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Ganking Guide: How to Gank

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This is a guide on ganking in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to properly set up a gank properly, when to gank, and the best entrances for ganks.

How to Gank

Use Grass Areas

Hide in Grass

The best way to start a gank is by hiding in grass areas. Approaching the enemy without being seen is the core idea of ganking.

Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

Junglers Should Rotate

Sneak Attack Guide - Junglers Should Rotate.png

Ideally, ganking is a jungler's primary responsibility since they are able to level up faster. Junglers should gank as soon and as often as possible to make sure that the other lanes would either be evenly matched or stronger than the enemy.

It is a sign of a bad game if allies from either top or bottom lane starts roaming around, and attempt ganking. This leaves one lane at a disadvantage, making it easier to lose the lane early.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Enter From Behind or Sides

Sneak Attack Guide - Enter from Behind or Sides.gif

The purpose of ganking from behind or from the sides of the enemy is to cut off their escape routes. This forces them to find unlikely routes to escape, which will most likely get them killed faster.

Stay Ahead

Sneak Attack Guide - Stay Ahead.gif

After ganking from behind or from the sides, it is important to always stay ahead of the enemies. This ensures that even if the enemy uses dash moves or Eject Button in an attempt to escape, the ganking Pokemon will still be able to remain on top of them.

Use Moves to Initiate Ganks

Sneak Attack Guide - Use Moves to Initiate.gif

Certain moves are perfect for setting up ganks. Knowing the right moment to use moves to set up gank is key to efficient and successful ganks.

Certain Moves can Reposition the Enemy

Sneak Attack Guide - Moves can Reposition Enemies.gif

There are moves that can reposition enemies. Use these moves to put the enemy into an unfavorable position.

Use Dash Moves to Close In

Sneak Attack Guide - Use Dash Moves.gif

One feature of Dash type moves is the ability to quickly move towards a direction, making it useful for closing distances. When ganking, use dash moves to get closer to the target to ensure they won't escape. The move does not even have to hit or damage the target, the primary focus of using dash moves when ganking is for staying on top of the enemy.

Dash Moves can Traverse Walls

Move Types - Dash Through Walls.gif

A trick that players use to escape ganks is making use of walls to force the ganking team to move around it, buying them time to escape. Make use of dash moves' unique feature of passing through walls.

Focus on a Single Target

Sneak Attack Guide - Focus on a Single Target.gif

A common mistake with players when ganking is not focusing on a single target. Make sure to focus on one target at a time to ensure a kill. Ganking does not always mean killing the entire enemy team. Having a numbers advantage is enough for a gank to be successful.

Know Who to Target First

Sneak Attack Guide - Know Who to Defeat First.png

It is important to know which enemy to target first when ganking. HIgh level enemies or the enemy that deals the most damage in their team is the best target to defeat first. This ensures that the enemy can no longer win the fight because the source of most of their damage is gone.

Attack Damage Ranking: All Pokemon by Basic Attack Damage

Turn Successful Ganks into Objectives

Sneak Attack Guide - Turn Kills into Objectives.gif

After a successful gank, it is important to follow up with taking objectives, such as scoring goals, and defeating boss Pokemon. This ensures that the team is in lead thoughout the game.

When to Gank

After Getting Buffs

Sneak Attack Guide - Junglers Should Rotate.gif

An ideal moment to start ganking is after getting the blue and red buffs in the jungle. The red buff is the most useful for ganking enemies since it slows them with each attack, making it harder for them to escape. However, the blue buff comes to effect after defeating the enemies. Make use of the blue buff to farm wild Pokemon in the enemy's side, preventing them from getting exp. and points.

When Unite Move is Ready

Sneak Attack Guide - When Unite Move is Ready.gif

Certain Unite moves are effective for setting up ganks. Having access to the Unite move makes ganking a lot easier to pull off.

Best Unite Moves for Ganking

Barrage Blow ImageBarrage Blow Fairy Singularity ImageFairy Singularity Flame Sweep ImageFlame Sweep
Gatling Gulp Missile ImageGatling Gulp Missile Hydro Pump ImageHydro Pump Phantom Ambush ImagePhantom Ambush
Seismic Slam ImageSeismic Slam Showtime! ImageShowtime! Slowbeam ImageSlowbeam

When a Lane is Struggling

Sneak Attack Guide - Struggling Lane.png

When allies from either the top or bottom lane are struggling to level up or score points because the enemy has the advantage, it is an indicator for ganking. Ganking a struggling lane helps allies to catch up with the enemy, and stabilize the lane.

When Drednaw Appears

How to Win - Defeat Drednaw.png

Currently, Drednaw is the most important objective in the game next to Zapdos. At around the 7:30, players should gank the bottom lane to secure the area around Drednaw, making it easier for the team to defeat Drednaw.

The purpose of ganking in this case is to outnumber the enemy team, discouraging them from trying to steal Drednaw.

Drednaw Buff and Spawn Time

When Zapdos Appears

Zapdos In-Game.png

Defeating Zapdos can either solidify the winning team's lead or turn the game around for the losing team. To ensure either of those scenarios, ganking the enemy when Zapdos appears or is about to spawn puts them at a disadvantage, discouraging them from trying to get Zapdos.

Use Zapdos as a Bait

Sneak Attack Guide - Use Zapdos as Bait.gif

A strategy to safely take Zapdos is to use Zapdos as a bait. Hide in the grass areas around Zapdos' area first. Wait for the enemy to engage Zapdos, letting Zapdos deal massive damage to them. When the enemy is damaged enough, go in and burst the enemy down fast, and defeat Zapdos.

Best Entrances for Ganks

Tip of the L-Shaped Grass

Sneak Attack Guide - Enter from the Tip.gif

Always enter from the upper tip of the L shaped grass. The enemy might have vision on the team when entering from the bottom.

Best Way to Enter the L Shaped Grass
1 Enter from the upper tip of the L shaped grass
2 Approach while staying within the grass
3 Get out from under the grass and ambush the enemy.

Edges of Drednaw Area

Ganking Guide - Edges of Drednaw Area.png

The area where Drednaw spawns can be used to sneak around the enemy. It is important to always stay on the edges of the bottom part of the area.

How to Sneak Around the Drednaw Area
1 Sneak Attack Guide - Drednaw Area (1).jpgStart from the bottom grass area just below your first outer goal
2 Sneak Attack Guide - Drednaw Area (2).jpgMake your way through the area by outining the edges of the 'shore'
3 Sneak Attack Guide - Drednaw Area (3).jpgHide in the grass area just below the enemy's first goal, and wait for an opening to gank

Grass Behind the Enemy's Outer Goals

Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal.png

There is a grass area just behind the enemy's outer goal that can be used to sneak around the enemy, then gank them. Pokemon with high mobility, or have some sort of invisibility are the best in this scenario.

How to Approach from Behind the Goals
1 Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal (1).jpgEnter the enemy jungle from the Zapdos area.
2.1 (Top) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Top (2).pngHide in the grass area just at the side of the entrance.
2.2 (Bot) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Bottom (2).pngHide in the grass area just at the side of the entrance.
3.1 (Top) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Top (3).pngWhen there is no nearby enemy, quickly approach the grass area behind the goal.
3.2 (Bot) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Bottom (3).pngWhen there is no nearby enemy, quickly approach the grass area behind the goal.
4.1 (Top) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Top (5).pngEnter from the opening beside the grass area, and gank the enemy
4.2 (Bot) Ganking Guide - Grass Behind Outer Goal Bottom (5).pngEnter from the opening beside the grass area, and gank the enemy

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