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General Discussion Board

This is the Game8 Online Multiplayer Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to set-up parties to play multiplayer games with in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE General Discussion Board

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434 Anonymous6 daysReport

yes im vet 2 but im level 37

433 Hellroad12 daysReport

What's your ranking if you're vet you can play with expert and ultra

432 Anonymous12 daysReport

so it was correct i checked all my teammates levels and they were all under level 20..

431 Anonymous12 daysReport

in my opinion pokemon unite just isnt fun anymore im getting paired with braindead idiots when my trainer level is 34 youd atleast think theyd give u people who were ACTUALLY good and not mindless idiots who probably just downloaded the game

430 Anonymous12 daysReport

skill issue imo

429 dawson18 daysReport

please help i usually play unite at night but currently its 8:30 and my only teammates have been bots can anyone help me?

428 Anonymous18 daysReport

as a solo player reaching ultra is mad hard lmao

427 Anonymous18 daysReport

as a cinderace main i know how to deal with em just use your damn unite and chase em down LMAO that simple

426 Anonymous18 daysReport

i agree

425 Anonymous19 daysReport

I also asked this in question board , but maybe this board can help too . After a battle, post game battle data, is there a 2nd place ,3rd place , etc. , or is it all random how each person stands behind the MVP?

424 snarkypuppy22 daysReport

I highly agree

423 Anonymous24 daysReport

I'm going to clarify this quickly, pokemon unite is NOT pay to win. I've been hearing a lot of people say how much of a pay to win game it is when it really isn't. Sure grade level 30 items are a pain to get, but in reality you only need level 20 to get the best out of it. The rest is just increasing stats. Also, you DO NOT need expensive pokemon to get good. Heck, the cheap pokemon (10000 and lower) are better in my opinion. The only things you need in this game are skill and commitment.

422 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Unite Squad is looking for New Members to join us. Currently have 3 members. Anyone and everyone is welcome!

421 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I don't know what's happening anymore. I queued into a game with 4 Ultra Ranks (Including me) and 1 Great Rank who was a Cinderace jungler. The weirdest part is that the Great was actually...good. We got all the objectives because the Cinderace tore through everyone, constantly getting pentas. After we won, I looked through the player's record and my god he/she has a 64 win streak, with 30 elims or more per game. Has anyone else been carried by a low-rank player?

420 Defilarabout 2 monthsReport

Does anyone know how to fix it by chance?

419 Defilarabout 2 monthsReport

Battle record bug So yea my battle record is bugged I use to have 1000 battles on Alolan Ninetales but not anymore now somehow that got changed my battle records for all of the pokemon is messed up it's not accurate

418 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport


417 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

does anyone know how to fix the bug in unite where it doesnt show your total battles/win rate properly for all of the pokemon you have played with?

416 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Hbt trying to re-install the app?

415 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I have been playing this game for months and really enjoy it, but since the last update my game has been excessively spamming the “would you like to allow photos” notification, and whether i click allow or dont allow, it still continues to pop up. Its making the game unplayable i cant even be in a match without being interrupted mid fight by this notification. I have checked my settings and app notifications and tried every possible change to the setting to get it to stop and it still does it.

414 My life as a player3 monthsReport

Month 1- Gets destroyed by Cinderace Pros Month 2- Finally learns to counter Cinderace Pros, just to get destroyed by Gengar Pros Month 3- Finally learns to counter Gengar Pros, just to get destroyed by Glaceon Pros Month 4- Finally learns to counter Glaceon Pros, just to get destroyed by Scizor Pros Month 5- Finally learns to counter Scizor Pros, just to get destroyed by Zoroark Pros Month 6- Finally learns to counter Zoroark Pros, just to realize Urshifu is coming

413 Anonymous3 monthsReport

As a pikachu master, I highly recommend that all pikachu mains stop using volt tackle and use thunderbolt instead (in addition to electro ball). Trust me, once you hit master, players are way smarter than the other ranks (no offense). Thunderbolt is best because it can stun players from afar which is really beneficial if your teammates were attempting to score or flee from the enemy. This is just a pro tip and suggestion that I hope future pikachu masters will take into consideration ;)

412 Blitzy3 monthsReport


411 Anonymous3 monthsReport

@Game8 can we have a vote on which holowear is the best?

410 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Has anyone else noticed, one of the current battle pass missions, "use quick chat 5 times" isn't allowing you to get all 5 that you need? I've been stuck at 4/5 and I use quick chat faithfully.

409 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Don’t ye think

408 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Greninja is the best Pokémon obviously

407 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I always lag every time I’m bout to get a kill

406 Anonymous3 monthsReport

sp defense*

405 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Im wondering if I should use a full 6atk 6def and 6spd boost emblem build with bad boost emblems or one of game8s boost emblem builds with 6atk, 4hp. Somebody please help me decide.

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