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Full Fury Battle Guide

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This is a guide that will let you know all about the Full Fury Battle Game Mode, a new recurring game mode introduced last Pokemon Day in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn more about its features, when it is available, its rules, how to play, and many more!

Full-Fury Team Clash Guides
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Full Fury Battle Mode Guide

Full Fury Battle Game Mode Duration and Availability

When is Full Fury Battle Playable?

Full-Fury Battle Availability
Available every weekend until October 15, 2023

How to Play Full Fury Battle

Full Fury Battle replaces the usual Quick Battle Mode in Pokemon UNITE during the course of this event. Just go to UNITE Battle then scroll through the tabs to Quick!

Full Fury Battle Events

Full Fury Team Clash

Pokemon UNITE - Full-Fury Team Clash

New Year 2023 celebration introduced a new event which allows all UNITE players to choose between Team Cinderace and Team Buzzwole! The winning team gets exclusive winner rewards!

Full Fury Team Clash Schedule

During these days, Full Fury Battles will unlock and points for your team can be accumulated!

1st Wave Dec. 31, 2022 Jan. 3, 2023
2nd Wave Jan. 14, 2023 Jan. 17, 2023
3rd Wave Jan. 28, 2023 Jan. 31, 2023

Full Fury Team Clash Event Guide

Daily Full-Fury Battles

Mission Rewards
Participate in 1 full-fury battle
Participate in 3 full-fury battles
Win 1 full-fury battle

These missions refresh daily at 12:00AM UTC / 4:00PM PST (prev. day)

Full-Fury Missions

Mission Rewards
Log in a total of 3 days
Participate in 10 full-fury battles
Win 5 full-fury battle

These missions will be available to complete until the end of this event on March 1, 2022.

Full Fury Battle Game Mode Guide

Features Randomized Pokemon Pick

As of December 2022, Full Fury Battles will now provide players with random Pokemon picks instead of letting players choose from the entire roster. This balances out the game mode as players' picks would now be more diverse.

Get More Choices with License Redraw

Pokemon UNITE - License Redraw Banner

Every player is provided with 2 License Redraws at the start of every Full Fury Battle. These allows players to randomly draw another license to use in the game mode!

Some events tied to the current Full Fury Battle season also provide extra, single-use license redraws to use.

License Redraw - How to Get and Use

A Special Mode in Mer Stadium

Pokemon UNITE - Special Mode in Mer Stadium.png

Full Fury Battle is teased to happen in Mer Stadium. In addition to the special rules in this game mode (listed below), it would follow the usual Mer Stadium rules so have a quick read!

Mer Stadium Map and Rules

Moves Will Have Super Fast Cooldowns

Pokemon UNITE - Moves Have Super Fast Cooldowns.png

The first feature announced for this game mode is the super fast cooldowns of moves. In the trailer, we could see a Venusaur using Solarbeam one after the other because its cooldown is reduced to 1 second!

List of Moves and Effects

Respawn After Being KO'd is Faster

Pokemon UNITE - Super Fast Revives.png

Another feature announced is a very fast respawn timer after your Pokemon is KO'd! This allows for a very fast-paced battle around Mer Stadium!

Scoring Goals is Also Faster

Pokemon UNITE - Super Fast Dunking.png

Aside from the features above, scoring goals is also made faster! This allows for a more fierce defending and attacking from both teams!

Scoring Guide: How to Score Goals

Best Pokemon to Use

With Full Fury Battles now featuring random Pokemon picks, we suggest targeting these Pokemon when rolling!

After playing multiple games, it seems like the UNITE Licenses that are randomly provided are limited by the UNITE Licenses you own and licenses part of the Free Rotation.

Pokemon with Huge Burst Damage

Espeon ImageEspeon Leafeon ImageLeafeon Mew ImageMew Urshifu ImageUrshifu

Full Fury battles enables burst-type Pokemon to spam their moves that can deal huge burst damage! Use this to make sure you're dealing the maximum pain!

Pokemon with Disables

Aegislash ImageAegislash Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Umbreon ImageUmbreon

Pokemon with disables are the best Pokemon to use in Full-Fury Quick Battle. They can disable enemies endlessly and deal high amounts of damage with their moves, bursting them down before they can do anything.

Pokemon with Sustain

Scizor ImageScizor Trevenant ImageTrevenant Tsareena ImageTsareena Venusaur ImageVenusaur

Pokemon that have sustain moves benefit greatly from the low cooldown mechanic in Full-Fury, allowing them to keep healing HP and stay alive in fights.

Pokemon with Buffs, Healing, Shielding, and Utility

Blissey ImageBlissey Clefable ImageClefable Crustle ImageCrustle Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Hoopa ImageHoopa
Machamp ImageMachamp Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff -

Pokemon that have buffs, healing, and shielding can provide constant support to their team or empower themselves in fights.

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4 Maddokaabout 2 years

Just saying but w Wood Hammer and Horn Leech, Trevenant can endlessly stun enemy Pokemon as well. ;)

3 Boyfriend_69 (RLT5T1Q)about 2 years

If we had a tier list, pika is alr SS.


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