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This is the Game8 Online Multiplayer Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to set-up parties to play multiplayer games with in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE General Discussion Board

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67 Sushank39 minutesReport

Bro I think you have sended me a wrong code because when I'm searching it it shows no friend to display

66 Sushank43 minutesReport

Yep!😊 Bro I need one more advice I'm practising lucario but I'm main in Zeraora , So can you suggest me One build

65 Shockelectrodonabout 4 hoursReport

sure, and i need help too so we can help. each other. im vet 3, and ill friend you when im online. here's my friend code: T4LYNKQ

64 Sushankabout 18 hoursReport

Ok bro I will buy Can you help me push to master . My Tag is (RCRY2QN) . Pls pls bro help me push 😭

63 Shockelectrodonabout 22 hoursReport

Dragonite might not come. im suggesting you buy absol, it's BROKEN with scope lens pursuit and psycho cut

62 Sushankabout 23 hoursReport

Hey bro Can you guide me that which Pokemon should I buy Absol OR Machamp ---------------OR----------------- Should I wait for the new Dragonite ??

61 Shockelectrodon2 daysReport

I now have 812 coins

60 Shockelectrodon3 daysReport

I now have 9.2k coins

59 Shockelectrodon5 daysReport

O and you forgot about the actual matches. I mean, you know, the coins that you get from matches and the aeos coin boosters and the stupid 2.1k weekly coin limit

58 Shockelectrodon5 daysReport

Well, that's nothing new, I've known that for 20 days. But thanks for trying to help me out😔 currently sitting at 7915 coins

57 Anonymous6 daysReport

Sadly, the only way to grind up coins are the daily quest and level up (if you havent lvl 40 yet). U can get coins from the energy gacha tho if u're lucky (and getting battlepass higher than the max lvl can also getting u a chance for coins)

56 Anonymous6 daysReport

Allright, thanks for the advice :)

55 Anonymous7 daysReport

ok base on you =)

54 Shockelectrodon7 daysReport

Do any of you have tips to earn coins faster? im Free to play and i want to buy some pokemon, but i'm earning coins really slowly. currently have 7k coins.

53 Anonymous8 daysReport

is there any pokemn unite squad which I can join ?? I am now in Ultra 2. Main pokemon venusaur blastoise zeroera

52 Anonymous8 daysReport

hmm interesting.. but, isn't that wigglytuff get countered hard by blissey?

51 Anonymous9 daysReport

Cinderace(be careful with zera), crustle,lucario,absol( put an eye on snorlax) and..wigglytuff or blatosite =)

50 Anonymous11 daysReport

hi, what counter comp do you guys think that can beat this comp? blissey, cinderace, zera jungle, venusaur, and blasto/snorlax do i need to use the same comp to counter it? or are there another better comp? im tired of oftenly meeting the enemy comp like those above

49 Shockelectrodon11 daysReport

i played it in practice and yes, you're absolutely right. i just wish i had lots of coins so i could buy the pokemon i want. Sigh

48 Kenny?14 daysReport

man what the ****. why these people name decidueyes best build as razor leaf and shadow sneak. Spirit shackle is with leaf storm is OP. Ur like a sub dps thats godly at stealing objectives and sniping out kills. Attack weight + Focus band + Razor claw Shackle Storm is rlly rlly broken. Ive stolen like 5 Zaps and like 10 Dreds with it. And people dont know where yopu are if u sit far away from the fight and snipe and if someone does end up close just storm and eject away.

47 Anonymous14 daysReport

its dmg is kinda eh but it has stat decreasing and insane range

46 Shockelectrodon15 daysReport

why do you think so?

45 Kenny?15 daysReport

now that i think abt it decidueye doesnt look like an attacker almost at all it looks more like itd be a support

44 Kenny?16 daysReport

u wanna do some ranked rn?

43 Shockelectrodon16 daysReport


42 Anonymous17 daysReport

i joined the unite squad my name is sheeshman423

41 Shockelectrodon17 daysReport

It was datamined that its 10k. its not guaranteed since they didn't announce it,but its mostly 10k

40 Shockelectrodon17 daysReport

Yeah now that i bought Chomping machine (my nickname for Garchomp) i know that its early game is pretty good too

39 Shockelectrodon17 daysReport

it isnt my unite squad

38 Shockelectrodon17 daysReport

O and im expert class 3 and the unite squad im in is called shock

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    • hello human beans i just started playing pokemon unite like nearly a week ago and
      i just need some friends to push to veteran rank or maybe even master rank.
      i only need some teammates that are just decent. usually main lucario or venusaur
      and i like playing bottom and sometimes center. my code is 1Q389R8 and my player name is StinkyTofu99. i usually play at 6:00-7:00 or 11:00 to 12:00 pm

    • >>[65]
      Bro I think you have sended me a wrong code because when I'm searching it it shows no friend to display

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