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This is a guide on canceling moves in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to cancel moves, and when the best time to cancel moves is.

How to Cancel Moves

Press the B Button when Targeting

Cancel Move.png
To cancel a move, simply press the B button before releasing the R button.

Cannot Cancel After Releasing

Greninja Move.gif
When the player releases the attack button, the attack's animation will begin and the move can no longer be cancelled. Be sure to hold the button without releasing it to prepare a move, so that you have time to cancel if needed. When a move is successfully cancelled, the move's targeting area will turn red as shown above.

Depends on Move Type

Each move has a target type determines how the move is performed. Moves like Pikachu's Electro Ball requires a unit to target, while moves like Machamp's Submission is instantly activated once players release the button assigned to it. This means that certain moves are harder to pull off than others, prompting players to cancel the harder ones to avoid wasting moves.

Target Types
Type Examples
Moves that is instantly activated one players releases the button assign to it.
Submission Submission
Feint Feint
Shell Smash Shell Smash
Moves that shoots a projectile or propells Pokemon in certain direction and angle.
Volt Switch Volt Switch
Solar Beam Solar Beam
Dig Dig
Point Target
Moves that can be targeted at any point on the ground.
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb
Waterburst Shuriken Waterburst Shuriken
Unit Target
Moves that require a unit to target.
Peck Peck
Guard Swap Guard Swap
Sucker Punch Sucker Punch

Moves Can Be Interrupted

Charizard Lv 7 Move 2.jpg
Moves that inflict certain status effects, such as Charizard's Fire Punch that knock targets back or Machamp's Submission that stuns targets, can interrupt specific moves even in the middle of performing it. However, the window for this to occur is small.

When to Cancel Moves

Best Timings to Cancel Moves
Check When running away from enemies.
Check When on low HP.
Check When hiding inside grass.
Check When using basic attacks instead of moves.
Check When the unit target is too far.
Check When the enemy has certain status effects.
Check When trying to score goals.

When Running Away From Enemies

When Running Away.png
Players should cancel moves if they are trying to escape enemies. Holding down the move's assigned button can be distracting for players while fleeing, making it easier for the enemy to catch up.

When On Low HP

When Low HP.png
Players can try to outplay the enemy and turn things around even with low HP. However, it is still best to cancel moves and focus on healing up by picking up Yellow Berries, staying inside allied goals, or going back to base.
List of Berries and Effects

When Hiding Inside Grass

When Hiding in Grass.png
Generally, players who are hiding inside grass do not want to reveal themselves by casting a move, especially when attempting to ambush. Similar to when fleeing, it can be distracting to players when holding down the move's button while hiding.
Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

When Using Basic Attacks Instead of Moves

Sometimes players can get excited when they know an enemy is about to die, compelling them to spam moves. In this scenario, it is best to use basic attacks to kill an enemy, assuming they are in attack range, and cancel moves to save them for more important scenarios.

Basic attacks have special effects depending on the Pokemon. Players should understand how such special effects work, and utilize it during battles.
List of Pokemon and Builds

When the Unit Target is Too Far

Players should cancel moves if the target is out of the move's range, whether the target is an ally or an enemy. They should try to catch up first until the target is within the range so the move won't get wasted. This is most relevant to unit target moves. However, moves that are labeled Dash is an exception because they can be used to close the gap between the Pokemon and the target.

When the Enemy Has Certain Status Effects


There are status effects like Unstoppable and Invulnerable that makes certain moves useless against the Pokemon with these status effects. It is best to cancel moves when the enemy Pokemon has these status effects. Players should wait until these status effects are gone before casting moves.

Knowing all the status effects and how they work is crucial in playing Pokemon UNITE.
List of Status Effects: Buffs and Debuffs

When Trying to Score Goals

When Scoring Goals.png
It is hard to score goals while players are holding down a move's button. It is best to cancel moves first before scoring goals.
Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

How to Practice Canceling Moves

Complete the Tutorial (Advance 1)

Tutorial (Advance 1).png
It is hard to cancel moves in Pokemon UNITE. Players need good finger coordination, and a lot of time to master it. There is a tutorial named Tutorial (Advance 1) available that players can complete to help them understand how the cancel move game mechanic works. Players can always repeat the tutorial even after it is completed.

How to Play Tutorials
1 In the main menu screen, press the X button to open a menu, then select Practice.
2 Select Tutorials
3 Select Tutorial (Advance 1).
4 When prompted, select Yes to begin tutorial.

Practice At the Practice Area

Practice Area
Players can pratice canceling moves in the Practice Area using various Pokemon and their moves. This is a great way to master canceling a variety of different moves.
How to Use the Training Mode (Practice Area)

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