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This is a guide on how to play Slowbro in Pokemon UNITE. Learn about all of Slowbro's moves and skins, and how to use Slowbro with our builds complete with best movesets, items, and combos, as well as matchups, and what counters to use against them.

Slowbro Tier Rating and Stats

Slowbro Basic Information

Slowbro.jpgSlowbro Tier: Role:
A Rank Icon Defender
Attack Type: Difficulty:
Ranged Intermediate
Damage Type:
"No matter the situation, Slowbro goes about life at its own pace. With its characteristic high defense and blissful unawareness, Slowbro is unfazed by opponents’ attacks."

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Slowbro Stats

Offense Defense Mobility Scoring Support
1.5 Stars.png 4 Stars.png 1.5 Stars.png 1.5 Stars.png 4 Stars.png

HP, Defense, Sp. Defense Details
Level HP Defense Special Defense
1 3241 70 60
2 3378 78 67
3 3535 87 75
4 4334 132 114
5 4543 144 124
6 4783 158 136
7 5058 174 149
8 5375 192 164
9 5740 213 182
10 6160 237 202
11 6643 264 225
12 7199 295 252
13 7838 331 283
14 8572 373 319
15 9416 421 360

Slowbro Evolutions

First Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 4)

Slowbro Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Good range
✔︎ Great support skills
✔︎ Can switch to control build depending on skills
✖︎ Very low damage
✖︎ Has lower HP compared to other Defenders

Great Support/Control

Depending on the moves you use, Slowbro can be a great damage sponge or a great control character that can completely immobilize characters. This makes it excellent in team fights.

Not A True Tank

While it is labeled as Defender, Slowbro is not essentially a true tank since it relies on its abilities too much to resist damage that other Defenders can.

Best Lane for Slowbro

Top 3 Stars.png
Jungle 2 Stars.png
Bottom 5 Stars.png

Slowbro Excels at Bottom

Slowbro excels in using the bottom lane not only to provide ample support, but, given the right damaging moves it can help on holding out the bottom lane alongside some of your other attackers.

Top is a Nice Alternative

While Slowbro does not excel in damaging opponents, it is excellent in providing support to your other high damaging characters. So placing it at the top lane to help absorb damage is a good way of utilizing its skills.

Slowbro Builds

Disabler / Disrupter

This build focuses on stunning and essentially disrupting the game of opponents with Surf and Telekinesis. This ideally stops them from defeating teammates at its worst, and at its best, it opens opponents up to allied attacks.

Moves and Upgrades

Lv. 1 (R) Lv. 3 (ZR) Lv. 4 (R) Lv. 6 (ZR)
Water Gun ImageWater Gun Slack Off ImageSlack Off Surf ImageSurf Telekinesis  ImageTelekinesis
Pick Water Gun over Slack Off so you get an attacking skill that can give you a level lead if you focus on wild Pokemon. Picking Surf over Scald allows you disable enemies by knocking them up. Telekinesis is the best move in this build because it's a long duration single target disabler. However, you need to use it around allies as you are not capable of dealing damage while performing it.

Battle Item

Item Tips
Full Heal.pngFull Heal You won't be dealing too much damage with this build and you won't be in the heat of combat all the time, rather you're a good distance from it, so Full Heal is a good item to have to heal yourself on the off-time.

Held Items

Items Tips
Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet The Rocky Helmet allows you to take damage and deal it back. As an off-tank, you should be expecting to deal damage and take hits in equal parts so this synergizes with that role.
Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest Donning the Assault Vest keeps you alive with a shield against special attacks and an upped defense, allowing you to fulfill the tank role even more.
Buddy Barrier.pngBuddy Barrier Without allies, Slowbro is too slow to run away so his sustain isn't really necessary, so it's best to keep allies alive with Buddy Barrier.


This is a more offense/solo-viable build of Slowbro that relies on his Amnesia to keep his health high and Scald to damage.

Moves and Upgrades

Lv. 1 (R) Lv. 3 (ZR) Lv. 4 (R) Lv. 6 (ZR)
Water Gun ImageWater Gun Slack Off ImageSlack Off Scald  ImageScald Amnesia  ImageAmnesia
Pick Water Gun over Slack Off so you get an attacking skill that can give you a level lead if you focus on wild Pokemon. Scald is the more damaging of the two options, making it useful for being offensive despite being tanky. Amnesia is the core of this build, you use it to recover large amounts of health.

Battle Item

Item Tips
Potion.pngPotion Potion is useful because you'll be in combat often, and this will allow you to quickly regain health alongside Amnesia. Alternatively, you can go for an X Attack if you wish to be more offensive.

Held Items

The Held items used by Slowbro for his Tank build is the same as his Disabler build.

How to Play Slowbro

Slowbro is best used as a single-target disabler. You're supposed to be playing around others as you can't deal the damage needed to defeat opponents on your own. Using Slowbro's skills, you can target their damage dealers and leave them open for your allies to finish off.

With your disabling skills, you should be targeting the high profile damage dealers of the enemy team, both stopping them from dealing damage and allowing them to be picked off by your teammates.

Play as the Support

As a support, you want to play for your ally. Harass enemies, only take Wild Pokemon assists, and focus on zoning enemies and preventing them from killing your ally. Better is if you can steal enemy camps with Water Gun for an early EXP lead for your lane.

Harass Enemies During Early Game

Slowbro's Water Gun has a long range that can be used to steal camps from enemy laners as well as poke them. Harass the enemy laners while your attacker farms safely from a distance.

Focus on Locking Down Key Threats

Slowbro Telekinesis lockdown
As a Defender and a support, your job is to prevent your enemies from doing what they want to do. This can be stopping speedsters from killing your attackers or stopping the enemy attackers in their tracks.

Slowbeam is a stronger Telekinesis

The key difference between Telekinesis and Slowbeam is while Slowbro uses Slowbeam, he gains a massive shield and is immune to disables. Use it as a way to hard lock a chosen target and prevent them from taking actions!

Use Surf to Escape, Chase, or Disable Enemies

Surf Slowbro
Surf provides a small dash when used. Use it to escape enemy attacks or chase enemies. However, take note that Telekinesis has a slow projectile so using it in conjunction to a running enemy is not a viable option.

Slowbro Combos

Slowbro's combos focuses on involving on setting up follow-up attacks for other players. But, it can deal some serious damage especially if you time your Unite move, Slowbeam, right.

Disrupter Finisher Combo

Disrupter Finisher Combo
Surf IconSlowbeam Icon
Using this skill combination will allow Slowbro to deal some huge damage to a Pokemon. Surf will stun the enemy which will then be followed up by Slowbeam almost ensuring a kill on most Pokemon.

Telekinesis Set-Up Combo

Telekinesis Set-Up Combo
Surf IconTelekinesis  Icon
What Telekinesis offers is a team-up - it basically paralyzes an opponent for a few seconds which allows your allies to gang-up on that opponent for an easy kill. Perfect for Slowbros who are paired up with Attackers.

Permanent Disable Combo

Permanent Disable Combo
Surf IconSlowbeam IconTelekinesis  Icon
The "brew yourself a coffee first" combo. A three hit surf partnered by Slowbeam and Telekinesis will feel like forever. Punish enemies without Fullheal or are not using Machamp with this combo!

Slowbro Matchups and Best Counters

All Slowbro Matchups

Hard Counters
Cinderace Image Machamp Image Pikachu Image Cramorant Image Crustle Image Wigglytuff Image Gardevoir Image
Mr. Mime Image Eldegoss Image Snorlax Image Charizard Image Garchomp Image Alolan Ninetales Image Venusaur Image
Greninja Image Talonflame Image Gengar Image Absol Image Lucario Image Zeraora Image

Matchup and Counter Explanations

Best Counters for Slowbro

Pokemon Explanation
Cinderace ImageCinderace Cinderace can dodge Slowbro's disables with feint and he also has the damage to kill Slowbro late on.
Machamp ImageMachamp Machamp ignores disables and disables are Slowbro's game.
Pikachu ImagePikachu A less harder matchup then Cinderace but Pikachu's range and damage output can still give you a hard time.
Cramorant ImageCramorant Cramorant outranges you and his ability to steal camps makes playing safe against him not an option as well.
Crustle ImageCrustle Despite eating all your disables, Crustle can still survive your team's attack while he can also prevent you from approaching his allies due to his displacement abilities and innate damage.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Wigglytuff can bully you early on in the game. You can survive the early phase but he can shut down your early harrassment tool. Play it safe then scale with levels later on.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir A lot of Gardevoir's damage can snowball from combos that require their target to be in predictable positions, and Slowbro is the ideal target because he stands still when disabling targets.

Fair Matchup Explanation

Pokemon Explanation
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime You don't really interact with each other but if you can catch Mr. Mime out of position, the rest of the team can easily take him down.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Same scenario as Mr. Mime. Catch him if he's out of position to eliminate the enemy team's healer.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Snorlax has the same scenario as Crustly but lacks lethal damage to eliminate you. Once his disables are used, pass through him then use your abilities on fragile enemies for an easy kill.
Charizard ImageCharizard He deals low damage but he can attack while moving which may prove difficult for you.
Garchomp ImageGarchomp An annoying all rounder that can dive you if needed. Use your abilities on him to pin him down and hopefully, your allies takes the kill. Otherwise, stay away from him.
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales An attacker that uses abilities to push enemies away from him. Dive him in fights and disable him with Telekinesis and surf for an easy kill. Getting to him is the hard part but nothing an Eject Button or X-Speed can't fix.
Venusaur ImageVenusaur Venusaur can play as an artillery attacker or a mage. His artillery version (solar beam) can be harder to play against but it's his weaker build. His gigadrain setup is easier to play against but if you use Telekinesis while his petaldance is active, you'll also get damage. Try to wait out its duration before going for your combo.

Easy Matchup Explanation

Pokemon Explanation
Greninja ImageGreninja A super fragile attacker whose escape tool is just a clone. Disable him before he can even use any ability.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Play around bushes and wait for his Brave Bird or Fly to be used then disable him for a free kill.
Gengar ImageGengar Gengar is in a pretty great spot but your disables completely shuts down his combo. Wait for him to enter the fight then immediately use your combo to prevent him from killing everyone.
Absol ImageAbsol Same case as Gengar but easier. Absol is one of the most fragile pokemon in the game and a single disable partnered by an ally's attack should make quick work of him.
Lucario ImageLucario Lucario suffers the same problem as the other speedster on this list despite being an all-rounder. Disable him to stop him from executing his combos.
Zeraora ImageZeraora Same as all the other speedsters above. Zeraora is hard countered by Slowbro, but try to avod his Discharge ability first to lessen the damage you take while disabling him.

How to Counter Slowbro

Harass Him in the Early Game

Slowbro is extremely weak in the early game. His main gameplan is to steal enemy Wild Pokemons with Water Gun. Play against him by jumping the gun on him first to get a free kill or to protect your own attacker from Slowbro.

Wait for Him to Miss His Telekinesis

Slowbro's Telekinesis projectile is super slow. Try to play around it intead of just jumping on him everytime during the mid-game to avoid his single target disable.

Rely on Attackers to Take Him Down

Slowbro stays true to his identity as a slow pokemon. His movement speed is slow and his sutf doesn't carry him far enough to escape enemies. Whittle him down with ranged attacks from afar!

Slowbro Best Teammates

Pokemon Explanation
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales
Cinderace ImageCinderace
Can deal the damage Slowbro lacks
Gengar is one of the strongest burst Pokemon in the game, unfortunately it is also one of the most fragile. Having an Eldegoss shield and heal a Gengar as it goes in to burst down the enemy Attackers will help keep Gengar alive to knockout at least one Pokemon.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Can chain disables together
Slowbro has powerful disables that can keep enemy Pokemon unable to act, so does Wigglytuff. You can use each other's disables to setup your own disable, and keep the opponenet disabled for much longer.

Slowbro Moves and Ability

Slowbro Moves

Level Move 1 (R) Move 2 (ZR)
1 or 3
Water Gun Icon
Slack Off Icon
Surf Icon Scald  Icon
Telekinesis  Icon Amnesia  Icon
Slowbeam Icon

Move Slot 1 (R)

Water Gun ImageWater Gun
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 642 (Lv. 3)
Slowbro charges up and shoots water. Then this Move hits, it damages the enemy Pokemon and slows them down. The longer Slowbro charges this Move, the range will be wider and the damage will increase further.
Surf ImageSurf
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 9s
Total Damage: 1035 (Lv. 4) / 2151 (Lv. 15)
Attacks with waves and damages the opponent's Pokemon. The waves return when they reaches the maximum distance, and once again damages the opponent's Pokemon and draws it in.
After the upgrade, when the first wave hits the opponent's Pokemon, it will slow down the movement speed of that Pokemon for a while.
Scald  ImageScald
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 826 (Lv. 4) / 1809 (Lv. 15)
Fire a jet of hot boiling water. When it hits, it damages the opponent's Pokemon and generates steam. The opponent's Pokemon within the range of steam will be burned, and the movement speed will slow down for a while.
After the upgrade, the steam range will be wider.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Slack Off ImageSlack Off
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Recovery
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 11s
Slowbro lies down and rests while continuously restoring HP. If Slowbro is attacked while resting, the HP being restored decreases.
Telekinesis  ImageTelekinesis
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 11s
Slowbro makes an enemy Pokemon float in the air. If you use it again, the enemy Pokemon will be pulled towards you.
Upgrade: The pull speed and the cast range of the Move is increased.
Amnesia  ImageAmnesia
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Recovery
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 13s
Cancels some damage that is not yet effective. It cannot be interrupted and will boost your defence. The damage dealt by "Scald" and "Surf" increases for one charge.
After the upgrade, the special attack goes up as well.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Slowbeam ImageSlowbeam
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 134s
Total Damage: 1418 (Lv. 9) / 2487 (Lv. 15)
Incapacitates the opponent with a beam that makes them unable to move while dealing damage over time. Slowbro becomes unstoppable and gains a shield while this Unite move is active.

Standard Attack

Standard AttackStandard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. When this boosted attack hits, it deals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon and decreases their movement speed for a short time.

Ability (Passive)

ObliviousOblivious It can only take a certain amount of damage with each hit. When it deals damage to opponents, it will cancel damage from opponent's moves which have not been applied yet, and slightly lower the opponent's special defense.

Slowbro Skins (Holowear)

This Pokemon has no Holowear available.

List of All Skins: Fashion and Holowear

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