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General Discussion Board

This is the Game8 Online Multiplayer Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to set-up parties to play multiplayer games with in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE General Discussion Board

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500 Blaze350 22 daysReport

Sheesh It’s chaos over on the Mewtwo Tera raid board lol

499 Blaze350 25 daysReport

Kinda wish Meowscarda was coming before Mimikyu lol

498 Blaze350 25 daysReport


497 Anonymous26 daysReport

Mystical fire and draining kiss, moveset, 6 green 7 black or 6 green 6 white if you can't get to 7 black, and also choice specs, slick spoon, and wise glasses/special specs if you want to stack and x speed or attack

496 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Any tips for Sylveon? Any tips are helpful (like emblems, and items)

495 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

If you do a lot of ranked and are and in ultra zone then I’ll add you

494 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

How often do you do ranked

493 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

i sent you friend request please accept my request

492 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Ok? Still not unite related lol

491 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Its a pokemon mobile game

490 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

How is this Pokémon unite related? Lol

489 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

I think pokemon cafe remix is the only pokemon mobile games games8 doesn't have a page on.

488 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Finally Ultra!!!!

487 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Interesting… Y’s future sight pushes instead of pulls opponents

486 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Sure! I’ll be on tomorrow night probably around 6 central time so if he’s on I’ll play with him!

485 hhhalt about 1 monthReport

Would you mind doing some ranked games LilWisdomy on the unite squad? hes near master and he could really use a good mew2 player.

484 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport


483 hhhalt about 1 monthReport

mew 2 ranged boogaloo

482 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

First battle with Mewtwo Y!!

481 hhhalt about 1 monthReport

Looking for a unite squad than feel free to join theUNITEsquad! We are welcome to new and old players as long as you're active we'd love to have you!

480 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

I mean there is a report option… at least you got revenge lol

479 hhhalt about 1 monthReport

This game needs a report option for trolling. I got invited to a lobby this guy writes "you are trash" leaves, and did I mention this was because of a QUICK BATTLE! But don't worry I got revenge ha ha ha!

478 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Wait nvm just the update

477 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Sure I’ll get you

476 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Anyone else get Mewtwo Y released early??!!

475 Blissey about 1 monthReport

My name is RubMyBlissey pls add me!

474 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

Usually I see around 6

473 hhhalt about 1 monthReport

idk seems pretty low for mew2

472 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport

So many kills

471 Blaze350 about 1 monthReport


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