins800 Aeos Coins Tutorial (Advanced 4)
Learn about effects you gain from defeating Wild Pokemon.
Total 4800 Aeos Coins

How to Farm Aeos Coins

Beginner Challenge Rewards

Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Challenge Screen

Completing the tutorial missions will complete some of the Beginner Challenge Missions, giving you more rewards than just the Aeos Coins that the tutorial gives you.

Rewards Mission
Pokemon UNITE - Muscle Band IconMuscle Band Complete the tutorial
(Basics 1 and 2).
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Coins400 Aeos Coins Complete the Advanced 1 tutorial.
Pokemon UNITE - Wise GlassesWise Glasses Complete the Advance 2 tutorial.

Beginner Challenge Guide

How to Access the Tutorial Missions

Steps to Access Tutorial Missions
1 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Tutorial Missions - Open Menu
Open the Sidebar Menu on the Main Menu.
2 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Tutorial Missions - Select Practice
Select the Practice tab.
3 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Tutorial Missions - Select Tutorial
Select Tutorial.
4 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Tutorial Missions - Select a Mission
Choose a Mission.

Why Complete the Tutorial

Generous Amount of Coins

Pokemon UNITE - Rewards for Completing Each Mission

Tutorial missions give a total of 4,800 Aeos Coins. This is a lot of coins that will give new players an easier start when playing Pokemon Unite. Aeos Coins are an important resource as they are used to purchase valuable and useful items in the game, like Unite Licenses or Held Items.

With the issue of only earning a maximum of 2,100 Aeos Coins per week through battles, you will need to use all of the methods available to get Aeos Coins.
What to Buy in the Shop: Best Items to Buy

Held Item Rewards

Held Item Effect
Pokemon UNITE - Muscle BandMuscle Band Attack +15
Attack Speed +7.5%

When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by (1/2/3)% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.
Pokemon UNITE - Wise GlassesWise Glasses Sp Attack +39
Increases Sp Attack by (3/5/7)%.

Completing the tutorial missions also completes Beginner Challenge missions as well, earning you some Held Items. These are items that can benefit your Pokemon and give them an edge in battle!

List of Held Items

Helpful to Beginners

This is a useful way for beginners to learn the basics of Pokemon Unite. It can even be used by more experienced players as a recap to make sure they have mastered the basics. Whether or not you have experience playing MOBA games, we suggest you play the tutorial not only for the rewards but also to make sure you know the game inside and out!
Things to Do First: Getting Started

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