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This is Game8's hub for all Trainer and Pokemon skins, including Fashion and Holowear Items, in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to find out where to buy them and more!

List of Trainer Skins (Fashion)

Trainer Outfits are cosmetic items that your trainer wears in the game. You can mix and match different outfits in the game for a custom look!

You can purchase Trainer Outfits in the Fashion Store and Fashion Ticket Exchange for Aeos Gems, Aeos Tickets, and Fashion Tickets.

You can also earn Trainer Outfits through the Energy Rewards Gacha!

List of All Trainer Skins and Prices

Full Sets

Orange Unite Set ImageOrange Unite Set Purple Unite Set ImagePurple Unite Set Talonflame Set ImageTalonflame Set
Snorlax Set ImageSnorlax Set Cramorant Set ImageCramorant Set Work Set ImageWork Set
Magician Set ImageMagician Set Captain Set ImageCaptain Set Space Set: Tops and Bottoms ImageSpace Set: Tops and Bottoms
Gardevoir Set ImageGardevoir Set Powder Snow Set ImagePowder Snow Set Firefighter Set ImageFirefighter Set
Slowpoke Set ImageSlowpoke Set Costume Party Set ImageCostume Party Set Blissey Set ImageBlissey Set
Stakeout Set ImageStakeout Set Unite Ranked Set ImageUnite Ranked Set Bulbasaur Set - Tops and Bottoms ImageBulbasaur Set - Tops and Bottoms
Checkered Set ImageCheckered Set

List of Full Sets

Tops and Bottoms (Overalls)

Jumpsuit (Black) ImageJumpsuit (Black) Jumpsuit (Red) ImageJumpsuit (Red) Jumpsuit (Blue) ImageJumpsuit (Blue)
Work Overalls (Orange) ImageWork Overalls (Orange) Overalls (Beige) ImageOveralls (Beige) Work Overalls (Green) ImageWork Overalls (Green)
Pikachu Set: Tops and Bottoms ImagePikachu Set: Tops and Bottoms Overalls (Indigo) ImageOveralls (Indigo) Sailor Set: Tops and Bottoms ImageSailor Set: Tops and Bottoms
Jumpsuit (Yellow) ImageJumpsuit (Yellow) Sylveon Set: Tops and Bottoms ImageSylveon Set: Tops and Bottoms Sunshine Set - Tops and Bottoms ImageSunshine Set - Tops and Bottoms

List of Tops and Bottoms (Overalls)

Tops (Innerwear)

Turtleneck Sweater (White) ImageTurtleneck Sweater (White) Shirt and Sweater (Yellow) ImageShirt and Sweater (Yellow) Knit Vest (Navy) ImageKnit Vest (Navy)
Fisher Set: Innerwear ImageFisher Set: Innerwear Belt Hoodie (Black) ImageBelt Hoodie (Black) Belt Hoodie (Red) ImageBelt Hoodie (Red)
Turtle Neck Sweater (Yellow) ImageTurtle Neck Sweater (Yellow) Belt Hoodie (Beige) ImageBelt Hoodie (Beige) Shirt and Tie (Dark Green) ImageShirt and Tie (Dark Green)
Knit Vest (Off-White) ImageKnit Vest (Off-White) Crustle Set: Innerwear ImageCrustle Set: Innerwear Logo T-Shirt (White) ImageLogo T-Shirt (White)
Sporty Set: Innerwear ImageSporty Set: Innerwear Turtleneck Sweater (Sitrus Berry) ImageTurtleneck Sweater (Sitrus Berry) Gingham Set: Innerwear ImageGingham Set: Innerwear
Turtleneck Sweater (Green) ImageTurtleneck Sweater (Green) Star Hoodie (Lime Green) ImageStar Hoodie (Lime Green) Vivid Set: Innerwear ImageVivid Set: Innerwear
Three-Quarter-Sleeve-Shirt (White) ImageThree-Quarter-Sleeve-Shirt (White) Star Hoodie (Pink) ImageStar Hoodie (Pink) Eldegoss Set: Innerwear ImageEldegoss Set: Innerwear
Pit Crew Set: Innerwear ImagePit Crew Set: Innerwear Windbreaker (Purple) ImageWindbreaker (Purple) Windbreaker (Silver) ImageWindbreaker (Silver)
Hoodie (White) ImageHoodie (White) Hoodie (Blue) ImageHoodie (Blue) Gradient Hoodie (Green) ImageGradient Hoodie (Green)
Shirt and Tie (White) ImageShirt and Tie (White) Knit Vest (Mocha) ImageKnit Vest (Mocha) Design Long-Sleeve Shirt (White) ImageDesign Long-Sleeve Shirt (White)
Turtleneck Sweater (Pink) ImageTurtleneck Sweater (Pink) Design Long-Sleeve Shirt (Green) ImageDesign Long-Sleeve Shirt (Green) Kilt Set: Innerwear ImageKilt Set: Innerwear
Three-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (Blue) ImageThree-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (Blue) Simple Set: Innerwear ImageSimple Set: Innerwear Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt (Gray) ImageStriped Long-Sleeve Shirt (Gray)
Design Long-Sleeve Shirt (Purple) ImageDesign Long-Sleeve Shirt (Purple) Matching Top (Sylveon) ImageMatching Top (Sylveon) Work Set - Outwear (Blue) ImageWork Set - Outwear (Blue)
Masked Set - Innerwear ImageMasked Set - Innerwear Explorer Set - Innerwear ImageExplorer Set - Innerwear Athletic Top (Black) ImageAthletic Top (Black)
Design Short-Sleeved Shirt (Sunshine) ImageDesign Short-Sleeved Shirt (Sunshine)

List of Tops (Innerwear)


Flower-Print Skirt (Blue) ImageFlower-Print Skirt (Blue) Striped Board Shorts (Blue) ImageStriped Board Shorts (Blue) Checkered Pants (Gray) ImageCheckered Pants (Gray)
Fisher Set: Bottoms ImageFisher Set: Bottoms Skinny Pants (Moss Green) ImageSkinny Pants (Moss Green) Skinny Pants (Beige) ImageSkinny Pants (Beige)
Crustle Set: Bottoms ImageCrustle Set: Bottoms Culottes and Belt (Orange) ImageCulottes and Belt (Orange) Sporty Set: Bottoms ImageSporty Set: Bottoms
Gingham Set: Bottoms ImageGingham Set: Bottoms Skinny Pants (Gray) ImageSkinny Pants (Gray) Vivid Set: Bottoms ImageVivid Set: Bottoms
Denim Pants (Blue) ImageDenim Pants (Blue) Gradient Board Shorts (Blue) ImageGradient Board Shorts (Blue) Eldegoss Set: Bottoms ImageEldegoss Set: Bottoms
Pit Crew Set: Bottoms ImagePit Crew Set: Bottoms Distressed Jeans (Blue) ImageDistressed Jeans (Blue) Skinny Pants (Indigo) ImageSkinny Pants (Indigo)
Short Tulle Skirt (Black) ImageShort Tulle Skirt (Black) Metallic Skirt (Silver) ImageMetallic Skirt (Silver) Trendy Skirt (White) ImageTrendy Skirt (White)
Checkered Pleated Skirt (Pink) ImageCheckered Pleated Skirt (Pink) Diamond Pattern Skirt (Green) ImageDiamond Pattern Skirt (Green) Knee-Length Skirt (Black) ImageKnee-Length Skirt (Black)
Kilt Set: Bottoms ImageKilt Set: Bottoms Cropped Pants (Beige) ImageCropped Pants (Beige) Simple Set: Bottoms ImageSimple Set: Bottoms
Masked Set - Bottoms ImageMasked Set - Bottoms Explorer Set - Bottoms ImageExplorer Set - Bottoms Design Board Shorts (Sunshine) ImageDesign Board Shorts (Sunshine)

List of Bottoms


Knee-High Socks (Gray) ImageKnee-High Socks (Gray) Knee-High Socks (White) ImageKnee-High Socks (White) Socks (Blue) ImageSocks (Blue)
Socks (Yellow Striped) ImageSocks (Yellow Striped) Striped Knee-High Socks (Black) ImageStriped Knee-High Socks (Black) Striped Knee-High Socks (Pink) ImageStriped Knee-High Socks (Pink)
Striped Knee-High Socks (Red) ImageStriped Knee-High Socks (Red) Short Socks (Orange) ImageShort Socks (Orange) Gingham Set: Socks ImageGingham Set: Socks
Design Socks (Black) ImageDesign Socks (Black) Knee-High Socks (Green) ImageKnee-High Socks (Green) Socks (Off-White) ImageSocks (Off-White)
Striped Stockings (Gray) ImageStriped Stockings (Gray) Short Socks (Black) ImageShort Socks (Black) Eldegoss Set: Socks ImageEldegoss Set: Socks
Sailor Set: Socks ImageSailor Set: Socks Socks (White) ImageSocks (White) Knee-High Socks (Dark Red) ImageKnee-High Socks (Dark Red)
Kilt Set: Socks ImageKilt Set: Socks Simple Set: Socks ImageSimple Set: Socks Sylveon Set: Socks ImageSylveon Set: Socks
Masked Set - Socks ImageMasked Set - Socks Explorer Set - Socks ImageExplorer Set - Socks

List of Socks


Air-Cushioned Shoes (Black) ImageAir-Cushioned Shoes (Black) Canvas Shoes (Blue) ImageCanvas Shoes (Blue) Sandals (Mint Green) ImageSandals (Mint Green)
Canvas Shoes (Green) ImageCanvas Shoes (Green) Loafers (Brown) ImageLoafers (Brown) Fisher Set: Shoes ImageFisher Set: Shoes
Canvas High-Tops (Red) ImageCanvas High-Tops (Red) Sandals (Blue) ImageSandals (Blue) Sneakers Purple Splash ImageSneakers Purple Splash
Sneakers (Yellow) ImageSneakers (Yellow) Crustle Set: Shoes ImageCrustle Set: Shoes Canvas Shoes (White) ImageCanvas Shoes (White)
Sneakers (Violet) ImageSneakers (Violet) Sporty Set: Shoes ImageSporty Set: Shoes Pikachu Set: Shoes ImagePikachu Set: Shoes
Gingham Set: Shoes ImageGingham Set: Shoes High-Top Sneakers (Green) ImageHigh-Top Sneakers (Green) Sandals (Orange) ImageSandals (Orange)
Canvas High-Tops (Yellow) ImageCanvas High-Tops (Yellow) Vivid Set: Shoes ImageVivid Set: Shoes Sandals (Green)  ImageSandals (Green)
Leather Lace-Ups (Black)  ImageLeather Lace-Ups (Black) High-Top Sneakers (Red) ImageHigh-Top Sneakers (Red) Eldegoss Set: Shoes ImageEldegoss Set: Shoes
Pit Crew Set: Shoes ImagePit Crew Set: Shoes Sailor Set: Shoes ImageSailor Set: Shoes Loafers (Black) ImageLoafers (Black)
Canvas High-Tops (Brown) ImageCanvas High-Tops (Brown) Air-Cushioned Shoes (White) ImageAir-Cushioned Shoes (White) Canvas Shoes (Black) ImageCanvas Shoes (Black)
Sneakers (White) ImageSneakers (White) Kilt Set: Shoes ImageKilt Set: Shoes Canvas Shoes (Indigo) ImageCanvas Shoes (Indigo)
Simple Set: Shoes ImageSimple Set: Shoes Sylveon Set: Shoes ImageSylveon Set: Shoes Sunshine Set: - Shoes ImageSunshine Set: - Shoes
Rubber Sandals (White) ImageRubber Sandals (White) Masked Set - Shoes ImageMasked Set - Shoes Explorer Set - Shoes ImageExplorer Set - Shoes
Bulbasaur Set - Shoes ImageBulbasaur Set - Shoes

List of Shoes


Fisher Set: Gloves ImageFisher Set: Gloves Crustle Set: Accessory ImageCrustle Set: Accessory Wristwatch (Brown) ImageWristwatch (Brown)
Pikachu Set: Accessory ImagePikachu Set: Accessory Pit Crew Set: Gloves ImagePit Crew Set: Gloves Warm Gloves (Green) ImageWarm Gloves (Green)
Fur and Leather Gloves (Orange) ImageFur and Leather Gloves (Orange) Digital Wristwatch (Lime Green) ImageDigital Wristwatch (Lime Green) Leather Gloves (Beige) ImageLeather Gloves (Beige)
Sports Gloves (Orange) ImageSports Gloves (Orange) Rubber Wristband (White) ImageRubber Wristband (White) Studded Wristband (Black) ImageStudded Wristband (Black)
Fingerless Gloves (Black) ImageFingerless Gloves (Black) Magician Gloves (White) ImageMagician Gloves (White)

List of Accessories


Crustle Set: Back Item ImageCrustle Set: Back Item Egg-Shaped Backpack (White) ImageEgg-Shaped Backpack (White) Sporty Backpack (White) ImageSporty Backpack (White)
Sylveon Set: Back Item ImageSylveon Set: Back Item Candy Bag (Halloween) ImageCandy Bag (Halloween) Bulbasaur Set - Back Item ImageBulbasaur Set - Back Item

List of Backpacks

List of Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

Pokemon UNITE - Blastoise Holowear Announcement Graphic

Skins, also known as Holowear, are cosmetic items that can be equipped to your Pokemon. You can purchase them in the Pokemon UNITE Store using Aeos Gems or Holowear Tickets.

Alternatively, you can also unlock some of them through Battle Pass rewards!

List of Pokemon Skins and Prices (Holowear)

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