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Pokemon Unite Ranking System and Ranked Guide

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Are you stuck at Beginner or Great rank and want to reach Master rank? Taking advantage of Performance Points and consistent communicative play will get you through all ranks just in time before the season ends! Just follow our pointers to learn all about UNITE's ranking system and start getting rewards!

Ranked Match Update and News

Draft Pick Implemented on Febuary 27, 2024!

Pokemon UNITE - Switch Picking Positions in Draft Pick.png

Draft Pick has been implemented in Ranked Matches starting on Febuary 27, 2024, which is the start of Ranked Season 18.

Pokemon Day 2024 Patch Notes

Applies to Masters 1400 and Above

Draft Pick is only implemented for Masters 1400 and above. Moreover, all players in a match must be at least Masters 1400 for Draft Pick to take place. Masters below 1400 will have the regular pick phase as before.

Numbered Lobby Added to the Game!

Pokemon UNITE - Lobby Size

With the 8th Season of Ranked, players are now able to choose the size of players in the lobby they are in! Matchmaking is also improved depending on which size of lobby the players chose:

# of Players Matchmaking Levels
1 - 3 Players You will only be matched to other players whose biggest ranked difference from yours is one or less.
5 Stack You will only be matched to other players whose biggest ranked difference from yours is two or less.

Version Patch Notes

Reversed Class Order

Pokemon UNITE - Reversed Class Order.gif

As of the 1st Anniversary Update, the class order for each rank is now reversed. Instead of going from Class 1 to Class 5, it now goes from Class 5 to Class 1.

1st Anniversary Balance Patch Notes (July 21 Update)

Griefers and Quitters Issue

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Match Points

As of Version, Pokemon UNITE updated how they deal with griefers and quitters in ranked.

A player will still earn ranked points (even if the team is defeated) if:

  • A member of the team quits mid-game
  • The player plays until the end
Important Notice

• Points earned depends on your current rank.
• Players who queued together with the quitting player won't be compensated.
• Also, earned points via this method will be sent via a mail notification.

Version Balance Patch Notes
(June 20 Update)

List of Ranks and Classes

Rank Class Victory Points
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Rank IconBeginner Class 5 to 1 9
Pokemon UNITE - Great Rank IconGreat Class 5 to 1 12
Pokemon UNITE - Expert Rank IconExpert Class 5 to 1 15
Pokemon UNITE - Veteran Rank IconVeteran Class 5 to 1 15
Pokemon UNITE - Ultra Rank IconUltra Class 5 to 1 15
Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank IconMaster --- Rating System

There are a total of 6 Ranks in Pokemon UNITE's ranking system, ranging from Beginner to Master. With the exception of the Master rank tier, all other ranks are divided into Classes.

New Ranks Added

New ranks were added in version

  • Beginner: Class 4
  • Beginner: Class 5
  • Great: Class 5

Version Patch Notes

Sub-Levels Called Classes

In addition to Ranks, there are sublevels called Classes that you need to climb to increase your rank. Players can gain and lose Diamond ♦ points for winning and losing matches and for strong performance. Filling all slots and gaining another ♦ moves you up one Class, and if you are in the highest Class with all ♦ filled, you move up one Rank tier.

Player Rank Borders

Master Rank Ultra Rank Veteran Rank
Expert Rank Great Rank Beginner Rank

You can check what rank your teammates are by the color of their border in the loading screen before the start of the game.

The lineup for the player profiles during the loading screen seems to be ordered from highest rank to lowest rank (left to right).

Master Rank Does not Have Classes Anymore

Master Rank isn't divided into classes anymore. Instead, it has a rating system in which players are ranked based on their victory points.

Rank Restrictions Explained

Depending on which lobby size and queue type you choose, the rank restrictions on which players you are able to queue up with changes. As usual, you may see the eligible ranks you are able to queue up with at the bottom of the Lobby Screen.

# of Players Matchmaking Levels
1 - 3 Players You will only be matched to other players whose biggest ranked difference from yours is one or less.
5 Stack You will only be matched to other players whose biggest ranked difference from yours is two or less.

How to Add and Invite Friends

Teams are Fixed with 5 Players

Pokemon UNITE - Party Queue

Players who are playing solo ranked matches gets matched with other players to form a team of 5.

Party Queue

You may choose to pick the size of your lobby depending on the number of players you want to queue with. You can either choose 1-3 players or 5 players and the rank restrictions would be different for both!

Ranked Season and Rewards

Pokemon UNITE - Season 10 Rewards.png

Ranked Matches happens in a set duration called a Ranked Season. Ranked Seasons will end after a set timeframe and all players' ranks will reset.

Check out the list of all Ranked Seasons as well as when the current season will end in the link below:

Ranked Season Reset and Rewards

Ranking System and Performance Points Explained

Pokemon UNITE - Ranking System

When playing Ranked Matches, you will gain a rank depending on your performance during these matches. Your current rank will be decided by the Performance Points System and a Diamond System.

Diamond System

Pokemon UNITE - Diamond System

Win a Game +1 Diamond ♦
Fill the Performance Points Bar +1 Diamond ♦
Lose a Game
(post-Beginner rank)
-1 Diamond ♦

The main way to increase your rank is through the Diamond System, referred to in-game with the ♦ symbol. This system allows the player to increase their Class in their respective rank tier whenever they are able to gain another Diamond ♦ after filling the slots in their current trophy. This means a total of 4 Diamonds are required for each Class increase.

After passing the Beginner rank, players can also rank down when they lose matches. Losing a match with 0 Diamonds will cause you to drop a Class (with full ♦) , and upon losing a match with 0 Diamonds at the lowest Class of the Rank, the player will drop to the highest Class of the Rank below with all ♦ slots filled.

Performance Points System

Pokemon UNITE - Performance Points

Rank Max Performance Points
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Rank IconBeginner
Pokemon UNITE - Great Rank IconGreat
Pokemon UNITE - Expert Rank IconExpert
Pokemon UNITE - Veteran Rank IconVeteran
Pokemon UNITE - Ultra Rank IconUltra
Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank IconMaster
Rating System ---

The Performance Points System favors player who actively play often and contribute well to their teams to raise up their ranks. This system rewards player with a Diamond ♦ every time they are able to fill up the Performance Points Bar by scoring a large number of points, maintaining a win streak, or playing fairly.

The points system has been adjusted through various update patches already:

[:ac:begin(false):Performance Points Updates]

Version Performance Points Update

In the update, the ranked match performance point system has been adjusted to help players climb the ranked ladder easier. Players can now prevent the loss of a Diamond (♦) after losing a ranked match in exchange for a deduction of performance points if the amount of perfomance points is past the gauge's white line.

Version Griefer / Quitter Update

In another patch in Version, Pokemon UNITE addressed the earning of ranked points whenever you're with a teammate that quit mid-game.

A player will still earn ranked points on defeat if:

  • A random member of the team quits, and
  • The player plays until the end
  • Players who queued together with the quitting player [red]won't be compensated
  • Points earned depends on your current rank.
  • Also, earned points via this method will be sent via a mail notification.

Ranked Reset Adjustment

The starting rank for Master Rank trainers this Ranked Season 10 is now adjusted based on the mastery points obtained in the previous season!

Version Patch Notes

Sportsmanship Bonus

Sportsmanship Bonus +10

Players will get the Sportsmanship Bonus if they do not idle in battle or get reported by other players.

Score Bonus

Scored 50-99 Points +5
Scored 100-199 Points +10
Scored 200+ Points +15

Players will get the Score Bonus by scoring a certain number of points per Ranked match. Players can only receive one of these rewards.

Win Streak Bonus

2x Win Streak +10
3x Win Streak +20
4x Win Streak +30
5x Win Streak +40
6x Onwards Win Streak +50

Players will get the Win Streak Bonus if they maintain a win streak in Ranked matches.

How to Unlock Ranked Matches

Trainer Level 6

Pokemon UNITE - Trainer Level 6 Requirement for Ranked Matches
The first requirement in order to play Ranked Matches is to be at least Trainer Level 6. You can easily achieve this by playing UNITE battles with players online in Standard Mode.

Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

Own 5 Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Own 5 Pokemon Requirement for Ranked Matches
The second requirement in order to play Ranked Matches is to own at least 5 Pokemon in your roster. You can purchase extra Pokemon with Aeos Coins or Gems in the shop to increase your roster. Note that the Pokemon available through Free Rotation do not count towards your available Pokemon.

How to Unlock All Pokemon (Unite Licenses)

Have High Fair Play Points

The final requirement is to have a decent amount of Fair Play Points. If you have 79 or lower Fair Play Points, you will be restricted from participating in Ranked Matches.
Fair Play Points: How to Get and Lose

Ranked Ladder Climb Tips

Understand the Basics

Pokemon UNITE - Understand the Basics

When climbing the ranked ladder, it is important to understand that by playing a Ranked matches that you are essentially testing how well your own skills hold up against other players, and just like any test you'll want to study up first and fully understand the basics of the game. There are several things to be mindful of in a match, but here are some of the more important things to be aware of:

  • Balancing the roles on your team.
  • Knowing which lane you / your teammates will go to.
  • Farming Wild Pokemon.
  • Having map awareness.
  • Knowing when to score or defend goals.

Having a basic understanding of these concepts will ensure that your game will go much more smoothly and increase your odds of success.

Familiarize Yourself with the Pokemon You're Using

Pokemon UNITE - Familiarize Yourself with the Pokemon You

Deciding which Pokemon to use based on what your team needs is important, but so is the skill needed to use the Pokemon effectively. Nobody would want to play a ranked match with a teammate who's only used the Pokemon he/she chose once or twice, and improper use of the Pokemon can cost you the match.

While you need a minimum of 5 Pokemon to be eligible for Ranked Matches, it is highly recommended that you focus on practicing with 2-3 Pokemon be it in Practice Mode or Standard Matches. Understand how they play, what they're good for, what combos you can do with them, and what items you should give them. Ranked Matches are all about exhibiting mastery, and there is no room in this game mode for novices.

Pokemon Guides
Pokemon UNITE - List of Pokemon Guide BannerList of Pokemon Best Build for Each PokemonBest Build for Each Pokemon

Team Up with Others!

Pokemon UNITE - Friend Request Board Banner

Teaming up with other like-minded players is a crucial necessity to guarantee a win-streak! If you're looking for other players to play with, you can start a thread in the Friend Request Board. If you're looking private scrims with other visitors or talk about the game in general, start a conversation in the General Discussion Board!

All Message Boards

Communicate With Your Team

Pokemon UNITE - Communicate with your Team

Pokemon UNITE is a team-based game. When you're up against players with the same skill level as you, the only thing that'll decide which team comes out on top is how well the teammates work with each other. Communication is key in this game, and it allows you to pull off a variety of stunts like coordinate attacks, take objectives, and apply pressure on the enemy team. This is especially important for ranking while in a Solo Queue. Work together with your team, and you'll be able to achieve victory.

How to Use Quick Chat

Use Voice Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Voice Chat
Use the voice chat feature to make it easier to communicate with your teammates.

How to Use Voice Chat for Nintendo Switch and Mobile

Know the Meta

Pokemon UNITE - Team Composition.png

Meta is short for Most Effective Tactic Available. It refers to various things like the best Pokemon to use, the most effective set of Held Items, the best Battle Item, the most effective strategies, and many more.

Constantly updating your knowledge and understanding on the Meta helps you make better decisions during and before matches.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Best Team Comp

Pokemon UNITE - NA February Finals - Same Team Comps

A major part of the Meta is knowing the best team comp to use. It helps you choose which Pokemon to use depending on the startegy you and your team wants to execute, and allows you to adjust your pick if needed.

Best Team Comp

Watch the Pros

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Cup - NA - Burst Damage Meta

Watching professional Pokemon UNITE players' games allows you to gain tips and tricks that you can use in your own matches, and gives you a better understanding of the current Meta overall.

List of All Tournament Coverage and Analysis

Rank FAQ's

No Player Portraits on the Ready Up Screen

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Lobby No Trainer Icons

Why does this happen?

Once you get to the higher ranks, you will start to notice that the ready up screen no longer displays the trainers faces. From what we could tell, this is not a bug. We suspect this is to prevent people from dodging certain players in Ranked Matches. We enountered this feature as early as Expert Class .

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oh no, the acronym that accurately describes what "meta" means is not the full reasoning and surely will misguide players... or it's fine and we're all cool with it except you

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Meta is not short for Most Effective Tactic Available, it is from Greek: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta What you are using is just a bad backronym that does not even describe the full meaning of metagame.


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