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X Speed Effect and How to Get

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This page is about the Battle Item X Speed in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the Battle Item's effects and how to get them in the game!

X Speed Latest Buffs and Nerfs (11/10)

November 10 Patch Notes (11/10)

X Speed.pngX Speed Increased the movement speed increase effect.

X Speed Changes Increased the movement speed increase effect.

X Speed Stats and Effect

X Speed.pngX Speed
Battle Item
Tier Ranking
S Rank.png
Increases your Pokemon's Speed for 5 seconds. Your Pokemon's movement speed will not be able to decrease while this item is in effect.

Battle Item Tier List: Best Items to Use

Effect Lasts for 5 Seconds

X Speed grants your Pokemon enhanced Movement Speed and immunity to slowing effects for 5 seconds. Other forms of status ailments can still affect you even when X Speed is active.

How to Get X Speed

Obtain by Increasing Trainer Level

Trainer Level Unlocked at Level 8

Trainer Level: How to Raise Fast

Best Pokemon for X Speed

Absol.jpgAbsol Aegislash.jpgAegislash Azumarill.jpgAzumarill
Blastoise.jpgBlastoise Blaziken.jpgBlaziken Blissey.jpgBlissey
Buzzwole.jpgBuzzwole Chandelure.jpgChandelure Charizard.jpgCharizard
Cinderace.jpgCinderace Clefable.jpgClefable Cramorant.jpgCramorant
Crustle.jpgCrustle Decidueye.jpgDecidueye Delphox.jpgDelphox
Dodrio.jpgDodrio Dragapult.jpgDragapult Duraludon.jpgDuraludon
Eldegoss.jpgEldegoss Espeon.jpgEspeon Garchomp.jpgGarchomp
Gengar.jpgGengar Glaceon.jpgGlaceon Goodra.jpgGoodra
Greedent.jpgGreedent Gyarados.jpgGyarados Hoopa.jpgHoopa
Inteleon.jpgInteleon Lapras.jpgLapras Leafeon.jpgLeafeon
Lucario.jpgLucario Mamoswine.jpgMamoswine Mega Mewtwo X.jpgMega Mewtwo X
Meowscarada.jpgMeowscarada Metagross.jpgMetagross Mew.jpgMew
Mimikyu.jpgMimikyu Miraidon.jpgMiraidon Mr. Mime.jpgMr. Mime
Pikachu.jpgPikachu Sableye.jpgSableye Scizor.jpgScizor
Snorlax.jpgSnorlax Sylveon.jpgSylveon Talonflame.jpgTalonflame
Trevenant.jpgTrevenant Tsareena.jpgTsareena Tyranitar.jpgTyranitar
Umbreon.jpgUmbreon Urshifu.jpgUrshifu Venusaur.jpgVenusaur
Wigglytuff.jpgWigglytuff Zacian.jpgZacian Zoroark.jpgZoroark

When to Use X Speed

Pursuing Your Enemies

Use X Speed if you need the extra movement speed to pursue fleeing opponents or stick close to slippery targets like Zeraora or Greninja. The immunity to slows you get from using the item is also a nice bonus and gives your opponents less options to shake you off.

Escaping From Your Enemies

Alternatively, if you find yourself in a tight spot or if you're being pursued by multiple opponents, X Speed gives you the boost you need to outrun your opponents and head to safety. The slow immunity you get also helps reduce the enemies' odds of catching up to you.

Traveling Long Distances

Use X Speed when traveling long distances, such as moving from the central route to the upper and lower routes. In particular, Pokemon on the central route want to rush to the upper and lower routes as soon as possible to support allies, so it is recommended to actively use them when it is available.

Scoring Goals

X Speed can also be used when moving quickly towards a goal zone, especially if you take Regieleki or Rayquaza. You can quickly move to the goal area and score points before being disturbed by the opponent.

Enemy Lane Flux Immunity

When you are caught inside enemy lane flux zones, you get slowed drastically. Using X Speed grants you immunity to the movement slow and lets you move at normal speed. Use this when you're chasing fleeing opponents in their own flux zones, or when you want to steal Yellow Berries behind enemy goal zones.

X Speed Effect Test

Distance Test

X Speed - Start Location.png

Defender Speedster
With Float Stone Without Float Stone

The test was done by comparing the distance traveled from the upper grass of the central area to the other end using Speedster (Gengar) and Defender (Slowbro). The test also considered the effect of Float Stone to see if it persists.

As a result of the X Speed test, it is confirmed that the distance traveled between the different Pokemon role is the same. Furthermore, the effect of Float Stone stat persists even when using X Speed.

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