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How to Farm Aeos Coins

This is a guide on How to Farm Coins in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more on what to do to farm more Coins in the game, what to spend on using Coins, and reasons for why you might be not getting Coins.

How to Farm Aeos Coins

Aeos Coins Checklist

Participate in Battles

Steal Aeos Energy

You can get Aeos Coins when you play battles. Quick Battles, Standard Battles, and Ranked Battles reward you with Aeos Coins after every battle. The amount you can gain varies, what determines how much you get is still unknown at the moment, but we will update our information once we find out so stay tuned!

However, keep in mind that Aeos Coins earned from battles have a limit of 2100 Aeos Coins per week, so it's not possible to farm Aeos Coins indefinitely. Eventually, players will have to wait or find other sources of Aeos Coins besides battles.

Game Modes
Standard Battle Quick Battle
Ranked Battle

Complete Event Missions


Pokemon Unite has Events that contain challenges called missions. These missions will require the player to perform specific tasks to complete them, then rewarding the player for doing so! Some of the rewards of these events are Aeos Coins, so try to do these Missions when available!

List of Events

Increase Trainer Level

Trainer level

Another way of earning a lot of coins at once is by increasing your Trainer Level. Your Trainer Level is the level of your profile. It can be increased by gaining battle points that are earned through playing matches. Each Trainer Level will reward you, but not every reward is Aeos Coins. Check out the list of rewards in our guide below!

Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

Complete the Tutorial


Completing each stage of the Tutorial also rewards you with Aeos Coins the first time you complete it. Make sure to complete all the stages of the Tutorial to get all the Aeos Coins available there.

Tutorial Desccription Coins
Tutorial (Basics 1) Learn the rules, and practice scoring goals! 800
Tutorial (Basics 2) Try a 5-on-5 team battle! 800
Tutorial (Advanced 1) Learn how to aim and cancel moves! 800
Tutorial (Advanced 2) Defeat Rotom to make your opponents' goal zones defenseless! 800
Tutorial (Advanced 3) Knock out Zapdos with your teammates, and win the battle! 800
Tutorial (Advanced 4) Learn about effects you can gain from defeating wild Pokemon! 800
Total 4800

Tutorial Missions: How to Access

Fair-Play Points Reward

Fair-Play Points reward.jpg

You can claim a 20 Aeos Coin reward everyday as long as you have 90-100 Fair-Play points, Having lower than 90 points means you are not elligible for the reward, lower than 60 and you will start receiving bans, so keep your Fair-Play points high!

Fair Play Points: How to Get and Lose

Best Ways to Farm Aeos Coins

14-Day Login Rewards

Log in Bonus
When starting out Pokemon Unite, there is a one-time Event Mission called 14-Day Welcome Gifts that will reward you the first time you log-in a day for 14 days! Try to keep logging-in everyday to get these rewards quickly.

Day Coins
1 680
7 880
Total 1560

Daily Login Rewards Guide

Complete the Beginner Challenges

Beginner Challnge

Another one-time Event that is available when starting in Pokemon Unite is the Beginner Challenge event! This event has missions that unlock every time you log in for the first time for 7-days. Some of these challenges will reward you with Aeos Coins! Below are the days and their missions that will reward you with Coins.

Day 1 Missions

Mission Reward
Complete the Advanced 1 Tutorial 400
Obtain 3 Unite Licenses 500
Participate in 4 standard battles 800
Total 1700

Day 2 Missions

Mission Reward
Score a total of 50 points 400
Deal Damage to Rotom and defeat it once, with you or one of your teammates dealing the final blow 500
Deal Damage to Zapdos and defeat it once, with you or one of your teammates dealing the final blow 800
Total 1700

Day 3 Missions

Mission Reward
Participate in 1 ranked match 400
Score three goals in a single match 500
Knock out a total of 10 opposing Pokemon 800
Total 1700

Beginner Challenge Guide

Complete Daily Missions

Daily Missions

The Daily Missions are missions that reset every day. What makes them good for farming Coins is that they will always be the same challenges with the same rewards, making them a consistent source of Coins.

MIssion Coins
Participate in 1 battle 30
Participate in 3 battle 60
Win 1 battle 50
Win 2 battles 60
Total 200

Daily Missions Guide

Buy Aeos Coin Boost

Aeos Coin Boost

You can also buy the Aeos Coin Boost Card in the shop with Aeos Tickets. With these boosts, you will be able to have an increased amount of Aeos Coins rewarded after battles! The duration of the boost depends on what boost you buy.

It's important to note that the item only doubles the amount of coins you receive each match, it does not double the weekly coin limit. Once you reach the weekly coin limit, you stop receiving coins, and your boost card no longer doubles coins. You have to wait for the weekly coin limit to reset (the following week) for the boost card to work again if the card is still active.

How to Farm Aeos Tickets

Not worth it if you play a lot

If you are someone who plays Pokemon Unite often and can play a lot of matches in a day, then this boost might not be for you. If you play often, this can lead you to hit your max Aeos Coin limit per week as you can only get up to 2100 Coins from battle. Get the boosts if you don't end up playing much, as it will allow you to hit the limit with a fewer number of battles.

Maximizing Aoes Coin Booster

If you play regularly, you would most likely get capped in 2 - 3 days, wasting your booster card, especially if you buy the 7-Day booster card. To avoid wasting booster cards, use them near the end of the week, so in case you get capped in week 1, the booster card is still in effect when week 2 starts and the Aeos Coin limit resets. This way you maximize the use of booster cards.

This trick mainly applies to the 3-Day and 7-Day booster cards.

Reasons for Not Getting Coins

You Have Reached the Aeos Cap/Limit

Coins via battling are limited to 2,100 a week.

The primary reason players may not receive coins is that they have hit the limit of 2,100 Aeos Coins per week earned from battles.

This does not affect rewards of Aeos Coins from Events, Daily Login, etc. However, the Aeos Coin Boost item will not ignore the limit, so be careful not to buy an Aeos Coin Boost right before you hit the limit.

How to Check Aeos Coin Cap

Aeos Coin limit cap

Beginning from patch there is now a way players can check how close they are to hitting the max Aeos Coin limit. After completing a battle you should be able to see a meter that shows you the Aeos Coin limit and how close you are to hitting it. At the moment this is the only way to see your Aeos Coin amount earned through battles for the week.

Update Patch Notes (August 18 Patch)

When does the Coin Cap Reset?

In a FAQ from Pokemon Support, they have confirmed that the weekly reset for the Aeos Coin limit happens every Monday at 12am UTC.

Server Reset Time Details

What to Buy with Coins

Coins is one of the easiest currency to farm for, but is also used to purchase the most important items in the game. Knowing what to prioritize when spending your coins will allow you to get the most out of them!

What to Spend Coins On

Buy Unite Licenses

Pokemon Unite License

One of the uses for Aeos Coins is to purchase Unite Licenses. Purchasing a Pokemon's Unite License will allow you to use them in Battles! The prices of the Pokemon Licenses are either 6000 / 8000 / 10000 Aeos Coins depending on the Pokemon.

How to Get Unite Licenses

Buy Held Items

Held Items

Another use of the Aeos Coins is to buy the Held Items. This is one of the main uses of the Aeos Coins since Held Items are a crucial factor in battles.

Do not buy the Beginner Challenge items

There are few Held Items you can obtain for free through the Beginner Challenge. Buying an Item from the list below you will be refunded Aeos Tickets instead of Coins when you receive them from the Beginner Challenge.

Wise GlassesWise Glasses Scope LensScope Lens Assault VestAssault Vest
Muscle BandMuscle Band Exp. ShareExp. Share Shell BellShell Bell

List of Held Items

What are Aeos Coins?

Buy Items at Shop
Aeos Coins is one of the currencies available in Pokemon Unite. It is one of the currencies that can be obtained without having to spend any money. You can use it to purchase Pokemon Licenses and Held Items.

Other Currencies How to Get
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket Aeos Coins can be obtained by increasing Trainer Level, and as rewards for events and missions.
Aeos GemAeos Gem Aeos Gems can be obtained through playing matches, participating in events, or paying real money.

In-Game Purchases Guide and Price List

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