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Stun, slow, and sleep are three of the many status effects found in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know the list of status effects and what moves apply them, how they affect Pokemon, what status effects are, and more!

List of Status Effects

All Status Effects
Burning Frozen
Sleep Stunned / Incapacitated
Immobilized Poisoned
Unstoppable Invincible
Bound Hindrance Resistance


Pokemon UNITE - Burn Status Effect

The Pokemon is ignited by flames that deals damage overt ime. You will know that a Pokemon is inflicted by burn when they glow Orange. This status effect is common on fire type Pokemon.

Moves That Inflict Burn

Burn Status Effect Moves


Pokemon UNITE - Frozen Status Effect
The Pokemon is encased in a layer of ice, making it unable to move for a short amount of time. This status effect is common on ice type Pokemon.

Moves That Inflict Frozen

Freeze Status Effect Moves

Inflicted by Avalugg

Avalugg Normal Attack
You can also get frozen when you sustain many hits from fighting Avalugg in Shivre City. So, it is best to circle around Avalugg when using a melee Pokemon and hopefully avoid getting hit too much.

Avalugg Buff and Rewards


Pokemon UNITE - Sleep Status Effect
The Pokemon is lulled to sleep, rendering it immobile for a short amount of time. Pokemon who are inflicted by this status effect can be woken up when it is dealt damage.

Moves That Inflict Sleep

Sleep Status Effect Moves

Stunned / Incapacitated

Pokemon UNITE - Stunned Status Effect
A strong move paralyzes the Pokemon, making it unable to move for a short amount of time. Take advantage of stunned opponents by focusing your attacks and moves on them!

Moves That Inflict Stun

Stun Status Effect Moves

Inflicted by Zapdos

Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos Stomp Attack
You can also get stunned when Zapdos uses its powerful stomp move. Be careful, it will launch nearby Pokemon in the air, dealing damage and stunning them too.

Zapdos Buff and How to Steal


Pokemon UNITE - Immobilized Status Effect
Pokemon with inlifcted with this status effect cannot move, but can still attack and cast moves except Dash moves. This is a weaker version of stun and sleep since the target is still able to act.

Immobilize Status Effect Moves


Pokemon UNITE - Poisoned Status Effect
The Pokemon is inflicted by poison and continuously loses HP over time. You will know that a Pokemon is inflicted by poison when they glow Purple. Damage dealt by poison effect are higher than burn effect.

Moves That Inflict Poison

Poison Status Effect Moves


Pokemon UNITE - Unstoppable Status Effect

When this effect is active, the Pokemon becomes Immune to all hindrances for a short amount of time, meaning that they cannot be inflicted by debuffs caused by the opponent. it will also make them immune from getting knocked back by the enemy's moves for as long as the effect is active. You can use this status effect to your advantage by pushing forward to attack goals or safely escaping from a fight.

Moves that Give Unstoppable

Unstoppable Status Effect Moves


Pokemon UNITE - Invincible Status Effect

Grants the Pokemon a window of invulnerability, which makes them immune to damage and becomes untargetable for a short time.

Invincibility: How to Use and Best Timing

Moves That Give Invincibility

Invincible Status Effect Moves

Gain Invincible After Respwaning

Pokemon UNITE - Invincibility After Respawning

Patch added the mechanic where the Pokemon will be invincible for 5 seconds after it respawns from getting KOed. This is likely to prevent players from blocking their opponents from leaving their base when they are dominating the game.

Updates and Patch Notes


Pokemon UNITE - Bound Status Effect

Pokemon that are Bound are unable to act. This status effect pierces or ignores the Unstoppable condition, making it effective against Pokemon with moves that grant the condition like Machamp. This can also stop Pokemon from casting their Unite Moves.

Moves that Inflicts Bound

Bound Status Effect Moves

Hindrance Resistance

Pokemon UNITE - Status Effect - Hindrance Resistance

Converts the effects of all hindrances inflicted on the Pokemon into a movement speed decrease.

Moves that Have Hindrance Resistance

Moves with Hindrance Resistance

List of Buffs and Debuffs

All Buffs and Debuffs
Attack Up Attack Speed Up
Movement Speed Up Slow
Critical Rate Up Defense Up
Defense Down ---

Attack Up

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Using Barrage Blow

This buff increases the damage output of your Pokemon's basic attack for a short amount of time. Consistently using this buff will allow you to deal massive damage if your opponent takes too much attacks.

Moves that Increase Attack

Attack Up Status Effect Moves

Ludicolo Gives Attack Buff

Pokemon UNITE - Ludicolo Buff

Another way to increase your Attack is to defeat Ludicolo and get its effect. Defeating it will give your Pokemon a Blue Aura that allows you to deal increased damage to Wild Pokemon with low HP for a short time.

Ludicolo Buff and Spawn Time

X Attack Increases Attack and Sp. Atk. Stat

Using the X Attack Battle Item increases your baisc attack and move damage. However, the increase is different for each Pokemon.

X Attack Effect and How to Get

Attack Speed Up

Pokemon UNITE - Attack Speed Up Buff

This buff increases your Pokemon's basic attack speed for a short amount of time. This works extremely well with critical hits. That extra burst of speed could determine who gets knocked down first!

Moves that Increase Attack Speed

Attack Speed Up Status Effect Moves

Movement Speed Up

Pokemon UNITE - Movement Speed Up Buff

This buff increases your Pokemon's movement speed for a short amount of time. This is helpful when you are chasing down a low HP opponent, retreating from a heated situation, or quickly getting back into the fight.

Movement Speed Guide: How to Run Fast

Moves that Increase Movement Speed

Movement Speed Up Moves

Unite Moves Increase Movement Speed

Pokemon UNITE - Movement Speed Up After Using Unite Move

Using your Pokemon's Unite Move will increase its movement speed for a short amount of time. Whether your team is pushing a Goal Zone or making a tactical retreat, knowing when to use Unite moves is key if you want to take advantage of the increase in movement speed while clashing with the opponent.

Unite Moves Guide: How to Use

Green Berries Increase Movement Speed

Pokemon UNITE - Green Berries

Another way to increase movement speed is to consume Green Berries in the battle arena. Simply walk through them and it will increase your Pokemon's movement speed for a short time.

List of Berries and Effects


Pokemon UNITE - Slow Debuff

When a Pokemon is inflicted by Slow, its movement speed is reduced for a short time. This debuff can be used to slow down fleeing opponents or catch them off guard!

Moves that Inflict Slow

Slow Status Effect Moves

Bouffalant Gives Slow Buff

Pokemon UNITE - Bouffalant Buff

Another way to inflict slow on opponents is too defeat Bouffalant and get its buff. Defeating it will give your Pokemon an Orange Aura that allows you to reduce the movement speed of opponents you hit for a short time.

Bouffalant Buff and Spawn Time

Critical Rate Up

Pokemon UNITE - Absol Night Slash

This buff increases the chance of your Pokemon to land a critical hits for a short amount of time. When the Pokemon lands a critical hit, the damage will be doubled!

Critical Hit Guide: Critical Rate and Critical Damage

Moves that Increase Critical Rate

Crit Up Status Effect Moves

Defense Up

Pokemon UNITE - Sylveon Using Calm Mind and Hyper Voice

This buff strengthens your Pokemon by increasing their Defense or Special Defense, allowing them to soak damage and survive longer.

Moves that Increase Defense

Defense Up Status Effect Moves

Defense Down

Pokemon UNITE - Venusaur Sludge Bomb Decreasing Sp. Defense Stat

This debuff weakens your opponents by lowering their Defense or Special Defense. Use this together with your strong moves to deal massive damage to your opponent!

Moves that Decrease Defense

Defense Down Status Effect Moves

Unique Status Effects


Pokemon UNITE - Moves That Affect Vision

This status effect impairs your opponent's vision by creating an obstruction on their screen. This is a unique status effect since it does not directly affect the Pokemon, but rather the players themselves.

Vision Guide: How Does Vision (Sight) Work?

Moves that Affect VIsion

Obstruction Status Effect Moves


Pokemon UNITE - Invisibility

Pokemon with this status effect cannot be seen by the enemy, but can still be damaged, and affected by moves. It's a unique status effect because there is no way to reveal invisible Pokemon

Moves that Grant Invisibility

Invisible Status Effect Moves

What are Status Effects?

Pokemon UNITE - Sleep Status Effect

Temporary Buffs and Debuffs

Status Effects are temporary bonuses or penalties that you can inflict or receive while in battle. Like other Pokemon games, status effects can be caused by certain moves in the game, and can either increase or decrease a Pokemon's stats through buffs and debuffs.

You can use these status effects to your advantage - or be used against you. Knowing when and how to use them effectively can mean turning the tide of a match in your team's favor!

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