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This is the Game8 Meta Discussion Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to discuss the previous, current, or future meta of the game.

Pokemon UNITE Meta Discussion Board

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113 Charlotteabout 2 monthsReport

because your teamates probaly just tried it for the first time

112 Charlotteabout 2 monthsReport

pokemon that are tanky or are faster than zacian can beat it. Dodrio, meoscarada, umbreon, lapras and slowbro can all easily beat zacian

111 Anonymous3 monthsReport

They need to buff Garchomp's hp, defense, and sp.defense so he can be tanky instead of being squishy I'm a garchomp main so I know about it

110 Anonymous5 monthsReport

please nerf intellion.

109 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Dodrio is hell for Zacian

108 Blaze350 6 monthsReport

Attack him XD

107 Anonymous7 monthsReport

plz tell how to kill zacian

106 Anonymous7 monthsReport

well a supporter like comfey would help

105 Anonymous8 monthsReport

u can always use an attacker.

104 Blaze350 8 monthsReport

You could try like for example Urshifu and go central path then meet up at the top with her, or if you only want to go top I usually see a mix or Umbreon or Pikachu or even Mewtwo sometimes but then again it all comes down to your playstyle

103 Edward8 monthsReport

I play exclusively duo queue with my sister and her favorites are top lane stack item tsareena and top lane cramarant. This is too aggressive for me and I usually play bottom lane so I'm not close to her. But if I wanted to be up there with her, what could I use?

102 charmandys8 monthsReport

thanks for the help. I think I will go for Hoopa because I own mewtwo X and Zacian for all rounders/junglers.

101 Blaze350 8 monthsReport

Hoopa is really good at turning the tide of battle, Urshifu (single hit) is really good at just about anything though the multi-strike if kinda meh, Leafeon really good AOE unite move, Buzzwole just annoying XD

100 Blaze350 8 monthsReport

I’ll go for umbreon next then! Thanks!

99 charmandys8 monthsReport

I am unsure what Pokemon to get next. I am split between Leafeon, Buzzwole, and Urshifu. Which one should I get? At the same time I am also thinking of getting Hoopa because my only supporter is Comfey.

98 charmandys8 monthsReport

If you haven’t chosen yet, I say you go with Umbreon because Mewtwo is available and currently free, far superior when compared to Mew

97 Snarkypuppy9 monthsReport


96 Blaze350 9 monthsReport

Ok, so I’m stuck between getting Umbreon or Mew… I haven’t played Mew and played Umbreon lots of times (with the limited use). Which should I get?

95 Anonymous9 monthsReport

oh sorry wrong board

94 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Does anyone know any good mewtwo counters? Every time I run into him my team loses so any info would be appreciated

93 snarkypuppy10 monthsReport

Guys just tried tyranitar out, and im addicted to him now, very brawly, I highly recommend!!

85 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport


84 snarkypuppyabout 1 yearReport

Huh i see where ur getting at. Maybe use drain crown and rapid fire scarf

83 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

I'd say razor leaf and shadow sneak

82 snarkypuppyabout 1 yearReport

whats the meta build for decidueye

81 Hellroad about 1 yearReport

Ninetail meta I'm seeing a lot of ninetails players especially crit one's

80 Anonymous 941about 1 yearReport

The meta ? Maybe sableye invaded enemy jungle is common now

79 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

he is helpful in ranking up, along with Mamoswine, and a few other Defender mons (Mamoswine being the best in my opinion)

78 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

ay man dont be mad at the cinderace mains that stole your zapdos

77 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

dawg snorlax is mad underrated i cannot tell u how many times ive used protect/heavy slam to let my teammates score

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