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This is a guide on how to play Wigglytuff in Pokemon UNITE. Learn about all of Wigglytuff's moves and skins, and how to use Wigglytuff with our builds complete with best movesets, items, and combos.

Wigglytuff Tier Rating and Stats

Wigglytuff Basic Information

Wigglytuff.jpgWigglytuff Tier: Role:
A Rank Icon Supporter
Attack Type: Difficulty:
Ranged Intermediate
Damage Type:
"Wigglytuff learns lots of moves that can stop opponents in their tracks, making it well-suited to using teamwork tactics with its allies in battle."

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Wigglytuff Stats

Offense Defense Mobility Scoring Support
1 Star.png 2.5 Stars.png 2.5 Stars.png 2 Stars.png 3.5 Stars.png

HP, Defense, Sp. Defense Details
Level HP Defense Special Defense
1 3278 40 30
2 3383 44 33
3 3503 48 36
4 4114 69 52
5 4274 74 56
6 4457 80 61
7 4668 87 66
8 4911 95 72
9 5190 104 79
10 5511 115 87
11 5880 128 96
12 6305 142 107
13 6794 159 119
14 7356 178 133
15 8002 200 149

Wigglytuff Evolutions

First Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 4)

Wigglytuff Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Decent disabler
✔︎ Can deal decent damage for a support
✖︎ Needs team coordination
✖︎ Low HP

Disabler Who Can Deal Damage

Wigglytuff is a disabler who can deal decent damage despite being a support. Using Sing they can slow or even fully stun opponents, opening them up to attacks from others or even Wigglytuff herself. Alternatively, Wigglytuff can opt for a full damage build using Rollout and Pound, making her viable as a solo player.

Needs Team Coordination

Wigglytuff needs team coordination to work, much like other supports. While she can be built to do damage on her own, she really shines when using Sing and Dazzling Gleam to disable and deal damage, though it requires that enemies stand still for her to do the optimal amount of damage. Sing or having allies distract them serve as good openings.

Best Lanes for Wigglytuff

Top 2 Stars.png
Jungle 3 Stars.png
Bottom 5 Stars.png

Bottom Lane is the Best Lane for Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff is a support that does well at the bottom lane to gain more experience with an attacker. Additionally, securing the Drednaw objective helps Wigglytuff survive more encounters, especially when built as a damage dealer.

Wigglytuff Builds


This build focuses on debuffing and stunning enemies, opening them up to the attacks of allies. Ideally you'll be playing alongside an ally as you're very vulnerable on your own with this build.

Moves and Upgrades

Lv. 1 (ZR) Lv. 3 (R) Lv. 4 (R) Lv. 6 (ZR)
Pound ImagePound Defense Curl ImageDefense Curl Sing ImageSing Dazzling Gleam ImageDazzling Gleam
Pound is a better early choice than Defense Curl as it's a damage move, allowing you to defeat wild Pokemon to get levels early. Pick Sing to debuff your enemies and open them up for allies, then Dazzling Gleam to damage opponents.

Battle Item

Item Tips
Fluffy Tail.pngFluffy Tail Ideally, you'll always be with an ally as you're soft and vulnerable on your own. You can use the Fluffy Tail to either help them capture wild Pokemon or when you're alone so you have a better chance of getting them with your auto-attacks.

Held Items

Items Tips
Shell Bell.pngShell Bell The Shell Bell is useful as your goal is to hit enemies with your special attacks to disable them. Recovering health per hit of the special is much more useful to enable you to stay in the game more.
Float Stone.pngFloat Stone Wigglytuff is all about being in position during teamfights to make a huge difference, so you need the speed provided by the Float Stone to get you places fast.
Leftovers.pngLeftovers Leftovers allow you to recover health while you're away from combat, always useful for a support character who isn't in the action most of the time.

Damage Dealer

This build focuses will focus on using Rollout to cooldown your Pound and Double Slap, stunning enemies and dealing as much Special damage as you can.

Moves and Upgrades

Lv. 1 (ZR) Lv. 3 (R) Lv. 4 (R) Lv. 6 (ZR)
Pound ImagePound Defense Curl ImageDefense Curl Rollout ImageRollout Double Slap ImageDouble Slap
Pound is a better early choice than Defense Curl as it's a damage move, allowing you to defeat wild Pokemon to get levels early. Rollout and Double Slap are straight improvements to the first two skills, and they allow you to deal damage rather than be relegated to a support role.

Battle Item

Item Tips
X Speed.pngX Speed Wigglytuff is all about positioning. Using Defense Curl and Rollout at the right angles will get you to stun opponents and reset your skills, so use X Speed to move quickly to the right position for these moves.

Held Items

Items Tips
Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet The Rocky Helmet is useful as your goal is to enter the fights up close, and you're bound to get hit by enemies. Rocky Helmet will deal enemy damage back to them, increasing your damage output.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band Using the Focus Band allows you to take some punishment in the heat of combat as it recovers some health per hit, mitigating the damage.
Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest Assault Vest increases Wigglytuff's durability, allowing you to survive more during fights and get in and out more easily.

How to Play Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff excels at catching opponents out of position and setting them up for allies. This particular Pokemon does this by inflicting various status effects such as Stuns and Sleep.

Wigglytuff also gains the ability to cleanse harmful Debuffs and grant Shields for allies through its Unite Move later on.

Grabbing as much exp in the lane as possible and positioning correctly at all times are the keys to realizing Wigglytuff's potential. Coordinate with your teammates and play aggressively to secure early kills and lane control.

Fight with Attackers in either Top or Bottom Lane

Fight With Attackers
Wigglytuff is a support type, so it's recommended to lane with Attackers in either the Top or Bottom lane. Even if you take the center/jungle route, Wigglytuff captures Pokemon too slowly to be viable so make sure to go to one of the lanes.

Use Sing Often

Use Sing Often
Sing is a core part of Wigglytuff's support game. In order to create an early lead, use Sing as much as you can.

Start Battles With Sing

Start Battles with Sing
Once you've learned Sing, you can fight alongside your allied Attacker. The Slow and Defense Down effects are strong, but it ends as soon as the move ends so it's best to work with your lanemate or a jungler to set them up and knock them down.

Avoid Machamp

Machamp can learn the move Close Combat at level 5 which makes him immune to interference, thus negating Sing. He can also just walk up to Wigglytuff while she sings and beat her up, so make sure to avoid fighting Machamp.

Use Unite Move to Protect and Save Allies

Use Unite Move
Wigglytuff's Unite move gives shields to allies. It's no good at turning the tide if there's no damage accompanying it, so use it in situations where you and your allies will definitely lose if they die, like during a Zapdos clash.

Wigglytuff Combos

Early Game

Damage Combo

Step # Move
This is the optimal damage combo, though only possible if the opponent has their back to a wall. You Pound them at first to deal damage, then Defense Curl past them and hit the wall behind them, and in doing that your Pound should refresh cooldown, then simply perform it again. This works best in short range.


Sing to Dazzling Gleam

Step # Move
Dazzling Gleam deals a decent amount of damage, but it has a long startup. Using Sing to hold enemies in place by following them around until they sleep is a good enough method to hold them still enough for a Dazzling Gleam, and if you're not alone, it also opens them up to allied attacks.

Improved Damage Combo

Step # Move
This is a bit harder to pull off, because due to the range of Rollout you may be flung away from the same target after hitting the wall. only possible if the opponent has their back to a wall. You Double Slap them at first to deal damage, then Rollout past them and hit the wall behind them, and in doing that your Double Slap should refresh cooldown, then simply perform it again. This works best in short range. It's important that you cancel Rollout after hitting the wall by pressing ZR again.

Wigglytuff Matchups and Best Counters

All Wigglytuff Matchups

Hard Counters
Zeraora Image Cinderace Image Machamp Image Cramorant Image Slowbro Image Mr. Mime Image Eldegoss Image Snorlax Image Absol Image Pikachu Image Gardevoir Image
Garchomp Image Alolan Ninetales Image Venusaur Image Talonflame Image Greninja Image Charizard Image
Gengar Image Lucario Image Crustle Image

Matchup and Counter Explanations

Best Counters for Wigglytuff

Pokemon Explanation
Zeraora ImageZeraora Zeraora can easily dodge Defense Curl/Rollout and engage on Wigglytuff with ease. He's also played in the jungle so you don't really have any way to prevent him from scaling into the mid-game.
Cinderace ImageCinderace Cinderace can easily dodge your abilities and his range is extremely wide which makes engaging on him very hard.
Machamp ImageMachamp Machamp can ignore all the disables you have and he outdamages you both in short trades and long duels. He also starts in the jungle so you can't stop him from scaling into the mid-game.
Cramorant ImageCramorant Cramorant can just keep on harassing you with skills from a distance and you will have little chances of fighting back due to its immense range.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro Slowbro has stronger set of disables and his early game is way safer than yours. He can easily poke you out of lane and he can easily heal up the damage you inflict on him with rest. Later, his surf can control wide areas and your defense curl/rollout cn easily be cancelled with this move.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Mr. Mime is one of the more frustrating matchups for Wigglytuff. Mr. Mime can easily predict where you're going via Defense Curl/Rollout and he can trap you using his walls.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Eldegoss can shield and heal and negate all the damages
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Snorlax is the same case as Mr. Mime but worse. Snorlax's shield can block all incoming characters and repel them. This repel also stuns the target for a short duration. Snorlax can literally catch you rolling to them and he's one of the hardest counters to you.
Absol ImageAbsol As an aggressive support, you'll likely be taking a lot of damage in the laning phase. An Absol can easily capitalize on this and he can also keep on chasing you as you escape with his Pursuit skill.
Pikachu ImagePikachu Pikachu can net you which already eliminates one of your core abilities. Aside from that, his damage output is insane and he can easily destroy you from a distance.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir To do any real damage or setup, you'll have to get close to Gardevoir, and they can simply stay away with their superior range and mobility.

Fair Matchup Explanations

Pokemon Explanation
Garchomp ImageGarchomp Garchomp is a strong All-Rounder with a great engage. Fortunately for you, he doesn't really have anyway in his kit to counter you and you can even opt for Sing since he has no escape tool. Using Sing greatly reduces Garchomp's mobility which turns him to an easy target.
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales This is almost an easy matchup were it not for his ability to shove you away from him. Alolan Ninetales is a weak laner but he'll likely harass you from afar. Play around brushes and use Pound on him during the laning phase for a quick damage and possibly even force him to retreat.
Venusaur ImageVenusaur Almost an easy matchup as well were it not for his ability to play a draink tank build. He completely loses to you damage wise early game so keep on fighting him before he hits his own powerspike at level 8.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Talonflame's critical flaw is his durability. He plays in the jungle but scaling with level does not solve his problem. Focus him during fights using Pound or Double Slap for easy kills.
Greninja ImageGreninja Another weak attacker for you to harass. Keep on fighting with him before he scales with levels!
Charizard ImageCharizard Slap him with auto attacks and pounds.

Easy Matchup Explanations

Pokemon Explanation
Gengar ImageGengar Your powerspikes are in completely different stages of the game. You won't likely interact with him in the early game but if you do, give him a good pound to damage him and in the mid-game, you can easily escape via Roll-out against his engages.
Lucario ImageLucario He's a natural engager but Wigglytuff's disables can easily catch him as he needs to be in super close range before he can start dealing damage. Unlike speedsters, he needs more time to dish out his damage which gives you plenty of time to use your skills and even your passive to stun luck him to death.
Crustle ImageCrustle Crustle is one nasty defender that can tank hits all day. Wigglytuff's Sing negates this strength and turns Crustle to a squishy defender.

How to Counter Wigglytuff

Avoid Figthing in Cramped Areas

Wigglytuff can maximize his damage by using Defense Curl to refresh his cooldowns by hitting walls. Avoid this by fighting in the open.

Avoid Grouping with Teammates Against Dazzling Gleam

Dazzling Gleam stuns all enemies infront of Wigglytuff in a small cone. Avoid grouping up to prevent a wide aoe disable that can spell your team's defeat during a fight.

Don't fight it early

Wigglytuff's early damage from Pound and Defense Curl is surprisingly high. Stay away from Wigglytuff during the early stages of the game and scale up as he becomes an easy target later on.

Wigglytuff Moves and Ability

Wigglytuff Moves

Level Move 1 (R) Move 2 (ZR)
1 or 2
Defense Curl Icon
Pound Icon
Sing Icon Rollout Icon
Dazzling Gleam Icon Double Slap Icon
Starlight Recital Icon

Move Slot 1 (R)

Defense Curl ImageDefense Curl
(Lv. 1 or 2)
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 8s
Wigglytuff rolls and gets a shield effect. Enemy Pokemon hit by this will receive damage and is knocked back. If Wigglytuff hits any obstacle, they will change direction and the cooldown for Pound, Double Slap, and Dazzling Gleam is reset.
Sing ImageSing
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 12
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 10s
Use your singing voice to slow down the movement speed of the other Pokemon around you for a while. If the opponent's Pokemon stays within the range of the ability for a while, it will become sleepy for a while, and their defense and special defense will also decrease.
Upon upgrade, your opponent's Pokemon will be in a sleepy state for a longer period of time.
Rollout ImageRollout
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 12
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 10s
Total Damage: 699 (Lv. 4) / 1081 (Lv. 15)
You roll quickly and get a shield effect. Damages the opponent's Pokemon that hits while rolling and knocks them away. If the opponent hits a wall, you will bounce and refresh the cooldowns of all special moves.
On upgrade, the stun duration will increase.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Pound ImagePound
(Lv. 1 or 2)
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 936 (Lv. 1 or 2)
Performs two slaps toward the front. When it hits, it damages the opponent's Pokemon and slows down their movement speed for a while.
Dazzling Gleam ImageDazzling Gleam
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 10
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 4.5s
Total Damage: 1389 (Lv. 6) / 2191 (Lv. 15)
Shoots a powerful light in a cone shaped attack. Enemy Pokemon hit by this move will receive damage and get stunned.
Upgrade: The damage dealt and stun duration increases.
Double Slap ImageDouble Slap
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 10
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 1115 (Lv. 6) / 2112 (Lv. 15)
Attack continuously toward the front. When it hits, it damages the opponent's Pokemon and slows down their movement speed for a while.
After the upgrade, the number of attacks will increase.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Starlight Recital ImageStarlight Recital
(Lv. 8)
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type:
Cooldown: Percent Based
Total Damage: 2120 (Lv. 8) / 2690 (Lv. 15)
Performs a recital that removes all debuffs for nearby allies while generating a shield for them. Also gives invulnerability while this Unite move is active.

Standard Attack

Standard AttackStandard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and spinning them around when it hits.

Ability (Passive)

Cute CharmCute Charm When it is hit by a close-range attack, the attacking Pokemon becomes charmed, causing them to move towards Wigglytuff automatically. There is a cooldown period before this can be used on the same opponent again.

Wigglytuff Skins (Holowear)

This Pokemon has no Holowear available.

List of All Skins: Fashion and Holowear

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