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Want to know details about the new Pokemon UNITE Club Membership for Pokemon UNITE? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to know how to join, what the benefits and rewards are for June 2024, how much the membership costs, and which free trial Unite Licenses and Holowear are currently available this week!

UNITE Club Membership Weekly Trials

First Week of June
6/10/2024 - 6/17/2024
Weekly Trials Reset in

The set of free trial items refresh every Monday at 12:00 AM UTC / 5:00 PM PDT (prev. day). Below are this week's free Unite Licenses and Pokemon Holowear:

Weekly Trial Unite Licenses

Weekly Free Trial UNITE Licenses
(June 10 - June 17)
Unite License: Eldegoss.pngUnite License: Eldegoss Unite License: Duraludon.pngUnite License: Duraludon
Trial Licenses are unavailable to use for Ranked Battles.

Weekly Trial Holowear

Weekly Free Trial Holowear
(June 10 - June 17)
Space Style ImageSpace Style
Dark Suit Style ImageDark Suit Style

Holowear of the Month
(June 2024)

Hiip-Hop Style: Cramorant

Pokemon UNITE - Hip-Hop Style (Cramorant) Preview.png

The Holowear of the Month for June will be the Hiip-Hop Style: Cramorant!

Hip-Hop Style (Cramorant): How to Get

All Holowears of the Month

2024 Holowears of the Month

New Year Style ImageNew Year Style
January 2024
Sweet Style ImageSweet Style
February 2024
Fashionable Style ImageFashionable Style
March 2024
Explorer Style ImageExplorer Style
April 2024
Racer Style ImageRacer Style
May 2024
Hip-Hop Style ImageHip-Hop Style
June 2024

2023 Holowears of the Month

Hip-Hop Style ImageHip-Hop Style
January 2023
Tea Party Style ImageTea Party Style
February 2023
Gardening Style ImageGardening Style
March 2023
Pastel Style ImagePastel Style
April 2023
Explorer Style ImageExplorer Style
May 2023
Explorer Style ImageExplorer Style
June 2023
Beach Style ImageBeach Style
July 2023
Tuxedo Style ImageTuxedo Style
August 2023
Marching Band Style ImageMarching Band Style
September 2023
Costume Party Style ImageCostume Party Style
October 2023
Bonfire Style ImageBonfire Style
November 2023
Holiday Style ImageHoliday Style
December 2023

2022 Holowears of the Month

Marine Style ImageMarine Style
July 2022
Tuxedo Style ImageTuxedo Style
(Alolan Ninetales)
August 2022
Tuxedo Style ImageTuxedo Style
September 2022
Guardian Style ImageGuardian Style
October 2022
Guardian Style ImageGuardian Style
November 2022
Holiday Style ImageHoliday Style
December 2022

List of All Holowear: Pokemon Skins and Costumes

How to Join the UNITE Club Membership

Where to Buy UNITE Club Membership

Device Where to Buy
Nintendo Switch Nintendo eShop
Mobile (Android) Google Play Store
Mobile (iOS) App Store

To join UNITE Membership, you must purchase it in the store where you downloaded the game. Note that you can only become a UNITE Club member on only one of the two versions - Nintendo Switch and Mobile - at a time.

Join the UNITE Club Membership Step-by-Step

1 In the Main Menu, Press ZR or tap the UNITE Club Membership button at the top of the screen.
2 From here, you can check the benefits and other details about the membership. Select More Info to proceed.
3 Before you can purchase the membership, you must first read and scroll down the Terms of Use. After that, you can now Press X or tap Obtain to continue.
4 You will then be brought to the storefront of the device you are using. From here, you can now proceed to check out and officially join the membership!

UNITE Club Membership Price

UNITE Club Membership Regional Pricing

Currency Price
United States Dollar ($) $9.99
Japanese Yen (¥) ¥1,150
Indian Rupee (₹) ₹761.86
Please remember that these prices are subjected to change due to taxes being added during the payment process. We will also update the prices as soon as other currencies are available.

Let us know the Membership Prices in your respective regions!

Cannot Be Refunded

Once purchased, memberships cannot be canceled or refunded. This also applies to when you are resubscribed via Automatic Renewal if you have not turned it off.

UNITE Club Membership Benefits

List of Benefits
1 Get a special "Holowear of the Month" every first Monday of the month.
2 Two (2) Limited UNITE Licenses will be released weekly, every Monday.
3 Two (2) Trial Pokemon Holowear will also be released weekly, every Monday.
4 Special Portrait Frame and Chat Speech Bubble, as you subscribe.
Pokemon UNITE- UNITE Club Membership Portrait Frame.pngPortrait Frame Pokemon UNITE- UNITE Club Membership Chat Bubble.pngChat Bubble
5 New Trainer Fashion items are discounted by 10% for all UNITE Club Members for 7 days after release.
6 Get 2 Rank Protection Cards monthly that is only available for the duration of the current ranked series.
7 The number of replay videos that can be saved is increased to 20.
8 Get 40 Aeos Gems after logging in daily. This can accumulate for up to 200 Gems if unclaimed.

The membership benefits available from the month you joined can be used right away after logging in to the game.

Item Duplicates Conversion

If you already own certain benefits, they will usually be converted into another item. Currently, there is no information on how the conversion will work. We will provide information as soon as it is available!

Device Exclusivity Feature

You can only claim your free Aeos Gems and other UNITE Club membership benefits on the version of the game you used to join - either Nintendo Switch version or Mobile version. However, items received such as Holowear and Trainer Fashion can be accessed on either version.

First-time Members Get Hoopa Set for Free

Pokemon Unite - UNITE Club Membership Hoopa Set Details

If you register for the first time, you will also get the Hoopa Set trainer fashion on top of the service's benefits! Currently, this is the only way to get the Trainer Fashion item.

Hoopa Set: How to Get

How to Cancel UNITE Membership

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
1 Go to Nintendo eShop
2 Click on your user icon
3 Select Your Subscriptions
4 Turn off Automatic Renewal


1 Go to Settings and select your account
2 Select Subscriptions
3 Choose the Unite Membership subscription
4 Select Cancel Subscription


1 Go to Google Play
2 Select the profile icon
3 Go to Payments and subscriptions, then select Subscriptions
4 Select the Unite membership subscription, then select Cancel subscription

Benefits You'll Retain

Benefits You'll Retain
Aeos Gems received as daily login bonus
Acquired Holowear of the month
Hoopa Set Trainer Skin from first-time member

After cancelling your membership, you'll retain the benefits mentioned in the table above.

Club Membership Patches & Changes

Gems Can Now Accumulate

Version Update
  • Added the function to store gems for a while. Players can store up to 200 unclaimed gems
  • Gift a rank protection card (2 per month). Rank protection cards are only valid for the duration of the series.
  • The number of replay videos that can be saved will increase to 20.
  • Version Patch Note Updates

    Received on the First Day of the Month

    As of the June 20 Update, Holowears of the Month (starting from July 2022) will be distributed on the first day of every month - regardless of the date when the user availed the service. Before this update, Holowears of the Month is distributed one month after the initial subscription date.

    Version Balance Patch Notes
    (June 20 Update)

    Important Notice

    As of the June 30 update, the official Japanese Pokemon UNITE Twitter account announced that affected Android users that were not able to claim membership benefits because of the bug will receive Aeos Gems, which they can claim in their in-game mail. Moreover, members who have not received the June Holowear will be compensated separately at a later date.

    Version Patch Note Updates
    (June 30 Update)

    What is a UNITE Club Membership?

    Monthly Subscription Service

    Pokemon Unite - UNITE Club Membership Details

    The UNITE Membership is a monthly subscription program for Pokemon UNITE released on May 16th, 2022 PDT. Members who are part of the service will be able enjoy exclusive perks and bonuses!

    Subscription Lasts for 30 Days!

    Pokemon UNITE - August Holowear of the Month Preview

    The UNITE Membership also lasts for 30 days and can be viewed via the countdown timer below the membership menu to remind you how many days you have left until you need to resub.

    Once the timer hits 0 or when you're unsubbed, you won't be able to claim the perks of the membership but you're allowed to resub again anytime you wish.

    Only One Account is Allowed

    If you are playing both the Nintendo Switch version and the smartphone version with one account, you can join from only one of them. Benefits can only be used on either the Nintendo Switch version or the smartphone version that you have joined. Also, if the perk overlaps with an owned item, it may be converted to another item.

    For more questions about the UNITE Club Membership, visit the UNITE Membership FAQs.

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    Latest Maintenances and End Times

    Server Maintenance End Time and Date
    September 1 Maintenance September 2, 2022
    7:00AM UTC
    July 20 Maintenance June 21, 2022
    7:00AM UTC
    June 19 Maintenance June 20, 2022
    7:00AM UTC
    April 27 Maintenance April 28, 2022
    7:00AM UTC
    January 19 Maintenance January 20, 2022
    7:00AM UTC
    December 8 Maintenance December 9, 2021
    7:00AM UTC
    Mobile Release Maintenance September 21, 2021
    12:00AM PT

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