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Welcome to Game8's Pokemon UNITE message boards page. If you would like to discuss topics related to Pokemon UNITE, choose a board from the list of message boards below!

List of Message Boards

General Discussion Board

Pokemon UNITE - General Discussion Board

The General Discussion Board is for players to discuss general topics about the game as well as set up lobbies in Pokemon UNITE.

General Discussion Board

Friend Request Board

Pokemon UNITE - Friend Request Board

The Friend Request Board is for submitting your Player ID to make new in-game friends to play with and for other players to add you and play with you.

Friend Request Board

Meta Discussion Board

Pokemon UNITE - Meta Discussion Board

This Meta Discussion Board is for discussing the meta in general of the game Pokemon UNITE. You can discuss the previous, current, or future meta of the game.

Meta Discussion Board

Questions Board

Pokemon UNITE - Questions Board

The Questions Board is for asking questions and getting advice from other players. If another player can answer your question, do not forget to thank them for the advice!

Questions Board

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