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In this article, we will explore the claim that there are bots in Ranked Matches in Pokemon Unite. Read on to learn if there are bots in ranked, how to spot if you are playing against bots, why do you get queued againt bots, and do you still get points for winning.

Are There Bots in Ranked?

Bots Can Appear in Ranked Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Bots in Ranked.png

Bots can appear in ranked matches. While the presence of bots may seem strange in a competitive game mode, they're a rare occurrence that only shows up when certain conditions are met. Based on our current findings bots aren't such a common sight to the point that you'll be encountering one every match, so you shouldn't worry too much about being matched with or against them.

Full Bot Lobby

In a bot match, not only will the enemy team be full of bots, your teammates will be bots as well. This is done to make people in a slump feel better and start winning again.

When are you Matched Against Bots?

Losing Consecutive Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Consecutive Loss

From what we've observed, losing increases the chances of going against bots in your next game. It increases greatly when you are on a losing streak, with every loss increasing the odds the next match will be a bot game.

In the Beginner Ranks, matching up against a bot is very likely after every loss. This also means that if you lose against these bots, you will also go up against bots in your next game.

Your First Loss

Pokemon UNITE - Defeated

When you lose for the first time in ranked for solo queue, all of the players in the next match will be bots, including your teammates.

Interestingly enough, you can vote to concede during the match and the bots will all vote for yes. Even though the next match will still be against bots, you will at least have real players as your teammates.

Are There Bots in Party Queue?

Player Count - Play with Friends.png

From our testing, you can still encounter bots if you are queued up as a party.

How to Tell if You are Against Bots

Most Pokemon have Holowears

Pokemon UNITE - Bots Have Holowear

Although Holowears are common, bot matches usually have most Pokemon (both allies and opponents) having Holowears.

List of All Holowear: Pokemon Skins and Costumes

Bots Use Real Trainer Names

Pokemon UNITE - Bot Names

Bots will also use trainer names that pass as real player names. It's suspected that they are randomly generated.

Delayed Action at the Start of the Game

Bots won't move immediately when the match starts. There's a noticeable delay in their action before they move and go to their lanes.

Noticeable Decline in Difficulty

Pokemon UNITE - Significant Difference in a Bot Match

Bots display vairous odd behaviors during the game that makes winning a lot easier. If the game feels considerably easier than past matches, it's most likely a bot match.

Profile is Set to Private

Pokemon UNITE - Bot Trainer Info Private.png

In the results page, you can usually view a player's trainer info by selecting View Trainer Info. But if you do this on a bot, a message that says Trainer info is set to private and cannot be displayed pops up. However, it's important to note that players can set their trainer info to private easily, so not all instances means they are bots. One sure way to know if it's a bot match is if both your allies' and opponents' trainer info is set to private.

What Ranks Do Bots Appear In?

From Beginner to Masters

Ranks (1).png

Based from user experience, bots seem to appear in every single rank level.

However, the rate of occurance decreases depending on your current rank level. Beginners rank can experience it at the rate of after each loss while Masters rank t can take up to 8 losses in a row.

Pokemon Unite Ranking System and Ranked Guide

Do You Gain Rank Points When Playing Against Bots?

You Still Gain Points Normally

Pokemon UNITE - Bot Rank Points.png

You will still gain Rank Points when you play against bots. Keep in mind that you aren't guaranteed to face a bot after every loss, so you won't have an easy trip to Masters.

Master Rank Points are Lower in a Bot Match

Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank Point Difference.png

Normal Match Bot Match
Master Rank Point: +16 Master Rank Point: +4

The points you gain in winning a bot match in Masters Rank is significantly lower than that of a normal match.

Why Does Ranked have Bots?

To Avoid Discouraging Players

Pokemon UNITE - Normal Rank Points.png

MOBA is a tough genre that can be difficult for new players to get into. It can have a high learning curve and can lead to new players quitting after losing to more experienced players in Rank. Playing against bots without knowing it can give these new players more confidence.

Do You Think Bots are Ruining Ranked?

Yes 471
No 90

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