Pokemon UNITE

List of Melee Pokemon (Close-Range Pokemon)

Pokemon UNITE - List of Melee Pokemon (Close-Range Pokemon)

This is a list of Pokemon who use melee (close-range) attacks for their Standard Attacks in Pokemon UNITE. Learn who each of the melee Pokemon are and how they rank on the tier list.

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Melee Pokemon Ranged Pokemon
Physical Pokemon Special Pokemon
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Sp. Def. Ranking Basic Attack Ranking

List of Melee Pokemon

Pokemon Rating Attack Type
Absol ImageAbsol S Rank Icon Physical
Aegislash ImageAegislash A Rank Icon Physical
Azumarill ImageAzumarill B Rank Icon Physical
Blaziken ImageBlaziken S Rank Icon Physical
Blissey ImageBlissey SS Rank Icon Special
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole A Rank Icon Physical
Charizard ImageCharizard B Rank Icon Physical
Clefable ImageClefable S Rank Icon Special
Crustle ImageCrustle A Rank Icon Physical
Dodrio ImageDodrio S Rank Icon Physical
Garchomp ImageGarchomp C Rank Icon Physical
Gengar ImageGengar A Rank Icon Special
Goodra ImageGoodra A Rank Icon Special
Greedent ImageGreedent B Rank Icon Physical
Gyarados ImageGyarados A Rank Icon Physical
Leafeon ImageLeafeon S Rank Icon Physical
Lucario ImageLucario A Rank Icon Physical
Machamp ImageMachamp B Rank Icon Physical
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine A Rank Icon Physical
Mega Mewtwo X ImageMega Mewtwo X S Rank Icon Physical
Meowscarada ImageMeowscarada S Rank Icon Physical
Metagross ImageMetagross A Rank Icon Physical
Mimikyu ImageMimikyu SS Rank Icon Physical
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime B Rank Icon Special
Sableye ImageSableye A Rank Icon Physical
Scizor ImageScizor A Rank Icon Physical
Snorlax ImageSnorlax A Rank Icon Physical
Talonflame ImageTalonflame B Rank Icon Physical
Trevenant ImageTrevenant S Rank Icon Physical
Tsareena ImageTsareena B Rank Icon Physical
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar A Rank Icon Physical
Umbreon ImageUmbreon SS Rank Icon Physical
Urshifu ImageUrshifu SS Rank Icon Physical
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff A Rank Icon Special
Zacian ImageZacian SS Rank Icon Physical
Zeraora ImageZeraora A Rank Icon Physical
Zoroark ImageZoroark S Rank Icon Physical

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Pokemon UNITE - AbsolAbsol Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash IconAegislash Pokemon UNITE - Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales Pokemon UNITE - Azumarill IconAzumarill
Pokemon UNITE - BlastoiseBlastoise Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken Pokemon UNITE - BlisseyBlissey Pokemon UNITE - Buzzwole IconBuzzwole
Pokemon UNITE - Chandelure IconChandelure Pokemon UNITE - CharizardCharizard Pokemon UNITE - CinderaceCinderace Pokemon UNITE - Clefable IconClefable
Pokemon UNITE - Comfey IconComfey Pokemon UNITE - CramorantCramorant Pokemon UNITE - CrustleCrustle Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye IconDecidueye
Pokemon UNITE - Delphox Icon Delphox Pokemon UNITE - Dodrio Speedster IconDodrio Pokemon UNITE - Dragapult IconDragapult Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite IconDragonite
Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon IconDuraludon Pokemon UNITE - EldegossEldegoss Pokemon UNITE - Espeon IconEspeon Pokemon UNITE - Falinks Icon (All-Rounder).pngFalinks
Pokemon UNITE - GarchompGarchomp Pokemon UNITE - GardevoirGardevoir Pokemon UNITE - GengarGengar Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon IconGlaceon
Pokemon UNITE - Goodra IconGoodra Pokemon UNITE - GreedentGreedent Pokemon UNITE - GreninjaGreninja Pokemon UNITE - Gyarados Icon.pngGyarados
Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa Pokemon UNITE - Inteleon IconInteleon Pokemon UNITE - Lapras IconLapras Pokemon UNITE - Leafeon IconLeafeon
Pokemon UNITE - LucarioLucario Pokemon UNITE - MachampMachamp Pokemon UNITE - MamoswineMamoswine Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada
Pokemon UNITE - Metagross IconMetagross Pokemon UNITE - Mew IconMew Pokemon UNITE - Mimikyu IconMimikyu Pokemon UNITE - Mr. MimeMr. Mime
Pokemon UNITE - PikachuPikachu Pokemon UNITE - Sableye IconSableye Pokemon UNITE - Scizor IconScizor Pokemon UNITE - SlowbroSlowbro
Pokemon UNITE - SnorlaxSnorlax Pokemon UNITE - SylveonSylveon Pokemon UNITE - TalonflameTalonflame Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena
Pokemon UNITE - Tyranitar IconTyranitar Pokemon UNITE - Umbreon IconUmbreon Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant Pokemon UNITE - Urshifu IconUrshifu
Pokemon UNITE - WigglytuffWigglytuff Pokemon UNITE - VenusaurVenusaur Pokemon UNITE - ZeraoraZeraora Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark

EX Pokemon List

EX Pokemon Roster
Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo X Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo Y
Pokemon UNITE - ZacianZacian Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon

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Upcoming Pokemon

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Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 19 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: May 20, 2024
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark S Tier 14.8% 72.56%
Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada S Tier 11.5% 77.43%
Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken S Tier 9.8% 75.33%
Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa S Tier 6.6% 81%
Pokemon UNITE - Scizor IconScizor S Tier 6.6% 76.50%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker All-
Supporter Defender Speedster
Pokemon UNITE - Inteleon IconInteleon Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark

Master Rank: Top Ranked Win Rates

Pokemon by Role

All Pokemon Roles
Attacker IconAttackers All-Rounder IconAll-Rounders Defender IconDefenders
Speedster IconSpeedsters Supporter IconSupporters

Pokemon by Characteristics

Attack Type
Pokemon UNITE - Melee Type Partial BannerMelee Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Ranged Type Partial BannerRanged Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Physical Type Partial BannerPhysical Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Special Type Partial BannerSpecial Pokemon
Stat Rankings
Pokemon UNITE - HP Ranking Partial BannerHP Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Defense Ranking Partial BannerDefense Ranking
Pokemon UNITE - Special Defense Ranking Partial BannerSp. Def. Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Basic Attack Ranking Partial BannerBasic Attack Ranking


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