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Meta Discussion Board

This is the Game8 Meta Discussion Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to discuss the previous, current, or future meta of the game.

Pokemon UNITE Meta Discussion Board

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  • No slander or harassment.
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85 Anonymous2 monthsReport


84 snarkypuppy3 monthsReport

Huh i see where ur getting at. Maybe use drain crown and rapid fire scarf

83 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I'd say razor leaf and shadow sneak

82 snarkypuppy4 monthsReport

whats the meta build for decidueye

81 Hellroad 5 monthsReport

Ninetail meta I'm seeing a lot of ninetails players especially crit one's

80 Anonymous 9415 monthsReport

The meta ? Maybe sableye invaded enemy jungle is common now

79 Anonymous5 monthsReport

he is helpful in ranking up, along with Mamoswine, and a few other Defender mons (Mamoswine being the best in my opinion)

78 Anonymous5 monthsReport

ay man dont be mad at the cinderace mains that stole your zapdos

77 Anonymous5 monthsReport

dawg snorlax is mad underrated i cannot tell u how many times ive used protect/heavy slam to let my teammates score

76 snarkypuppy5 monthsReport

thx man, also woudn't it be a good idea if you picked the style based on the opponents team? I do the same thing with scizor all the time

75 Anonymous5 monthsReport

In my opinion, single strike is more powerful than rapid strike. But it also depends on your playstyle.

74 snarkypuppy5 monthsReport

Also, ive been thinking bout this for a long time, which urshifu style is better? Rapid strike is fun to play, but single strike is more useful competitiveley I would love to have that thought off my mind

73 snarkypuppy5 monthsReport

Same reason why I started using Superpower and Smack Down Buzzwole, the dude can literally shove goal zone campers

72 Exrew7 monthsReport

I immediately switched from being a Greninja to Snorlax main after realizing its potential in master queue. Its endurance is exceptional, Heavy Slam can stun and do decent damage to opponents, and Block is just ridiculous considering you can push goal zone campers (we all know how annoying they are) in addition to being immune to hindrances. I boosted its mobility by using a lvl 30 float stone and maxed my yellow emblem effect. I also use razor claw and muscle band to deal good hits.

71 Blitzy7 monthsReport


70 BlitzyPK8 monthsReport

In my opinon,Scizor is decent,with middling damage but with ok sustain,though some bigg buffs are needed for it to be actually viable.

69 suki?9 monthsReport

Gengar he's fast and better in my opinion

68 Anonymous9 monthsReport

I want gengar and dodrio and mr mine mee debuff Reasons 1 gengar combos means overkill Dodrio too fast Mew solar beam op

67 Anonymous 10 monthsReport

dang it is dead

66 Iluvlucario 12 monthsReport

Wait it got nerfed

65 Board of dead12 monthsReport

THis is deaed boys

64 stinkytofuabout 1 yearReport

yeah lmao

63 NewMewtwoabout 1 yearReport

Remember when zeraora was op then it got nerfed so bad

62 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

letter l

61 Absolitaryabout 1 yearReport


60 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Same always happens to me

59 Absolitaryabout 1 yearReport

pirate style also why when my opponents use a pokemon they dominate the game but when my teammates use it their trash

58 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Yeah that would be cool but maybe just holowears for every Pokémon because it would be unfair if lucario had a pride holowear but someone like cinderace didn't

57 Absolitaryabout 1 yearReport

Ruins style lucario

56 Absolitaryabout 1 yearReport

Is rapid spin blastoise viable now? I just got destroyed by one

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