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Top Lane Guide: How to Play Top

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This is a guide to the Top Lane of Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play Top Lane, the best Pokemon for the Top Lane, the list of all Wild Pokemon in the Top Lane, and more!

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How to Play Top Lane

Basic Top Lane Strategy
10:00~9:40 • Defeat the Bunnelby camps along the lane while moving up to the first goal zone.
• Ignore the Xatu in the Jungle Area.
9:40~8:50 • Contest the extra Baltoy near the Jungle entrance and the Bunnelby at the center-top of the lane for EXP.
• Capture or steal all Wild Pokemon in the area.
8:50~7:20 • Take the Altaria and Swablu camp in the center of the lane.
• Attack advancing enemies if they over extend.
• Score points if possible.
• Do not stay near the enemy Goal Zone for too long.
7:20~7:00 • At least one ally will rotate to the Bottom Lane to help secure the Regi variant there, and the rest will stay to defend.
7:00~3:00 • Help teammates take Regirock, Registeel, or Regice.
• Rotate to the Top Lane to capture Regieleki.
• Push the lane with Regieleki and score points when it disables a goal zone.
• Keep taking objectives, defend goals, and hunt targets.
3:00~2:00 • Accumulate EXP and level up your Pokemon as high as possible.
• Reserve Unite Move for Rayquaza when near the final stretch.
2:00~ • Take Rayquaza.
• Score as many points as possible before the match ends
• Defend goal zones.

Pick Top Path Before the Battle

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Prep Top Lane.png

Before the start of the match, it is highly recommended that you pick the Top Path using the Battle Prep. Though not required, this will surely help in relaying your intention and prevent a lane from getting cluttered.

Capture All Wild Pokemon Spawns

9:40 9:20 8:50

It is important that your team captures the extra Baltoy near the entrance of the Jungle area, the Bunnelby at center of the lane, and the Altaria and Swablu camp when they spawn. The extra EXP you get will be a huge advantage moving forward.

Since the opponent will surely be doing the same strategy, contesting these camps will always be a battle. Make sure to focus down on the Wild Pokemon and get the final hit.

Score Goals Only When There is an Opening

Though it might be tempting to push head-on towards enemy players and engage in epic combat, top-lane players should play it safe and not overextend. Compared to the Bottom Lane, the top lane is played methodically, and will rely on managing your Pokemon's level and accumulated points. One wrong move could knock you down and make you lose all your Aeos Energy and leave your goals defenseless.

Wait For a Gank Before Pushing

Top Lane is quiet for the early parts of the game since the main focus is taking out Wild Pokemon and storing Aeos Energy. This means that the top lane will be at a stalemate for the early stages of the game. To break the stalemate, you can wait for your allied Jungler or any teammate and set up for a gank. Once the Jungler is in position, you can initiate a fight and potentially take out your opponents, breaking the stalemate.

Transition to Bottom Lane for the Objective

Regieleki, and Regice or Regirock or Registeel will both spawn at the 7:00 minute mark. Even if Regieleki is the closer objective, the Regi at the bottom lane should be prioritized over it because of the better reward. You can have one Top Lane player transition down to the Bottom lane to help capture the Regi variant there, while the remaining Top Lane players defend the Goal Zones.

Objectives Guide

Defeat Regieleki to Apply Lane Pressure

Defeating Regieleki allows you to apply heavy pressure on the top lane by gaining extra pushing power and rendering enemy goal zones defenseless, making it vital for an early lead in the match. Compared to the Regi variant at the bottom lane, Regieleki has relatively low HP and can be defeated by Top Lane Pokemon without needing reinforcements.

Regieleki Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Best Top Lane Pokemon

Pokemon With High DPS

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Attacker Top
• Freeze status effect keeps opponents at bay.
Aurora Veil's damage reduction and HP recovery is excellent for holding the lane.
Cramorant ImageCramorant Attacker Top / Bot
Hurricane provides ranged crowd control.
Gatling Gulp is great for both defending and pushing Goal Zones.
• Can easily steal Wild Pokemon with Surf
Pikachu ImagePikachu Attacker Top / Jungle
• Pick off over extending enemies during the early game with Electroweb.
• High damage output in the early game means easy knock downs
Mew ImageMew Attacker Top / Bot
• Easy farming and sniping with Solar Beam
• Can stop opponents from scoring with Surf.

The top lane should have a Pokemon with high single target damage to help farm wild Pokemon and level up faster. Attackers will provide additional damage to help its lane partner get EXP efficiently.

Pokemon With High Endurance

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Blastoise ImageBlastoise Defender Top / Bot
Rapid Spin easily dominates lanes with its AoE damage and crowd control.
• Excels in both defensive and offensive plays with Hydro Typhoon.
• Steal wild Pokemon with Hydro Pump.
Crustle ImageCrustle Defender Top
• High durability and easy to defend Goal Zones with Stealth Rock.
• Can knock back enemies and trap them with Rock Tomb.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Defender Top / Bot
• Hard to take down, especially during a Power Nap.
• Can cover ground quickly while also dealing high damage with Power-Up Punch or Extreme Speed.
Lucario ImageLucario All-Rounder Any
• Has high early game survivability with Steadfast.
• Excellent critical rate and damage for ganking opponents

A Pokemon with High Endurance will help push or defend Goal Zones longer. Using an All-Rounder or a Defender Pokemon is ideal for effectively preventing the enemy to score. It will also help with the Regieleki fight later on as they can soak most of the damage.

Great for Bottom Lane Objective

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Cinderace ImageCinderace Attacker Top
Pyro Ball can steal objective from afar.
• Superb auto attack speed and range.
Greninja ImageGreninja Attacker Any
Water Shuriken or Surf is great for bursting down opponents or objectives.
• Highly mobile for an Attacker.

Cinderace and Greninja are perfect for transitioning to the Bottom Lane when Regice (or Regirock or Registeel) spawns. They can help provide additional offense when contesting the objectives as well as pushing the bottom lane once captured.

List of Best Top Laners

Pokemon Rating
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole 5 Stars.png
Goodra ImageGoodra 5 Stars.png
Metagross ImageMetagross 5 Stars.png
Mimikyu ImageMimikyu 5 Stars.png
Delphox ImageDelphox 5 Stars.png
Pikachu ImagePikachu 5 Stars.png
Snorlax ImageSnorlax 5 Stars.png
Crustle ImageCrustle 5 Stars.png
Lucario ImageLucario 5 Stars.png
Venusaur ImageVenusaur 5 Stars.png
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales 5 Stars.png
Cramorant ImageCramorant 5 Stars.png
Blastoise ImageBlastoise 5 Stars.png
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir 5 Stars.png
Lapras ImageLapras 5 Stars.png
Gyarados ImageGyarados 5 Stars.png
Sylveon ImageSylveon 5 Stars.png
Mew ImageMew 5 Stars.png
Miraidon ImageMiraidon 5 Stars.png
Espeon ImageEspeon 4 Stars.png
Chandelure ImageChandelure 4 Stars.png
Blissey ImageBlissey 4 Stars.png
Charizard ImageCharizard 4 Stars.png
Greninja ImageGreninja 4 Stars.png
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss 4 Stars.png
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime 4 Stars.png
Slowbro ImageSlowbro 4 Stars.png
Machamp ImageMachamp 4 Stars.png
Cinderace ImageCinderace 4 Stars.png
Aegislash ImageAegislash 4 Stars.png
Greedent ImageGreedent 4 Stars.png
Tsareena ImageTsareena 4 Stars.png
Umbreon ImageUmbreon 4 Stars.png
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine 4 Stars.png
Clefable ImageClefable 4 Stars.png
Dodrio ImageDodrio 4 Stars.png
Sableye ImageSableye 4 Stars.png
Scizor ImageScizor 4 Stars.png
Hoopa ImageHoopa 4 Stars.png
Trevenant ImageTrevenant 4 Stars.png
Duraludon ImageDuraludon 4 Stars.png
Mega Mewtwo X ImageMega Mewtwo X 4 Stars.png
Mega Mewtwo Y ImageMega Mewtwo Y 4 Stars.png

Wild Pokemon in Top Lane

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
AudinoAudino Points Earned: 5 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:40
Respawn Timer: 1:00
CorphishCorphish Points Earned: 3 - 4
Spawn Timer: 8:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
AipomAipom Points Earned: 2 - 5
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
AmbipomAmbipom Points Earned: 7
Spawn Timer: 2:00
Respawn Timer: 1:00
BunnelbyBunnelby Points Earned: 2 / 5
Spawn Timer: In-Lane Bunnelby: at Game Start
Aggressive Bunnelby: 9:40
Respawn Timer: Aggressive Only: 1:00
BaltoyBaltoy Points Earned: 2
Spawn Timer: 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:00 / 8:40
Respawn Timer: 1:00
SwabluSwablu Points Earned: 2 / 3
Spawn Timer: Top & Bot:
8:50, 7:20, 5:50, 4:20, 2:50, 1:20
Jungle: 8:00
Respawn Timer: Jungle Only: 90 seconds
AltariaAltaria Points Earned: 4 / 6
Spawn Timer: Top & Bot:
8:50, 7:20, 5:50, 4:20, 2:50, 1:20
Jungle: 8:00
Respawn Timer: Jungle Only: 90 seconds
DiggersbyDiggersby Points Earned: 2 / 7
Spawn Timer: 2:00
Respawn Timer: N/A
NatuNatu Points Earned: 1 / 2
Spawn Timer: 9:40 / 8:40 / 7:40 / 6:40 / 5:40 / 4:40 / 3:40 / 2:40 / 1:40
Respawn Timer: Will always respawn at fixed intervals. Will stop spawning if either Top Goal Zone is destroyed.
IndeedeeIndeedee Points Earned: 5 / 7
Spawn Timer: 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:15
Respawn Timer: 1:00

Unlike wild Pokemon found in the Jungle, wild Pokemon found along both top and bottom Lanes do not offer any buffs when defeated.

List of Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
RotomRotom Points Earned: 20
Spawn Timer: 7:00
Respawn Timer: 2:00
RegielekiRegieleki Points Earned: 20
Spawn Timer: 7:00
Respawn Timer: 3:00

Regieleki will spawn at the center part of the top lane at the 7-minute mark. Not only does Regieleki fight the opposing team when you defeat it, but the enemy goal will also be charged for 24 seconds when Regieleki reaches it, making it easier to destroy the enemy goal and gain points!

Regieleki Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Pokemon UNITE's Top Lane

What is the Top Lane?

Pokemon UNITE - Lanes.png

The Top Lane in Pokemon UNITE refers to the path located at the top part of Theia Sky Ruins or Remoat Stadium. It has two (2) Goal Zones present for both teams.

Top Lane Objectives

Top lane battles consist of accumulating experience and Aeos Energy as fast as possible, then eventually scoring massive points with the use of Regieleki. Since the top lane has slightly fewer wild Pokemon spawns compared to the bottom lane, it is important to focus on defeating every wild Pokemon you come across - even wild Pokemon on the enemy's side to steal Aeos energy. The flow of a match is often dictated by how the top lane can consistently take or maintain a score advantage.

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All Lane and Playstyle Roles

All Lane and Playstyle Roles

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Playstyle Roles
Venusaur.pngAttacker Blastoise.pngDefender Blastoise.pngAll-Rounder
Gengar.pngSpeedster Blissey.pngSupport


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