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General Discussion Board

This is the Game8 Online Multiplayer Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to set-up parties to play multiplayer games with in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE General Discussion Board

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373 Reporting a bug (Android)7 daysReport

looks like after uninstall and re-install game, then everything is fine. But I get penalty report(idle in battle)(-8) which is a funny, because the game bug, lucky I always 100 fair-play points.

372 Reporting a bug (Android)7 daysReport

1) I join normal match vs CPU 2) before game ended, I click top right score button, then close the score screen. 3) game ended with error message then auto go to main page screen without showing scoreboard. 4) try to join new battle, but "that trainer is currently in a battle" 5) no rewards 6) manually force stop game and clear cache then restart game. The game go to battle loading screen(looks like my account stuck inside battle and cannot end battle)

371 Anonymous15 daysReport

Is anyone else having issues with upgrading held items? I haven't been able to make upgrades in a while

370 Anonymous16 daysReport

same here but espeon is better than leafeon

369 Luxio_Absol17 daysReport

Yeah but it's another attacker. Unite has too many attackers jolteon or umbreon could be speedster

368 stinkytofu17 daysReport


367 stinkytofu17 daysReport

espeon is still good tho

366 stinkytofu17 daysReport

sad life

365 Luxio_Absol19 daysReport

Yeah I like umbreon too

364 NewMewtwo19 daysReport

Wish it was umbreon though they are one of my favorites

363 NewMewtwo19 daysReport

Wait really? I think it’s espeon… sounds like a Sylveon + Gardevoir copy

362 Luxio_Absol22 daysReport

Oh unite have pretty much confirmed an eeveelution is coming with their latest post

360 Rayquaza Boi25 daysReport

hellOOOOOOOO!!!!! yes, it's going to be fun seeing two eeveelutions in pokemon unite. and to make your day, me, and 2 other (awesome+) people got pokemon that we've made a concepts about. Go check them out, you can see that Endimo, me, and Luxio_Absol are working hard to make the best pokemon candidates for pokemon unite, I hope you guys enjoy the hard work we've done!

359 Luxio_Absol26 daysReport

*Espeon not DeLeon #IHateMyAuto-Correct

358 Luxio_Absol26 daysReport

Yes I'm excited, also did u know that according to dataminers DeLeon is free because on the coin price bit it said 0 but delphox's said 10000

357 ShinyMewtwo326 daysReport

hey guys! DELPHOX and ESPEON leaked, both attackers! Excited?

356 Absolitaryabout 1 monthReport

Please not be another gardevoir copy

355 Absolitaryabout 1 monthReport


354 Luxio_Absolabout 1 monthReport

I think it would be a good end game boss instead of zapdos

353 ShinyMewtwo3about 1 monthReport

who wants mewtwo in unite? i do

352 Absolitaryabout 2 monthsReport


351 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

It did it to me but unite fixed it about 2 weeks ago

350 Absolitaryabout 2 monthsReport

Magikarp breh

349 Absolitaryabout 2 monthsReport

Aw yeah blissey slap go brrrrr

348 Dexter99332about 2 monthsReport

Blissey: after I use helping, hand.... slap slap slap slap SLAP!

347 Dexter99332about 2 monthsReport

Not in the actual home screen, select the pokemon button

346 Dexter99332about 2 monthsReport

Not happening to me.. Weird. Also did you know if you press R when veiwing hoopa or Aigislash in the home menu they will change form?

345 Dexter99332about 2 monthsReport

Gyarados would be cool as speedster or attacker.

344 Absolitaryabout 2 monthsReport


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