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The total cost of all Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE might be cheaper than you think. Here we'll break down if the game is free to play in Nintendo Switch and Mobile, and just how much it costs to buy all Pokemon and max battle pass.

Is Pokemon UNITE Free to Play?

Is Pokemon UNITE Free on the Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon UNITE - Free to Play on the Nintendo Switch
Yes! You can download Pokemon UNITE has been Available for free on Nintendo Switch since its launch on July 21st, 2021.

Nintendo Switch Online is not required to play Pokemon UNITE on Nintendo Switch.

Is Pokemon UNITE Free on Mobile Devices?

Pokemon UNITE - Free to Play on Mobile Android and iOS

Yes! Pokemon UNITE is free to download for mobile devices! The game was officially released on the Play Store and App Store on September 21, 2021. If you pre-registered, you can get useful rewards!

Pre-register Bonuses

Is Pokemon UNITE Free Forever?

Pokemon UNITE - Is Pokemon UNITE Free Forever

There is no official news on whether the developers will change the monetization system for Pokemon UNITE but with how it is now, it's a high chance that this game will stay free to play forever. Don't be afraid to try this game on the Switch and Mobile Devices!

How to Download and Filesize

Does Pokemon UNITE Have Premium Currency?

Yes, You May Purchase Aeos Gems

Aeos Gems.jpg

The premium currency that you can top-up with real world money is called Aeos Gems. Though not required, this can lessen the burden of grinding for matches and fast track your progression.

The free currency, called Aeos coins, is acquired by playing matches. This can be used to unlock Pokemon, Holowears (skins for your Pokemon), and Outfits for your trainer.

Purchase the Battle Pass and Holowears

There are certain items like Battle Pass and Holowears that can only be bought using Aeos Gems.

Item Price
Battle Pass
Aeos Gems 480
Battle Pass Plus
Aeos Gems 985 840 (Discounted)
Greninja Hero Style Holowear
Aeos Gems 1050
Pikachu Hip-Hip Style Holowear Paid Battle Pass
Cinderace Captain Style Holowear Paid Battle Pass

Microtransactions and Premium Currencies: Aeos Gems

How Much Does it Cost?

Total Cost of All Pokemon

Excluding the free Pokemon License rewarded for tutorial completion, currently it would cost around $150 USD (10,235 Aeos Gems) to purchase the rest of the Pokemon UNITE roster.

Total Battle Pass Cost

To purchase the Battle Pass and all 60 Battle Pass levels it would currently cost around $54 USD (3,590 Aeos Gems).

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Updates and Patch Notes

Updates and Patch Notes

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 Patch Notes List
(December 9, 2021)
(December 10, 2021)
(December 14, 2021)
(December 20, 2021)
(December 28, 2021)

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 Patch Notes List
(September 22, 2021)
(September 27, 2021)
(September 29, 2021)
(October 08, 2021)
(October 13, 2021)
(October 20, 2021)
(October 26, 2021)
(November 10, 2021)
(November 16, 2021)
(November 18, 2021)
(November 30, 2021)

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 Patch Notes List
(July 28, 2021)
(August 4, 2021)
(August 6, 2021)
(August 18, 2021)
(September 1, 2021)
(September 8, 2021)

Latest Maintenances and End Times

Server Maintenance End Time and Date
January 19 Maintenance January 20, 2022
7:00AM UTC
December 8 Maintenance December 9, 2021
7:00AM UTC
Mobile Release Maintenance September 21, 2021
12:00AM PT

Maintenance Schedules and End Times

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Pokemon Release Info

Pokemon Release Info
Pokemon UNITE - Gardevoir IconGardevoir Pokemon UNITE - Blissey IconBlissey Pokemon UNITE - Blastoise IconBlastoise Pokemon UNITE - Mamoswine IconMamoswine
Pokemon UNITE - Sylveon IconSylveon Pokemon UNITE - Greedent IconGreedent Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye IconDecidueye Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena
Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite IconDragonite Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant -- --

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