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This is a guide on How to Farm Coins in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more what to do to farm more Coins in the game, and reasons for why you might be not getting Coins.

How to Farm Aeos Coins

Aeos Coins Checklist
Checkmark.pngPlay Battles
Checkmark.pngComplete Missions
Checkmark.pngParticipate in Events
Checkmark.pngIncrease Trainer Level
Checkmark.pngComplete the Tutorial

Play Battles

Steal Aeos Energy.jpg
You can get Aeos Coins when you play battles. Both Quick Battles and Standard Battles reward you with Aeos Coins after every battle.

However, keep in mind that Aeos Coins earned from battles have a limit of 2100 Aeos Coins per week, so it's not possible to farm Aeos Coins indefinitely. Eventually, players will have to wait for new events to gain more Aeos Coins.

Complete Missions

You can get Aeos Coins as Mission Rewards when you complete the objectives of some Missions. Some missions are timed, so be sure to complete them as soon as you can.

Participate in Events

Occasionally, there will be Special Events that will be available in Pokemon UNITE. When these Events happen you should participate in them to gain more Aeos Coins.

Increase Trainer Level

Trainer rewards Screen.png
Aeos Coins are also added as rewards when you increase your Trainer Level. Increasing your Trainer Level can also be a way to farm Aeos Coins.

Complete the Tutorial

Completing each stage of the Tutorial also rewards you with Aeos Coins. Make sure to complete all the stages of the Tutorial to get all the Aeos Coins available there.

Best Ways to Farm Aeos Coins

Login Rewards

Login Rewards.png
One method to consistently gain Aeos Coins is to get them from the Login Rewards. Knowing this, you should login daily to get the rewards and make it progress.

Buy Aeos Coin Boost

Aeos Coin Boost.png
You can also buy the Aeos Coin Boost in the shop so you get more Aeos Coins per battle. Having this active all the time will greatly increase the number of Aeos Coins you gain.

That said, Aeos Coins are still limited by the 2100 coin a week limit, so this is not an effective strategy if you plan on playing many battles either way.

What are Aeos Coins?

Buy Items at Shop.jpeg
Aeos Coins are one of the currencies available in the game Pokemon UNITE. You can use your Aeos Coins in the Shop to purchase things such as Pokemon Licenses and Held Items.

In-Game Purchases Guide and Price List

What to Spend Coins On

Buy Unite Licenses

One use of the Aeos Coins is to buy Unite Licenses in the Shop so you can use them any time when you play Battles. The prices of the Pokemon Licenses are either 6000 / 8000 / 10000 Aeos Coins depending on the Pokemon itself.

How to Get Unite Licenses

Buy Held Items

Held Item Shop.png
Another use of the Aeos Coins is to buy the Held Items. This is one of the main uses of the Aeos Coins since Held Items are a crucial factor in battles.

List of Held Items

Reasons for Not Getting Coins

Hit the Aeos Coin Limit

Coins via battling are limited to 2,100 a week.

The primary reason players may not receive coins is that they have hit the limit of 2,100 Aeos Coins per week earned from battles.

This does not affect rewards of Aeos Coins from Events, Daily Login, etc. However, the Aeos Coin Boost item will not ignore the limit, so be careful not to buy an Aeos Coin Boost right before you hit the limit.

Can You Check the Aeos Coin Limit?

There is no way to know how close you are to hitting the limit directly, so players will have to simply estimate how many Aeos Coins they have already obtained that week.

When does the Coin Limit Reset?

The exact Reset Time for the Aeos Coin limit has not been determined, but it's likely that it lines up with the server reset time of 5 PM PST. It's not clear whether the “week” refers to a calendar week, is specifically tied to the player, or starts and ends on a specific day, so we will add this information when it is known.

Server Reset Time Details

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Aeos Coins.pngHow to Farm Aeos Coins

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