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This is a guide to the top lane of Aeos Island in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the Remoat Stadium's Top Lane, best Pokemon to use for the Top Lane, How to play Top Lane, and more!

Pokemon UNITE's Top Lane

What is the Top Lane?

The Top Lane in Pokemon Unite refers to the path located at the top part of Remoat Stadium. It has 2 Goal Zones present for both teams. However, the Top Lane does not have a beach area, making it smaller compared to the Bottom Lane.

Top Lane Objectives

Top Lane Objectives.png
Top Lane battles consist of accumulating experience and Aeos Energy as fast as possible, then eventually scoring massive points with the use of Rotom. Since the top lane has slightly less wild Pokemon spawns compared to the bottom lane, it is important to focus on defeating every wild Pokemon you come across - even wild Pokemon on the enemy's side to steal Aeos energy. The flow of a match is often dictated on how top lane can consistently take or maintain a score advantage.

Wild Pokemon in Top Lane

List of Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon

Unlike wild Pokemon found in the Jungle, wild Pokemon found along both Top and Bottom Lanes do not offer any buffs when defeated.

Pokemon Description
AipomAipom Points Earned: 2 - 5
Exp. Given: 12 for Aipom with 2 Pokeball and 20 for Aipom with 5 Pokeball
Early on, Aipom has low points to give. It will not appear in the remaining 2 minutes.
AudinoAudino Points Earned: 5 - 7
Exp. Given: 35
Appears first at the center of the top and bottom. When the goal is destroyed, it appears in the lane of the destroyed goal.
CombeeCombee Points Earned: 2 - 3
Exp. Given: 13
Three Combees appear with Vespiquen. Respawns at the destroyed goal.
VespiquenVespiquen Points Earned: 4 - 6
Exp. Given: 40
Appears with three Combees. Respawns at the destroyed goal.

Boss Pokemon

Rotom will spawn at the center part of the top lane in the 7-minute mark. Not only does Rotom fight the opposing team when you defeat it, the enemy goal will also be charged for 15 seconds when Rotom reaches it, making it easier to destroy the enemy goal and gain points!

Pokemon Description
RotomRotom Points Earned: 20
Exp. Given: 55
Rotom heads towards an enemy goal and aid the allied team in capturing it. Enables faster charging time.

Rotom Guide

Best Pokemon for Top Lane

Top Lane Pokemon

All-Rounder or Defender Pokemon
Charizard ImageCharizard Crustle ImageCrustle Garchomp ImageGarchomp
Machamp ImageMachamp Slowbro ImageSlowbro Snorlax ImageSnorlax

A Pokemon with High Endurance will help push or defend goals longer. Using an All-Rounder or a Defender Pokemon is ideal for the Rotom fight later on as they can soak up more damage.

Top Lane Support Pokemon

Attacker or Supporter Pokemon
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Cinderace ImageCinderace Cramorant ImageCramorant
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Pikachu ImagePikachu Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime

The Top Lane Pokemon should be accompanied by a Pokemon with high single target damage so they can defeat wild Pokemon and level up faster. The Attacker Pokemon will provide additional damage for quick Aeos Energy farming and score goals. Alternatively, the Supporter Pokemon will provide healing abilities or buffs when needed.

How to Play Top Lane

Defeat Rotom for an Early Lead

Top Lane Rotom Strategy.png
Defeating Rotom is vital for an early lead in the match. Compared to Drednaw at the bottom lane, Rotom has relatively low HP and can be defeated by Top Lane Pokemon without needing reinforcements.

Since Rotom is a high priority target for Top Lane players, the top objective will always be contested. You can use this to your advantage by ambushing the enemy team and defeating them while their HP is low. Be careful, though, the enemy might do this to your team too!

Boss Pokemon Guide

Be Patient

Though it might be tempting to push head on towards enemy players and engage in epic combat, Top Lane players should play it safe and not overextend their reach. Compared to the Bottom Lane, the top lane is played methodically, and will rely on managing your Pokemon's level and accumulated points. One wrong move could knock you down and make you lose all your Aeos Energy and delaying precious time.

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