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This is a guide on how to upgrade held items in Pokemon Unite. Read on to know how to upgrade held items, what are Item Enhancers, how to get Item Enhancer, and more!

How to Upgrade Items

You can view all your acquired and purchased items in your Item Box. Upgrading held items can only be done by spending Item Enhancers to raise a held item's level.

How to Farm Item Enhancers

Held Item Levels

Held Item Upgrade.png
Each time you spend Item Enhancers to upgrade an item, the level of that item will be increased by 1. When an item reaches a certain level, its effects and bonuses becomes more effective!

Best Held Items to Upgrade

How to Get Item Enhancers

Buy From Shop

Item Enhancers.png
Item Enhancers can be bought from the Unite store for 10 Aeos Tickets. Currently, you cannot use Aeos Coins to purchase Item Enhancers.

Receive From Trainer Level Up Rewards

Trainer rewards Screen.png
Item Enhancers can be received through Trainer Level Up Rewards by leveling up your trainer. Play Unite battles to increase your trainer's level and get rewards!

Receive From Battle Pass Reward

Battle Pass 11-20.png
If you purchase a Battle Pass, you can get Item Enhancers as a reward when you reach certain Battle Pass levels. You can increase your Battle Pass level by completing daily challenges!

Battle Pass Guide

Receive From Energy Rewards

Energy Machine Screen.png
Item Enhancers can also be received as a random Energy Reward by spending Aeos Energy at the Energy Machine.

How to Farm Aeos Energy

Held Item Upgrade Cost

Held Item Upgrade.png
Item Enhancers are expensive and hard to get. The number of Item Enhancers required to level up an item increases per level. It is important to know which items to prioritize when upgrading to avoid wasting Item Enhancers.

A total of 2587 Item Enhancers are needed to level up an item to the max level of 30. On the other hand, only 82 are required to reach Level 10 (31.5 times cheaper), so aim for that milestone first for the Items you plan on using regularly.
Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Total Item Enhancer Cost

As seen in the table below, the cost skyrockets exponentially when attempting to reach higher levels. This means that it is much cheaper to upgrade a variety of different items by a few levels and experiment with them, rather than trying to push a single item to Level 30 from the getgo.

Item Level # to Level Up # Total (%)
1 -- --
2 3 3
3 4 7
4 5 12
5 6 18
6 8 26
7 10 36
8 12 48
9 14 62
10 20 82
Level 1-10 Item Enhancers = 82
11 25 107
12 30 137
13 35 172
14 40 212
15 45 257
16 50 307
17 55 362
18 60 422
19 65 487
20 80 567
Level 11-20 Item Enhancers = 485
21 100 667
22 120 787
23 140 927
24 160 1087
25 180 1267
26 210 1477
27 240 1717
28 270 1987
29 300 2287
30 300 2587
Level 21-30 Item Enhancers = 2020

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