Pokemon UNITE

How and Where to Enter Codes

Pokemon UNITE - How to Enter Gift Codes

Navigate to Daily Events and scroll down to find the Gift Exchange section and enter codes to redeem rewards in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to know how and where to enter codes and redeem rewards!

How to Redeem Codes

  1. Navigate to Daily Events
  2. Enter the Code and Redeem Rewards
  3. Check Your Mail
  4. Redeem Your Rewards!

Navigate to Daily Events and Scroll Down to Gift Exchange

From the Home Screen, tap the Events button to open up Featured Events, then switch to Daily Events by tapping on it if you're on mobile, or pressing the R button if you're playing on the Switch.

Scroll or navigate downwards until you find the Gift Exchange section.

Enter the Code and Redeem Rewards

This screen should pop up once you tap the Exchange button. Simply enter a code to redeem it!

Check Your Mail

If you successfully redeem a code, this message will pop up! Take note that you have to wait for a few minutes before the rewards actually get in your Mail.

Restart the Game For Rewards to Reflect

Exit the app then access it again for the rewards to reflect! Remember to do this after redeeming a code to quickly redeem rewards from your Mail.

Redeem Your Rewards!

If your Mail has a red notification, it means that you have a new or unread messages. Wait for this to show up after entering codes at the Gift Exchange and redeem your rewards once they arrive.

Where to Get More Codes

Check Our Gift Exchange Guide

Pokemon UNITE - Gift Code Exchange Banner

Click the button link below and head on over to our Codes and Gift Exchange Guide to check for both current and past codes.

Pokemon UNITE Codes and Gift Exchange

Help Us Out by Commenting Codes You Find!

We may have eyes on the official sites, but that doesn't mean we're capable of catching every code that works for Pokemon UNITE.

Help us out by commenting codes that worked out for you!

Comment Here!

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