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This is the Game8 Online Multiplayer Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to set-up parties to play multiplayer games with in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE General Discussion Board

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533 Anonymous7 daysReport

Ho-ho pls be attacker and not defender😭

532 Teammark12 daysReport

Neither, both aren’t gonna be able to let you compete without hindering you at the higher ranks, however ttar is easy to play and relatively good at lower elo if you are fine not being that competitive

531 Anonymous22 daysReport


530 Anonymous23 daysReport

Meowscarada build: Muscle band, Attack weight, Scope lens. Night slash, Trailblaze. Full heal.

529 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Tyranitar or scizor? Which to buy?

528 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Which is better Franklin vs trevenant in Pokemon unite

527 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Which Pokemon is better Franklin vs

526 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Apparently this bug is back...whenever I get paired and press *ready* the game just sends me back to the main menu and when I press *unite battle* this shows up "This player is currently in a battle"

525 Aytheria 4 monthsReport

it’s not pokemon specific, it’s just skill level jump. I struggle in veteran

524 Aytheria 4 monthsReport

Text missing/ not displaying move names in game and now showing progress bar on Home Screen for trainer XP. I reset all settings to default, closed the game 3x, and I have not seen any other post except one with the same issue. I am on the latest version, latest switch version, and on switch lite

523 UNITE Walkthrough Team@Game84 monthsReport

Hello! Thank you for pointing this out. We've updated its info and the pages that are affected by it. We do apologize for this mistake.

522 Skinnendelg 4 monthsReport

The Ho-oh boost emblem is listed on this website as red/white. This is incorrect. It's brown/white. Is there any way to have it fixed or have them looked at? Thanks.

521 Blaze4 monthsReport

Well excuse me for not knowing

520 Blaze4 monthsReport


519 Blaze4 monthsReport

What’s a good build for meowscarda?

518 Hi5 monthsReport

Hi I main Charizard and up until expert rank it's been really easy but now I lose constantly any advice on Charizard

517 Charlotte5 monthsReport

it is pretty decent but there are mons that counter it

516 Charlotte5 monthsReport


515 Detective Ronin6 monthsReport

so what are the held items?

514 Detective Ronin6 monthsReport

So anyone has any tips on how to play Duraludon effectively? Both providing Flash Cannon and Dragon Tail effectively, I want to use it as main

513 Anonymous6 monthsReport

My personal fav Pokémon to fight with is [apk cabe rawit](https://techlarapoint.com/cabe-rawit-versi-lama/) because it’s drill peck stuns and does height burst damage

512 Anonymous6 monthsReport
509 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

…That’s um… very random

508 Pokémon Unite Cheaters7 monthsReport

I already know they were cheating. I just had to "catch 'em all." The scores don't add up, and the damage they were dealing was impossible too. ALL THESE KIDS CHEATING! I'm 33 years old, I BEEN CATCHING CHEATERS in video games for a long time now. Ppl are so naive and say, "you're just bad at the game" or "skill issue." Always being a clone, following society with this toxicity, and now I have the proof.

507 Anonymous8 monthsReport

cause the game's dead, they killed it and everyone except kids, trolls and Virgins quit

506 Blaze350 8 monthsReport

Imagine if they added Iron Hands as a Mewtwo counter that’d actually be cool

505 Anonymous9 monthsReport

My personal fav Pokémon to fight with is dodrio because it’s drill peck stuns and does height burst damage

504 Just asking rn9 monthsReport

Why are all these chats so dead?

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