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Friend Request Board

This is the Game8 Friend Request Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to submit you Trainer ID code and add new in-game friends to play with.

Pokemon UNITE Friend Request Board

Friend Request Board Rules

  • Post your Friend Code in the board and find friends in Pokemon UNITE. You may check on how to add Friends here.
  • You may either post a screenshot of your Trainer ID code or type it in directly.
  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander or harassment.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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494 IDunno1 dayReport

A bit late, but could I join? I’m relatively new to masters, but I play Snorlax, Eldegoss and Dragonite decently well. My trainer code is KTRH0GF and my discord is IDunno#2708 (y’know, just in case).

493 MrMplayz 3 daysReport

My in game name is MrMplayz I am a talon flame and mr.mime player and greninja player

492 Anonymous4 daysReport


491 Stargazer8884 daysReport

Username: Stargazer888 ID: 3L3MP28 Pokemon: Tsareena, Charizard, Greninja, Crustle Discord: Stargazer888#1063 Veteran looking to play ranked matches without encountering idiots. Have added a few of y'all in this message board already.

490 Anonymous4 daysReport

Hello Everyone I am looking for a player who is very very good with Lucario extreme speed i want to learn how to play extreme speed if anyone know how to use please help me learn it my trainer id is - 9T8LXMC i'm currently Master 1624

489 Raze6 daysReport

IGN: MegaBuns ID: 46C3672 Rank: Expert 3 Pokemon: Venusaur, Lucario, and Tsareena Feel free to add me and I hope to team up with you soon. Let's aim to win!

488 ShelleosShocker6 daysReport

Hello im looking for for friends in Pokemon unite im Veteran 4 im trying to get to ultra or master before the season ends but i keep getting garbage teammates that steal my jungle even if they say there going bottom lane im also want to join a squad my name in pokemon unite is Shellshocker

487 Nilinac6 daysReport

Hello! Looking for friends and a squad to progress in ranked. I’m also up for standard and quick battles. My current main is Sylveon but I also enjoy playing Blissey, Wigglytuff, Dragonite and Crustle. Feel free to send me a friend request! ☺️ Time zone: UTC +01:00 (Stockholm) Mainly active on evenings and weekends Current rank: Expert: Class 3

486 NekoVamp6 daysReport

I'm looking for people that can help me reach higher ranks My username is NekoVamp and my friend ID is KHX1T50 I main Sylveon but also play Pikachu, Mamoswine, Zeraora and Cinderace (Those at the top of my head but willing to learn more of them to be more efficient) I also have a Unite Squad called Pikapaloza My Discord is TheIntrovertedNeko#2490 if anyone is interested

485 New mewtwo7 daysReport

Yeah I swear the teammates get worse and worse I have had people steal the central area from me even if they said they’ll go to the top path

484 New mewtwo7 daysReport

I’ll friend u. Do u play genshin impact? (I know it’s off topic) I do. We can talk on game8s genshin page

483 New mewtwo7 daysReport

Report My UID: X9C26NP My username: TheNewMewtwo I main Absol (I am very good at it and average 10-13 kills per match) but I also play Lucario, Snorlax, and Cinderace. I take the central area if Absol but I usually go to the bottom path. Veteran rank 2, for ultra or master I get drednaw always first legendary I have a unite squad called the newmews2 if you want to join I NEED DEPENDABLE TEAMMATES WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT PLAYING AND WANT TO HAVE FUN.

482 E11lie8 daysReport

@Linkydinky I'm willing to play some ranked matches, I'm ranked ultra right now and I'm stuck because of my garbage teammates. Friend Code: 23ENA12 Discord: ✧~Paimon~✧#4489

481 Anonymous8 daysReport

if ur lower ranked than ultra i think u lose some of it at the end of the season btw

480 Linkydinky8 daysReport

Looking for friends to do ranked matches with! I'm currently veteran class 5. I mainly play sylveon and blissey. My friend code is HQ6H898 ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

479 Anonymous8 daysReport

I added u! my user is linkydinky

478 E11lie8 daysReport

@JD Dark I changed my discord! Please, my username is now ✧~Paimon~✧#4489

477 JD Dark9 daysReport

tried adding you but discord is either off or ♡~~♡ isn't part of user or something is different then you put

476 E11lie9 daysReport

@TheRealGalaxyCraft I'll add you, I'll play Cramorant and Blissey most of the time!

475 TheRealGalaxyCraft10 daysReport

Name:RealGalaxy1 Friend Code:1NL0GEK Main Pokemon:Zeraora And Absol Rank:Great Class 2 Looking for players skiled and serious players that can help me advance in ranked battles because I always get teammates that can't play the game Also looking for people that are skilled with the following pokemon:Alolan Ninetales,Blissey,Charizard,Cramorant,Decidueye,Eldegoss,Gardevoir,Vensaur and Wigglytuff(Go well with both Zeraora and Absol you don't have to be skilled with these)

474 ShellShocker10 daysReport


473 E11lie11 daysReport

Hi everyone, I'm E11lie. I'm looking for people to help me climb the ranks. I'm ranked Ultra 1 right now, and I keep getting garbage teammates or HTDW enemies. (HTDW: Hard To Deal With) My discord is: ♡~Ellie~♡#4489 My Unite Code is: 23ENA12

472 Anonymous12 daysReport

My name in Pokémon unite is ShellShocker I main greninja but im good with anyone please join my unite squad Scooringdragons

471 Sushank12 daysReport

No problem

470 Anonymous13 daysReport


469 Anonymous13 daysReport

Join my Unite squad

468 stinkytofu13 daysReport

i can’t play at 10:00 pm IST (8:30 am PST) sorry, i have class at that time

467 stinkytofu13 daysReport

i’m close to veteran, but i haven’t played for a few days in a row because i have a packed schedule right now.

466 Sushank13 daysReport

Or can you play on 10:00 pm IST with me

465 Sushank13 daysReport

Did you pushed to veteran bro , I am asking because if you have pushed to veteran you can get season rewards of it like me I have pushed to ultra and I am playing standard matches so I don't get dropped and when the next season starts I will push to master😃 IT'S MY STRATEGY TO PUSH MASTER

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    • >>[457]
      A bit late, but could I join? I’m relatively new to masters, but I play Snorlax, Eldegoss and Dragonite decently well. My trainer code is KTRH0GF and my discord is IDunno#2708 (y’know, just in case).

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      Cuz it isn't good and that's what many people think. It also takes his only mobility move he has

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