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Pokemon UNITE Tier List (April 2024)

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This is a tier list for THE BEST Pokemon to use in Pokemon UNITE. Learn which Pokemon is top tier in the current meta after Miraidon's release and the latest balance patch as of April 16, 2024 as well as which Pokemon is worthy to buy and tier list of each lane & role!

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Best Pokemon Tier List

OP Tier.png
Miraidon Image Zacian Image
SS Tier Icon
Blastoise Image Blissey Image Dodrio Image Inteleon Image Leafeon Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mimikyu Image Slowbro Image
S Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Blaziken Image Buzzwole Image Chandelure Image Clefable Image Comfey Image Crustle Image Dragapult Image Espeon Image Gardevoir Image Glaceon Image Hoopa Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Meowscarada Image Metagross Image Mew Image Sylveon Image Trevenant Image Umbreon Image Urshifu Image Venusaur Image Zoroark Image
A Rank Icon
Absol Image Aegislash Image Cinderace Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Eldegoss Image Gengar Image Goodra Image Greninja Image Gyarados Image Lapras Image Lucario Image Mamoswine Image Pikachu Image Sableye Image Scizor Image Snorlax Image Tyranitar Image Wigglytuff Image Zeraora Image
B Rank Icon
Azumarill Image Charizard Image Cramorant Image Dragonite Image Greedent Image Machamp Image Mr. Mime Image Talonflame Image Tsareena Image
C Rank Icon
Duraludon Image Garchomp Image
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Pokemon in each Tier are arranged alphabetically and are not ordered in a particular way.

All Pokemon and Builds

Tier List Evaluation Complete!

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With version released, the tier list evaluation is complete! Check out the changes below.

Version Patch Notes

Miraidon Moves Up to OP Tier!

Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

Miraidon excels as a main damage dealer whose gameplay changes depending on the moveset it learns. It can play the traditional backline Attacker that provides firepower from afar if it learns Charge Beam and Thunder, or play more like a Speedster/Assassin that quickly takes out targets with dash moves if it learns Electro Drift and Parabolic Charge. It has a multi-functional ability that can weaken enemy goals, strengthen ally goals, and buff itself and its allies. Lastly, its Unite Move, Bright Future Meteor Storm, is incredibly effective in winning teamfights due to its damage and area of effect.

Much like other Attackers, Miraidon's primary weakness is its low durability and mobility. If it learns Charge Beam, it will be safer from enemy attacks, but it won't have mobility tools to escape. On the other hand, if it learns Electro Drift, it'll be more mobile, but since its gameplay will be dashing in and out of fights, its more prone to enemy damage, especially because of its low durability. Moreover, it does have a high skill ceiling due to how its moves work, making it a bit of a niche Pokemon.

Nonetheless, Miraidon fits perfectly in the meta. Although it can be considered as overpowered, it does require top-notch skill to play the Pokemon effectively.

Miraidon Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

How Would You Rank Miraidon?

SS 861
S 109
A 35
B 10
C 31

Let us know why in the comments!

Previous Poll Results

In our previous poll for Metagross, 499 players voted for the All-Rounder to be placed in SS-Tier.

Gyarados has been well loved by the community ever since its debut in Generation 1 but it has been lackluster in its debut for Pokemon UNITE. In a fast paced game like UNITE, its Magikarp phase is holding it back immensely. It is a very unique mechanic but it is honestly something that would be a detriment on a 10-minute game like Pokemon UNITE.

Though the users has voted for this Pokemon to be in SS, it would be a huge disservice to put Gyarados together with the likes of Inteleon and Zacian. We have ultimately decided to put the Pokemon in A-Tier after objectively testing the performance of the Pokemon.

Gyarados Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

Tier List Updates (April 2024) Tier List Reevaluation

Update Date Pokemon Summary
4/17 Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole
Up Arrow.png to S tier

• The change to how much Smack Down builds up the Muscle Gauge and the cooldown reduction to Superpower did great damage to Buzzwole's potential, at least compared to its previous state.
• Although Buzzwole can still rely on Lunge and Leech Life, Buzzwole's damage and impact are drastically different from if it's using Smack Down and Superpower.
4/17 Eldegoss ImageEldegoss
Down Arrow.png to A tier

• Eldegoss' changes dealt a heavy blow to its offense, which lowered the Pokemon's overall performance and impact.
4/17 Mega Mewtwo Y ImageMega Mewtwo Y
Down Arrow.png to S tier

• The stat nerf along with the changes to Teleport and Infinite Psyburn definitely made a significant blow to the Pokemon's damage potential.
4/17 Zoroark ImageZoroark
Down Arrow.png to S tier

• The changes to Night Slash dealt some blow to the Pokemon's damage potential. Although using Feint Attack is still a viable route for the Pokemon, having only one (1) viable moveset does limit its potential.

Version Patch Notes

Tier List Explanation

OP Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Miraidon ImageMiraidon SS Rank Icon Any
Strong as Thunder, Swift as Lightning
Miraidon is a powerful Attacker that can be flexible in its gameplay depending on the moveset it learns. It can take the typical Attacker role if it learns Charge Beam, or lean more towards a Speedster rool if it learns Electro Drift. Either way, it excels as a primary damage dealer for the team. Although the Pokemon requires a high skill ceiling to play effectively, its impact in games makes it all worth it.
Zacian ImageZacian SS Rank Icon Jungle
The Legendary Sword
Zacian is a combination strength, durability, and speed. It can boost its own moves thanks to its ability, Intrepid Sword, increasing their damage and triggering additional effects. It's also quite agile for an All-Rounder thanks to its arsenal of Dash moves. However, it biggest drawback is the fact that it can only equip two (2) Held items since one slot is already reserved for its unique item, Rusted Sword. What's worse is that the item does not give stat bonuses nor have any passive effects, making it practically useless. This limits possible builds for the Pokemon, which could make it even stronger.

SS Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Blastoise ImageBlastoise SS Rank Icon Top/Jungle
Spin to Win
Blastoise offers damage and crowd control while tanking damage. Compared to other Defenders, Blastoise has the advantage of being a ranged Pokemon. It can deal massive damage using the Rapid Spin and Water Spout combo, or displace enemies with Surf and Hydro Pump. But it's most notable for throwing enemies in a huge area into the air using Hydro Typhoon, making it great at teamfights. However, its drawback is its slow scaling, reaching its power spike only starting at level 9.
Blissey ImageBlissey SS Rank Icon Bot
The Perfect Support
Blissey offers reliable healing, shielding, buffing and debuffing while boasting the highest HP in the roster. It has replaced Eldegoss as the best and most reliable healer in the game. It's a great counter against burst damage Pokemon, making it a great pick in the current meta. However, its effectiveness heavily relies on always being at the side of another Pokemon, it can't function well alone.
Dodrio ImageDodrio SS Rank Icon Jungle
A True Speedster
Dodrio fits the Speedster mold perfectly due to its fast-paced, roaming gameplay. You will find its Sprint mechanic to be a powerful tool in realizing the Pokemon's strengths. While its kit doesn't stray from the typical high-mobility and burst damage Speedster trait, its best played as a solo scorer that puts pressure on enemies and keep them at their toes to defend their goals. However, it isfragile and requires high skill, gatekeeping the players that can use it effectively.
Inteleon ImageInteleon SS Rank Icon Bot/Jungle
Slick Shooter
Inteleon is a slick Attacker. It uses camouflage and critical-hits to burst down enemies. It can either get close to targets and pick them off one by one or burst opponents down in a single shot from afar. Although it has low durability and takes time to get strong, its damage output in the late game becomes notable.
Leafeon ImageLeafeon SS Rank Icon Any Lane
Power of the Sun
Leafeon is a quintessential Speedster. It can traverse the map quickly thanks to its pair of dash moves and the movement speed it gets from Chlorophyll, making it a great jungler Pokemon. Its most notable asset is its high burst damage potential, which is a trademark trait for assassins. On top of those two, since it's an eeveelution, it also has great scaling.
Mega Mewtwo X ImageMega Mewtwo X SS Rank Icon Any
Pinnacle of Physical Strength
Mega Mewtwo X is the pinnacle of physical strength. It has a great balance of damage, durability, and mobility via its stats and moves. Its best feature is its ability to increase its Attack, Defense, and Sp. Def. stats simply by attacking opponents, which also allows it to Mega evolve and reach its full strength. It doesn't have any glaring weaknesses other than its reliance on increasing its stats.
Mimikyu ImageMimikyu SS Rank Icon Top/Bot
Ghostly Grazer
Mimikyu is an odd and deceptive All-Rounder. Although it has a tiny stature and strange appearance, which is atypical for an All-Rounder, the Pokemon is surprisingly lethal. Its strength comes from the various mechanics its moves and ability have, giving it some degree of advantage over other Pokemon. It's also well balanced and doesn't have any obvious weaknesses that would be considered as a deal breaker.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro SS Rank Icon Top
Strong Single-Target Disabler
Slowbro's ability to remove opponents from the fight with Telekinesis and high durability make it a great Defender to have during battle. Its tackiness, coupled with crowd control moves, allows it to disrupt enemy synergies while being able to shrug off damage using Amnesia. In terms of offense, however, Slowbro lacks a proper way to fight back and deal damage.

S Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales S Rank Icon Top
Good Mix of Support and Damage
Alolan Ninetales is a versitile Pokemon that has a good mix of support and damage. Its Aurora Veil allows it to deal decent damage via attacks and provide some support for its allies at the same time, having also a bit of mobility as a bonus. Its other moves and Unite Move can deal high burst damage while freezing enemies in place, especially when used together in quick succession. However, its power tends to stagnate in the late-game, making it hard for Alolan to keep up and deal its intended damage.
Blaziken ImageBlaziken S Rank Icon Any
Blazing Brawler
Blaziken is a great example of a brawler. Its core gameplay revolves around performing a variety of combos by switching between its movesets using its Unite Move. It can also sustain itself and deal additional damage thanks to its ability, Blaze. However, its combo-heavy gameplay makes the Pokemon difficult to master and play to its full potential, and it does make the Pokemon prone to disables whenever it engages.
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole S Rank Icon Jungle / Bot
Peak Performance
Buzzwole is one of the best All-Rounders with disabling moves that can displace and isolate opponents. Moves like Superpower and Smack Down allows it to have an edge during brawls, together with its innate HP recovery attacks and Beast Boost bonuses. Although its move range and aiming could better, you will find that Buzzwole can pin down and deal high amounts of damage with ease if you manage to do your combos correctly.
Chandelure ImageChandelure S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Kindled Spirit
Chandelure is a great example of a glass cannon Pokemon. It excels in dealing burst and DoT (damage over time) damage. It can pierce through the enemy's Sp. Def. thanks to its Ability, Infiltration. It can also disable enemy moves using Imprison, which is a new type of disable in the game. However, its greatest setback is its extremely low durability and mobility, making it an enticing Pokemon to target down.
Clefable ImageClefable S Rank Icon Top / Bot
The Power of the Moon
Clefable is a powerful support Pokemon that help teams claim victory with its healing and hindering prowess. Moves like Moonlight and Draining Kiss offers enough variation for you to realize Clefable's gameplay. Moreover, its hindering moves offer enough disruption for Although, its damage output and move cooldowns could be better, players who can adjust their playstyle to fit the support archetype will find great value in this Pokemon!
Comfey ImageComfey S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Pocket Supporter
Comfey offers a good mix of offensive and defensive assistance and has a unique way of supporting its allies. It attaches itself to an ally and becomes immune to damage. While attached, it can use its moves to heal and shield its ally or disable and damage its opponents. However, due to its unique gameplay, the Pokemon relies too heavily on how good its ally is, which could undermine its potential.
Crustle ImageCrustle S Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Walking Fortress
Crustle is a versatile Defender that can trade its defense for more attack power. Its ability to disrupt lanes with Rock Tomb or plow through the enemy with Shell Smash allows it to adapt to situations that demands a change in playstyle. Unfortunately, its flexibility means that it is not as effective as damage dealer or a tank.
Dragapult ImageDragapult S Rank Icon Jungle
Creeping Dragon
Dragapult is a ranged damage dealer that relies on fast attack speed to dish out damage quickly and take out its targets. It can also deal area damage with its Boosted Attack, which is a unique attack mechanic. It has stealth capabilities and can increase its damage output with each knockout thanks to Phantom Force. Its best asset is its unique charged-based Unite Move, allowing for some new and interesting interactions with items like Energy Amplifier.
Espeon ImageEspeon S Rank Icon Bot
Psychic One-Shots
Espeon's kit provides anyone who uses it with a reliable mix of burst damage and tenacity. Thanks to its unique passive Magic Bounce, Espeon can negate a hit that will otherwise cause hindrances. It is also fairly easy and straight forward to use so anyone can pick it up! However, its lack of mobility moves and limited playstyle hinders it from being an effective Attacker.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir S Rank Icon Top
Burst Damage Supreme
Gardevoir can deal high burst damage and provide disables with from a long range. It has argubly the best crowd control Unite Move in the game, making it extremely deadly in teamfights. Moreover, its ability to refresh its moves instantly when they hit eliminates the need to wait for cooldowns, allowing it to provide constant area damage. Its only drawback is its fragility and lack of mobility, something that more mobile Pokemon can exploit.
Glaceon ImageGlaceon S Rank Icon Bot
Frost Bite
Glaceon is a powerful Attacker capable of gunning down its targets with a barrage of ice missiles. Its kit is highly synergistic as you deal massive amounts of damage when you take advantage of its ice crystal mechanic. Moreover, its ability to block and negate crowd control moves with Snow Cloak gives the Pokemon high survivability for an Attacker.
Hoopa ImageHoopa S Rank Icon Top / Bot
Unbound Power
Hoopa boasts a great kit that can greatly alter the playing field for its teammates. Its utility is top notch and opens up more strategic plays that can push the meta forward. Hoopa also boosts your team's offensive capabilities a great deal especially with taking objectives and controlling both lanes at the same time through the use of its warping mechanic.
Mega Mewtwo Y ImageMega Mewtwo Y S Rank Icon Any
Pinnacle of Psychic Power
Mega Mewtwo Y is a powerful ranged Attacker with a well balanced kit. It can increase its damage and attack speed simply by attacking opponents, and can become even stronger when it Mega evolves. Its moves is a great mix of damage, mobility, and utility, giving it incredible flexibility in battle.
Metagross ImageMetagross S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Sentient Steel
Metagross is a solid frontline All-Rounder. It can tank and dish out a lot of damage thanks to its shield-generating moves. It's also incredibly mobile, giving it the option to push the offense or retreat safely. Its one downside, however, is that its effectiveness as a frontliner heavily relies on hitting opponents with its moves, since it doesn't generate any shields if they hit no targets. Nevertheless, Metagross' versatility makes it a great pick in any team composition and can even play as a All-Rounder/Defender hybrid.
Meowscarada ImageMeowscarada S Rank Icon Jungle
Ferocious Feline
Meowscarada is a textbook assassin. It relies on burst damage to take out its targets quickly, giving its team a numbers advantage during fights. It does have a special combination of mechanics that make it stand out among other assassins. While frail in stature, its damage potential certainly makes up for it.
Mew ImageMew S Rank Icon Any
Mystical Dominance
Mew offers a unique way to play with its Move Reset mechanic. Here, you can essentially change the Pokemon's playstyle on the fly and adapt to any situation. Aside from being a great damage dealer, with its long ranged Solar Beam and easy to aim Electro Ball, you can turn Mew into a decent support Pokemon with its Coaching and Surf moves! Though its distinct mechanic requires a lot of button inputs and mastery to become effective, being able to utilize its strengths will often translate into a Pokemon that can run the game by itself.
Sylveon ImageSylveon S Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Mobile Turret
Sylveon has a perfect mix of offensive and defensive moves that incentivize aggressive plays. It can enhance its moves with Calm Mind and continuously deal damage to an enemy. Additionally, Sylveon can sustain itself by recovering HP from multiple Draining Kiss hits. However, its damaging moves need to be properly set up to reach its full potential. This drawback pulls it back from being a hard-hitting Attacker.
Trevenant ImageTrevenant S Rank Icon Top/Bot
The Undying Tree
Trevenant is a highly durable Pokemon that provides decent crowd control. Its ability to recover HP and deal damage at the same time makes it a a great frontliner, providing cover to its squishy allies. However, since its moves also deal damage to itself, it can easily be exploited by the enemy.
Umbreon ImageUmbreon S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Shield Thief
Umbreon is a multi-functional Defender. It can weaken, stun, and trap opponents and even use their stats against them. It can also aid its allies to keep them alive. Its most notable ability is stealing shields from opponents and using them for itself. It does all these while still being able to tank damage and heal itself.
Urshifu ImageUrshifu S Rank Icon Jungle
Master of Forms
Urshifu excels in big fights due to the damage it can deal with its combos regardless of which style it uses. Single Strike Style Urshifu offers massive area damage in a single move thanks to Wicked Blow but does require a decent setup to execute properly. On the other hand, Rapid Strike Style Urshifu provides less damage but is faster to execute since Urshifu's Boosted Attacks reduce its move cooldowns, allowing for continuous combos. Whichever style you prefer, Urshifu is definitely a solid All-Rounder pick for any team. However, its unique two-style gameplay is also what holds it back. Since Urshifu's moveset is fixed to whether it learns Wicked Blow or Surging Strikes, it leaves you no room for experimentation, which limits the Pokemon's potential.
Venusaur ImageVenusaur S Rank Icon Top
Versatile Damage Dealer
Venusaur is still terrorizing the stadium with the HP-draining capability of Giga Drain and its cooldown reduction synergy with Petal Dance. What's more, it can be an effective sniper with the use of Solar Beam. Whether, you are facing enemies head on or from long range, Venusaur is a great Attacker for any team to have.
Zoroark ImageZoroark S Rank Icon Jungle
The Master of Illusion
When it comes to deadly and satisfying combos, Zoroark is one of the best Speedsters for taking down opponents in quick succession. Its moveset is highly synergistic with one another and offers a lot of mobility. Moreover, its passive ability, Illusion, opens up new strategies on how you can approach fights. Although you will find yourself climbing a steep hill to master the Pokemon, getting used to its controls and playstyle will reward you with a strong Pokemon that can hold its own!

A Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Absol ImageAbsol A Rank Icon Jungle
The Executioner
Absol is one of the best physical damage dealers in the game. With the right build and good aim, Absol can decimate its opponents within seconds, thanks to its high critical hit rate. Additionally, its wide variety of dash moves like Midnight Slash makes it an elusive Pokemon to deal with. Although its early to mid-game capabilities are impressive, it struggles to be as effective during the late game when opponents are strong enough to fight back against Absol. Nonetheless, Absol is still a dependable single-target assassin for any team to have!
Aegislash ImageAegislash A Rank Icon Jungle
A Technical Sword to Wield
Aegislash is a great duelist Pokemon that can adapt to any combat encounter. It has the ability to alter its boosted attacks to deal massive damage or sustain itself with heals, which makes it viable for any lane it goes to. However, it could be a hard Pokemon to use because it relies on the formes mechanic to generate an advantage. That said, If you manage to master Aegislash's sword and shield playstyle, it is a force to be reckoned with.
Cinderace ImageCinderace A Rank Icon Top/Bot
The Ideal Ranged Damage Dealer
Cinderace is the ideal late-game carry Pokemon thanks to its rapid attack speed and critical-hits. It can also take out objectives like Drednaw or Zapdos quickly by itself. However, it's fragile and requires a lot of time before it can start carrying its team, which is something that the enemy can take advantage.
Decidueye ImageDecidueye A Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
Astonishingly Dangerous
Decidueye is an offensive powerhouse that can easily carry the game when left uncontested. It is capable of taking objectives head-on with its flurry of boosted attacks that can constantly crit. Moreover, it can pick off its targets from afar with a hard-hitting Spirit Shackle. Unfortunately, Decidueye lacks any proper mobility moves that can help it get out of dangerous situations cornered, especially against Pokemon that can teleport, dash, or even jump away from danger.
Delphox ImageDelphox A Rank Icon Top/Jungle
Blazing Power
Delphox is a versatile Attacker that can let out tons of damage while being able to support the team with its arsenal of disables. Moves like Mystical Fire and Fire Spin offer a variety of playstyles that can make mastering the Pokemon worthwhile. Fanciful Fireworks, in particular, is the ultimate debuff move that can have a massive impact on team fights.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss A Rank Icon Bot
Shields and Heals Everywhere
Thanks to its ranged attacks, Eldegoss' moveset provides both support and offense that can significantly impact a team fight if left uncontested. Moves like Pollen Puff and Leaf Tornado increase the Pokemon's usability. However, you may find the Pokemon's hindrance moves lackluster, especially when better alternatives are present. Overall, Eldegoss' gameplay is straightforward and effective enough that it can still be a great Supporter for any team to have.
Gengar ImageGengar A Rank Icon Jungle
Your Worst Nightmare
Gengar's ability to silently strike unsuspecting enemies makes it a great assassin that can sustain itself with heals as it moves hit. It relies on applying debuffs then unleashing relentless damage upon its target in mere seconds with its Sludge Bomb to Hex combo. However, its effectiveness falls drastically during the late game where team fights are abundant. Gengar will have a hard time maneuvering around the chaos as it looks for targets to pick off.
Goodra ImageGoodra A Rank Icon Top / Bot
The Gooey Dragon
Goodra is a frontliner that excels in prolonged fights. It can either make itself more durable while weakening its opponents using Muddy Water or deal burst damage while healing itself with Dragon Pulse. Moreover, it can constantly slow its opponents whenever it's attack, uses Acid Spray or Power Whip, and perform a Boosted Attack. However, its downside is its slow scaling. It needs to reach level 8 first to unlock its second primary move, which restricts its potential in the early game.
Greninja ImageGreninja A Rank Icon Jungle
An Illusive Assassin
Greninja is an effecient Attacker that has a speedster-like playstyle with its arsenal of highly mobile dash moves and insane burst potential. It is illusive, versatile, and hits hard, making it an effective assassin. However, its fragility requires a lot of effort in the early game to reach its potential.
Gyarados ImageGyarados A Rank Icon Top / Bot
Seething Serpent
Gyarados has great potential but comes with a huge caveat. Unlike other Pokemon, Gyarados doesn't evolve just by leveling up and instead needs to fill up its effort gauge to do so. And if it can't evolve, it can't learn its primary moveset, and its stats remain at a minimum. This huge obstacle makes Gyarados' performance quite unpredictable since its gameplay solely relies on how fast it can fill up its effort gauge.
Lapras ImageLapras A Rank Icon Top/Bot
An Eerie Threat
Lapras is a great mix of damage and durability. It can deal tons of damage via Water Pulse or Perish Song while prolonging its life during fights by healing itself with its Boosted Attacks and shielding itself using Bubble Beam. Its downside is its low mobility. This affects its gameplay since it needs to get close to enemies first to deal damage.
Lucario ImageLucario A Rank Icon Top
Speedy, Tanky, and Powerful!
Lucario is a perfect balance of speed, durability, and power. It performs far better in the early game compared to most Pokemon thanks to its initial moveset's effectiveness and usefulness, and it scales nicely as the game progresses into the late game. It's also great at 1-on-1 duels as well as big teamfights.
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Crowd Control for Days
Mamoswine is the one of the best disabler Pokemon in the game. With so many crowd control moves, it can stomp its way through defenses and open up opportunities for its team to push. Additionally, its sturdy nature allows it to initiate and stay in fights much longer. However, while it can dish out hindrances, you will have to be able to land them to get the most out of it. This means being able to time High Horsepower attacks at the right time as missing with your moves can lead to bad plays.
Pikachu ImagePikachu A Rank Icon Top/Bot
High Control, High Damage
Pikachu is a powerhouse in all stages of the game due to its high damage output and stun capabilities. It's Unite Move's fast charge rate means that Pikachu can consistently get a surge in power whenever it needs to.
Sableye ImageSableye A Rank Icon Top / Bot
Inflict Chaos
Sableye brings a unique twist to the Supporter formula. It can turn invisible thanks to its passive ability, Prankster, which opens up a lot of new ways to support your team and strategies that involve sneaking. Additionally, Sableye is the first Supporter Pokemon to have an Attack stat, which allows you to take advantage of aggressive Held Items that can turn the Pokemon into a hard-hitting damage dealer. Although its moveset does not offer the typical heals and shields a normal Supporter has, you will find their utility to be useful for giving vision and on top of the stuns and slows the Pokemon can inflict.
Scizor ImageScizor A Rank Icon Jungle
Slice and Punch!
Although Scizor is an All-Rounder, it can take the role of an Attacker or Speedster if it stays as Scyther, offering two distinct gameplays in one Pokemon. However, playing Scizor or Scyther requires dedication to their respective gameplay and build since there is no room for compromise if they are to be played effectively. In other words, you can't play Scyther effectively using Scizor's items and gameplay, and vice versa.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax A Rank Icon Top
The Collosal Bear
Snorlax is an extremely durable Pokemon thanks to its high defenses and massive HP. It's effective from beginning to end since it does not need to evolve. It can act as a traditional tank, soaking damage for its team, and providing crowd control using Heavy Slam, and Block or Yawn. It can also become an unorthodox damage dealer using Flail. Unfortunately, it lacks anything unique to offer that other Defenders have and can do better.
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar A Rank Icon Jungle / Bot
The Earth Shaker
With its high defenses and consistent AoE damage synergy with Sand Stream, Tyranitar is the ideal front-line Pokemon that can help teams push lanes and dominate team fights. It is a dependable Pokemon that can excel at brawls thanks to moves like Ancient Power or Sand Tomb, which can increase its survivability while also pressuring the enemy. However, it received a massive nerf to its damage potential since it now can't deal critical-hits during Tyrannical Rampage which was one of the move's notable effects.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff A Rank Icon Bot
Disables, Damage, and Tankiness.
Wigglytuff is a great combination of durability, utility, and support thanks to its moves. It has the best defensive teamfight ability in the game, Starlight Recital. It can also deal decent damage thanks to Rollout and Double Slap. Its drawback, however, is its long cooldown Unite Move, limiting its usage to key moments throughout the game.
Zeraora ImageZeraora A Rank Icon Jungle
Electrifying Speedster
Zeraora's arsenal of highly mobile moves makes it a tough Pokemon to fight. This makes it a great Speedster for ganking opponents. However, its all or nothing moveset means that missing targets will spell doom most of the time.

B Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Azumarill ImageAzumarill B Rank Icon Jungle
Critical Machine
Azumarill's one-on-one prowess is unmatched thanks to its ability to deal constant critical strikes with Huge Power. This enables Azumarill to scale fast in the early game, especially when it starts in the Jungle. However, its unique mechanic that makes it powerful also hinders Azumarill from dealing maximum damage in the late game where team fights are a constant event. This contradiction prevents it from taking top spots in our Tier List.
Charizard ImageCharizard B Rank Icon Bot
Fire Hazard
Charizard is a powerful bruiser thanks to its arsenal of moves that allow it to shift its playstyle to counter the enemy team. It has a unique mechanic where you can attack or use moves while moving, allowing you to reposition Charizard when engaging in a brawl. What holds it back is the weak early game that necessitates it to reach higher levels before it can pop off. Moreover, it is susceptible to being disabled outside of its unite move. Still, Charizard can dominate games if you managed to hit the right beats and get powerful as the game goes on.
Cramorant ImageCramorant B Rank Icon Top / Bot
Gattling Beatdown
Cramorant is a decent Attacker that can deal high amounts of damage if left uncontested. Its premiere move, Dive, gives the Pokemon a distinct playstyle that can carry games if used correctly. Additionally, its Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile, is still powerful when deployed in the right area. However, on top of being a fragile Pokemon, Cramorant's damage is not up to par and has a high skill ceiling compared to other Attackers, reducing its viability as a pick.
Dragonite ImageDragonite B Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
Eternal Outrage
Dragonite is currently the only ranged All-Rounder in the game, giving it some advantage. It can either offer high burst damage via Hyper Beam, or become a traditional melee All-Rounder with Outrage. It's best known for its semi-global presence thanks to its Unite Move, Draco Impact, allowing it to traverse the map quickly to help in teamfights or score goals. Unfortunately, it's held back by its scaling since it can only have access to its main damage move at level 8.
Greedent ImageGreedent B Rank Icon Jungle
The Trickiest of Defenders
Greedent is a specialist at creating chaos on the map by dragging the enemy team's attention to itself in the hopes of bringing it down. It is an extremely slippery and tough Pokemon to fight against thanks to Covet and its ability to constantly recover HP via its Berries. It can also deal decent burst damage using Belch, or slow targets with Bullet Seed, increasing their effeciency when Berry Belly Flop is used. However, its complex mechanics demands special skill and understanding from players, which may not be suitable for everybody.
Machamp ImageMachamp B Rank Icon Jungle
Machamp's buffs and immunities allow it to rampage through the battlefield without the fear of getting disabled. Its high-offense moves make it a scary Pokemon to go against, especially in a 1v1 duel. However, it requires a near-perfect early game to dominate the game, otherwise, it'll just be a meaty target.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime B Rank Icon Bot
Knows All the Tricks!
Mr. Mime was a top pick during the early days of Pokemon UNITE. But as new Pokemon and updates arrive, Mr. Mime went on a decline from there and was pushed aside. However, the rework to Mr. Mime revitalized the Pokemon while staying true to its original gameplay and style. The improvements to its moves opened new ways to use them and new strategies for the Pokemon as a whole, skyrockting Mr. Mime to the top of the tier list and taking its well-deserved place in the meta.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame B Rank Icon Jungle
Long Distance Burst or Extreme Elusiveness
Talonflame is highly mobile Pokemon that can deal high burst damage. It specializes at diving targets head-on from a long range, then knocking it down quickly before they can react. It's notorious for sniping boss Pokemon like Zapdos out of nowhere and stealing it from the enemy. It can also use its mobility moves to traverse the map to score goals when the enemies are not looking. But its gameplay is also its weakness since it's fragile and dives recklessly into fights, making it an easy target to knock out, especially when it misses its moves.
Tsareena ImageTsareena B Rank Icon Jungle
All Hail the Queen
Tsareena's high sustain and survivability via Trop Kick and Stomp makes it incredibly hard to fight against. It also deals significant area damage repeatedly thanks to the effects of Queenly Majesty, which can be easily spammed for consistent pressure. Moreover, its Queen Ascendant is one of the best single target disables in the game, locking targets down while dealing heavy damage.

C Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Duraludon ImageDuraludon C Rank Icon Bot
Massive Offense
Duraludon offers high burst damage as well as decent utility. Its standard attacks also hit hard, allowing it to become a traditional attack damage carry for its team, especially when given a level advantage. Its passive, Heavy Metal, prevents it from being thrown or shoved once, which is something that other Attackers don't have. However, like most Attackers, it's extremely fragile and lacks mobility, making it an easy target for Pokemon that can dive it directly.
Garchomp ImageGarchomp C Rank Icon Jungle
Attack Heavyweight
Garchomp is a great offensive All-Rounder that can dish out insane damage when it gets to keep attacking. Moves like Dragon Claw and Stomp are great initiating moves that can pressure you targets. Its ability to power its way through brawls and objectives with its hard-hitting boosted attacks. While it is capable of dealing insane amounts of damage, its low defenses and lack of proper ways to fight back during the early game make it susceptible to getting bullied, which can stifle its growth towards higher levels.

Panic Parade Tier List

S Rank Icon
Cinderace Image Decidueye Image Dragapult Image Dragonite Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Zacian Image
A Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Garchomp Image Glaceon Image Inteleon Image Meowscarada Image Venusaur Image

We're currently evaluating other Pokemon for Panic Parade. Please check back for updates!

Panic Parade Guide: Tier List and How to Play

Lane Tier Lists

Top Lane Tier List

Alolan Ninetales Image Blastoise Image Cramorant Image Crustle Image Hoopa Image Miraidon Image Snorlax Image
S Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Blaziken Image Chandelure Image Clefable Image Delphox Image Dodrio Image Duraludon Image Espeon Image Goodra Image Greedent Image Lapras Image Leafeon Image Lucario Image Mamoswine Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Metagross Image Mew Image Mimikyu Image Pikachu Image Sableye Image Slowbro Image Sylveon Image Tsareena Image Venusaur Image Wigglytuff Image
A Rank Icon
Azumarill Image Blissey Image Cinderace Image Comfey Image Decidueye Image Eldegoss Image Gardevoir Image Greninja Image Gyarados Image Meowscarada Image Mr. Mime Image Scizor Image Trevenant Image Umbreon Image Urshifu Image Zacian Image Zoroark Image
B Rank Icon
Buzzwole Image Charizard Image Dragapult Image Dragonite Image Glaceon Image Inteleon Image Machamp Image Tyranitar Image Zeraora Image
C Rank Icon
Absol Image Garchomp Image Gengar Image Talonflame Image

Top Lane Guide: How to Play Top

Jungle Tier List

Blaziken Image Dodrio Image Greninja Image Leafeon Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Mew Image Tsareena Image Zacian Image Zeraora Image Zoroark Image
S Rank Icon
Absol Image Aegislash Image Azumarill Image Cinderace Image Decidueye Image Dragapult Image Dragonite Image Inteleon Image Machamp Image Meowscarada Image Miraidon Image Scizor Image Talonflame Image Urshifu Image
A Rank Icon
Blastoise Image Buzzwole Image Chandelure Image Delphox Image Duraludon Image Espeon Image Garchomp Image Gengar Image Glaceon Image Greedent Image Lucario Image Mimikyu Image Pikachu Image Snorlax Image Sylveon Image Tyranitar Image Wigglytuff Image
B Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Charizard Image Hoopa Image Mamoswine Image Sableye Image Trevenant Image Umbreon Image
C Rank Icon
Blissey Image Clefable Image Comfey Image Cramorant Image Crustle Image Eldegoss Image Gardevoir Image Goodra Image Gyarados Image Lapras Image Metagross Image Mr. Mime Image Slowbro Image Venusaur Image

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Bottom Lane Tier List

Clefable Image Eldegoss Image Hoopa Image Lucario Image Miraidon Image Mr. Mime Image Sableye Image Wigglytuff Image
S Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Blastoise Image Blaziken Image Blissey Image Buzzwole Image Chandelure Image Charizard Image Cramorant Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Dragonite Image Duraludon Image Espeon Image Glaceon Image Goodra Image Lapras Image Leafeon Image Machamp Image Mamoswine Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Meowscarada Image Metagross Image Mew Image Mimikyu Image Slowbro Image Snorlax Image Sylveon Image Tsareena Image Tyranitar Image Umbreon Image Urshifu Image Zacian Image
A Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Azumarill Image Cinderace Image Comfey Image Crustle Image Dragapult Image Gardevoir Image Greedent Image Gyarados Image Inteleon Image Pikachu Image Scizor Image Trevenant Image Zeraora Image
B Rank Icon
Dodrio Image Venusaur Image Zoroark Image
C Rank Icon
Absol Image Garchomp Image Gengar Image Greninja Image Talonflame Image

Bottom Lane Guide: How to Play Bot

Role Tier Lists

Attacker Tier List

This list evaluates the Pokemon depending on its effectiveness of being an Attacker: big damage, insane DPS, and over-all capability to carry.

Chandelure Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Miraidon Image Pikachu Image Venusaur Image
S Rank Icon
Cinderace Image Delphox Image Dragapult Image Gardevoir Image Glaceon Image Greninja Image Inteleon Image Sylveon Image
A Rank Icon
Decidueye Image Duraludon Image Mew Image
B Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Espeon Image
C Rank Icon
Cramorant Image

Attacker Tier List Evaluations

Speedster Tier List

This list evaluates the Pokemon based on its capability to be a Speedster: overall capability to score, huge map presence, and initiate ganks effectively.

Absol Image Leafeon Image Meowscarada Image Zoroark Image
S Rank Icon
Dodrio Image
A Rank Icon
Gengar Image
B Rank Icon
Talonflame Image
C Rank Icon
Zeraora Image

Speedster Tier List Evaluations

All-Rounder Tier List

This list evaluates Pokemon based on its effectiveness to be an All-Rounder: duel with other Pokemon, be in the front line to deal and soak damage, as well as the overall capability to carry the game.

Blaziken Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Scizor Image Tsareena Image Urshifu Image Zacian Image
S Rank Icon
Azumarill Image Lucario Image Metagross Image
A Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Machamp Image Mimikyu Image Tyranitar Image
B Rank Icon
Buzzwole Image Charizard Image Dragonite Image
C Rank Icon
Garchomp Image Gyarados Image

All-Rounder Tier List Evaluations

Defender Tier List

This list evaluates Pokemon based on their capability to be a Defender: able to protect goals effectively, soak up damage in the frontlines, and overall capability to initiate clashes.

Mamoswine Image Snorlax Image
S Rank Icon
Goodra Image Lapras Image Slowbro Image
A Rank Icon
Blastoise Image Trevenant Image
B Rank Icon
Crustle Image
C Rank Icon
Greedent Image Umbreon Image

Defender Tier List Evaluations

Supporter Tier List

This list evaluates Pokemon based on their capability to be a Supporter: provide healing and shielding on allies, buff their attacks and/or defenses, as well as their effectiveness to provide crowd control with moves.

Blissey Image Clefable Image Eldegoss Image
S Rank Icon
Comfey Image
A Rank Icon
Hoopa Image Mr. Mime Image Wigglytuff Image
B Rank Icon
Sableye Image
C Rank Icon

Supporter Tier List Evaluations

Tier List Criteria

Full Criteria

Power Level Team Impact Ease-of-Use Rank Usage

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list. Read on to learn what they refer to exactly:

  • Power Level: Determines how strong a Pokemon is in theory (when its potential is realized; optimized itemization and playstyle).
  • Team Impact: Determines how instrumental a Pokemon is from a team's perspective. What does the Pokemon bring to the table and how effective is this to achieve victory?
  • Ease-Of-Use: When two things perform at roughly the same power level, the one that's easier to use is always better. We always have to consider the amount of effort it takes to play certain Pokemon into account.
  • Rank Usage: We kept a close eye on a Pokemon's performance in high rank matches to get a better glimpse at its overall potential in certain high-level match ups and scenarios.

Who is the Best Pokemon?

Poll Update
・We added Gyarados and Miraidon to the list.

Vote for who you think is the strongest character in Pokemon UNITE. Also, let us know why in the comments section!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Absol 199
Aegislash 95
Alolan Ninetales 42
Azumarill 40
Blastoise 36
Blaziken 32
Buzzwole 34
Chandelure 20
Charizard 62
Cinderace 84
Clefable 13
Comfey 25
Crustle 17
Decidueye 67
Delphox 12
Dodrio 23
Dragapult 29
Dragonite 53
Duraludon 27
Eldegoss 12
Espeon 46
Garchomp 90
Gardevoir 52
Gengar 84
Glaceon 36
Goodra 33
Greedent 15
Greninja 392
Gyarados 5
Hoopa 23
Inteleon 20
Lapras 24
Leafeon 60
Lucario 49
Machamp 15
Mamoswine 12
Mega Mewtwo X 357
Mega Mewtwo Y 110
Meowscarada 14
Metagross 7
Mew 38
Mimikyu 27
Miraidon 27
Mr. Mime 15
Pikachu 33
Sableye 19
Scizor 120
Slowbro 41
Snorlax 19
Sylveon 47
Talonflame 27
Trevenant 20
Tsareena 57
Tyranitar 50
Umbreon 42
Urshifu 183
Venusaur 42
Wigglytuff 23
Zacian 897
Zeraora 68
Zoroark 112

Previous Poll Results

This poll ran from December 26, 2023 up to January 26, 2024.

Players voted for the following as the strongest Pokemon in the game! As the meta changes a great deal after Updates, we're excited to see the new rankings in our next poll!

Zacian ImageZacian
829 votes
Greninja ImageGreninja
370 votes
Mega Mewtwo X ImageMega Mewtwo X
343 votes

# Pokemon Votes
4th Urshifu ImageUrshifu 179 votes
5th Absol ImageAbsol 177 votes
6th Scizor ImageScizor 116 votes
7th Mega Mewtwo Y ImageMega Mewtwo Y 107 votes
8th Zoroark ImageZoroark 103 votes
9th Aegislash ImageAegislash 89 votes
10th Garchomp ImageGarchomp 84 votes

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