Pokemon UNITE

Beginner's Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks To Get Started

Pokemon Unite - Beginner

Want to start strong in Pokemon UNITE and blast through the competition? We've compiled 20 essential tips and tricks for Nintendo Switch and Mobile beginners, from basic rules to the best strategies to keep in mind.

Pokemon UNITE Starter Guides
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Beginner's Startup Guide

Beginner's Startup Checklist

Understand the Basics

In Unite battles, 2 teams consisting of 5 Pokemon battle it out in Remoat Stadium. The main objective of each team is to get Aeos Energy and deposit them in the enemy's Goal Zones. The team who scores score more points than their opponent at the end of the match wins!

Unite Battle Guide and Rules

Learn the Controls

Pokemon Unite - Beginner

As a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with Pokemon UNITE's controls. Additionally, the game provides extensive customization with the control scheme.

Mobile Version Controls

Pokemon Unite - Panel Placement Settings (Horizontal)

Even for the Mobile version of the game, you can customize it the way you see fit. Use this to tailor the experience to your liking!

List of Controls and How to Change Control Mapping

Know Each Pokemon's Role

Pokemon Unite - Selecting a Pokemon

Role Description
Attacker Excels at dealing heavy ranged damage to opponents.
Speedster Highly mobile Pokemon that excel at making quick attacks and scoring points.
All-Rounder Tenacious fighters with balanced Offense and Endurance.
Defender Great for protecting allies and hindering opponents.
Supporter Provides team support by inflicting status conditions on opponents and healing allies.

Each Pokemon has its own set of stats and unique moves for players to master. Just like other MOBAs, their general playstyle is determined by their given Role. Knowing your Pokemon's Role, along with its strengths and weaknesses, is key to contributing to the overall synergy of your team.

Try out one Pokemon for each role and see which one you're comfortable using.
All Pokemon UNITE roles

Best Pokemon for Beginners

Best Pokemon for Beginners
Pikachu ImagePikachu Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Snorlax ImageSnorlax

We recommend using Pokemon with Ranged attacks and moves for your first few matches. Ranged-type Pokemon can be pulled out safely when their HP is low, so even beginners can enjoy it with a smaller number of deaths. You can also use Pokemon like Eldegoss or Snorlax to get situated to the role they represent.

Best Pokemon for Beginners

Use Pokemon with Novice Difficulty

Pokemon UNITE - Novice Difficulty Pokemon
When picking out your next Pokemon, we recommend that you choose the Pokemon that have a Novice Difficulty. This does not mean that they are weaker than intermediate or expert difficulties, but rather they offer a more straightforward playstyle while also serving as a great introduction to their respective role.

Pokemon UNITE Full Roster

Take Note of Beginner Challenges

Pokemon Unite - Beginner Challenge Screen
Before participating in Unite battles, you should check the available challenges in the Beginner Challenges. They offer additional rewards for completing in-game tasks like scoring a certain number of points, defending Goal Zones, or winning a match. Completing Beginner Challenges will reward you with currency, fashion items, and free Pokemon!

Beginner Challenge Guide

Aim for the Rewards

Pokemon Unite - Daily Rewards Screen

Aside from Beginner Challenges, Pokemon UNITE also offers a lot of free items and rewards for players. Especially with the Mobile release, a Commemorative Mobile Version gift was given to newer players. Even though the Holowear is just for style, these rewards give a lot of Item Enhancers which are a necessity!

Free Gifts and Rewards

Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Guide Checklist

Use the Battle Prep

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Prep Screen

After joining a lobby and choosing a Pokemon to use, you can select Battle Prep or press (L Button Switch) to do some preparations before the battle while you wait for the match to start. Here, can view what moves your Pokemon can learn at certain levels. This also gives you a chance to pick a lane you want to pursue, so your team will know where to go when the match starts.

If you have them in your inventory, you can also set what Battle Items or Held Items you will bring with you in battle.

Call Out a Lane

Pokemon UNITE - Picking a Lane

Using the Battle Prep also allows you to call a lane so that your teammates know what path you are going. This is important as knowing where each of your allies is going means that you are less likely to clog a lane and cause confusion.

One thing to note is that you do not have to follow the in-game recommendation for a lane. However, if you are still getting the hang of things, picking the recommended lane is fine.

How to Win: Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Take Note of Team Placement and Composition

Pokemon Unite - Beginner Lane Placement
As the game begins, teams will have their route. Generally, it is best to have at least two Pokemon on each lane and one Pokemon in the Jungle. For beginners, we recommend choosing either the Top Lane or the Bottom Lane as the Jungle area will require some amount of expertise.

Best Team Composition

Balance Lanes for Efficiency

Pokemon UNITE - Crustle Using Quick Chat Feature

Balancing lane placements not only ensures that Goal Zones are well-protected but also allows the team to have enough EXP from farming Wild Pokemon in their respective lane. When your teammates cluster in one lane, we recommend that you take a different route to maintain the balance. It may be a hassle, but this ensures efficiency. Additionally, use the Quick Chat feature to request backup when you are alone in a lane.

Squads Make All the Difference

Pokemon UNITE - Squad Share Screen

With the release of Pokemon UNITE for the Mobile, a new way of playing with your friends was added. UNITE Squads is a feature that allows you to create a group, similar to a guild, and play with people that match your playstyle. Take advantage of this feature by inviting trainers who you trust to help you win games.

Squads Guide: How to Create and Join Squads

Focus on Defeating Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Venusuar Farming Wild Pokemon

The main way to get EXP and Aeos Energy is to defeat the Wild Pokemon located around the map. The amount of Aeos Energy you receive will depend on the strength of the wild Pokemon you defeated.

It is important to note that defeating Wild Pokemon gives you more EXP than knocking down opponents. So, it is best to save your aggression during team fights instead of actively seeking out opponents to defeat.

Wild Pokemon Bonus Effects

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
AccelgorAccelgor Points Earned: 4 / 7
Spawn Timer: 9:40
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants the purple aura. While your Pokemon has this aura, move cooldowns are reduced for a short time.
BouffalantBouffalant Points Earned: 4 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce the opposing Pokemon's movement speed when they hit.
EscavalierEscavalier Points Earned: 4 / 7
Spawn Timer: 9:40
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants the orange aura. While your Pokemon has this aura, basic attacks deal extra damage and decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.
LudicoloLudicolo Points Earned: 4 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon against Wild Pokemon with low HP.

Some Wild Pokemon give bonus effects in addition to the Aeos Energy and experience. Keep on the lookout for these wild Pokemon in the arena and use them to your advantage!

Wild Pokemon Guide

Level Up and Evolve Your Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Charmander Evolving to Charmeleon

Defeating Wild Pokemon not only gives you Aeos Energy, but also experience. Though it is tempting to focus on defeating player-controlled opponents, most experiences are gained by defeating Wild Pokemon. So, it is important to farm EXP as much as you can to level up fast and evolve your Pokemon. Doing this will boost your Pokemon's stats and eventually learn their Unite Move.

Evolution: How to Evolve and Timing

Score Points in Enemy Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Cookie Snorlax Scoring a Goal.png

After you have gained some Aeos Energy it is now time to deposit them in the enemy's Goal Zones to score some points. It is important to remember that undeposited Aeos Energy will not count to the overall score of your team. To score points, you simply need to walk up to the enemy's Goal Zone and press and hold X Button Switch to deposit the Aeos Energy you are carrying.

Scoring Goals Tips

Although scoring points seems to be easy, there are some things that you need to take note of:

  • If an enemy deals damage to you while you are depositing your Aeos Energy, the scoring will get interrupted and you will need to try again.
  • You can only carry a maximum amount of Aeos Energy at a time. Make sure to deposit your Aeos Energy frequently.
  • The more Aeos Energy you have, the longer it will take to score.

Best Goal Timing: When to Score

Never Fight Alone

Pokemon UNITE- Gengar Helping Top Lane Push

It's generally a good idea to fight alongside your allies since having a numbers advantage gives you a better chance of winning the fight, which could lead to winning the game entirely. This is especially true when pushing lanes and taking objectives as those tend to lead to big clashes.

Retreat When Low on HP

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Recalling Back to Base

When clashes get too much for you to handle, you can recall back to your base by pressing Down button on the D-Pad. This will help you recover lost HP. Remember, it is better to retreat and fight another day than get knocked down in battle and drop your precious Aeos Energy.

Recall Guide: When to Retreat

Utilize Jump Pads

Pokemon UNITE - Begginer Guide Super Jump Pad Interraction

When the match hits the 5-minute mark, the Super Jump Pad at the entrance of your base will be unlocked. Use it to quickly get back into the fight after getting knocked down or recalling

Mini Jump Pad Location

Remoat Stadium Theia Sky Ruins

Aside from the Super jump pad located at the base, there are also mini jump pads located in certain areas of the battle arena. Standing on top of these pads will launch you in a specific direction, which allows you to traverse the arena quickly.

Super Jump Pads Guide

Advanced Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Advanced Gameplay Tips Checklist

Recover HP in Allied Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Slowbro Recovering HP Inside a Goal Zone

A very good tip to know is that Goal Zones buff allies. When a player steps on one of their friendly Goal Zones, they will get a shield, a movement speed buff, and will heal slowly over time.

This mechanic can be used to heal and protect you and your teammates while you are out in a lane. When you realize that your team is losing a clash, you can pull the fight back to your Goal Zone to get buffed constantly while you are fighting the enemy team. Conversely, you also need to be careful in taking fights when the enemy is near their Goal Zones since they will be harder to fight.

Use Grass to Hide from Enemies

Pokemon UNITE - Greninja Hiding in Tall Grass Before Attacking

Tallgrass is placed in strategic areas of the map. When your Pokemon is standing in them, you will turn invisible to your opponent until you attack. Use them for cover when you are being chased down.

When ambushing enemies, go for targets that overextend their reach. This way, they will be too busy running away, allowing you to deliver more strikes and eventually taking them down. Careful, an unsuccessful gank can make enemies more cautious.

Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

Steal Aeos Energy from the Enemy

Pokemon Unite - Steal Aeos Energy from the Enemy
Aeos Energy doesn't simply come from defeating wild Pokemon. You can also see how much Aeos Energy an opposing Pokemon is carrying by looking at the number beside their health bars. A good thing to note is that the player who gets the last hit from a wild Pokemon will get the Aeos Energy.

If a player gets defeated, the Aeos Energy they are carrying will be dropped on the ground, and any other players can freely pick up the dropped Aeos Energy.

Capture Boss Pokemon

Pokemon Reward
Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos icon Zapdos Gives +15 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to being captured.
Pokemon UNITE - Rayquaza iconRayquaza Grants a shield to the allied team that negates damage, protects the Pokemon from getting interrupted when scoring, and reduces the charge time by half.
Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw Icon Drednaw Grants EXP points and shields to the team who captures it.
Pokemon UNITE - Regice IconRegice Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also increases their HP recovery speed for 90 seconds.
Pokemon UNITE - Regirock IconRegirock Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also gives them increased Defense and Sp. Defense for 90 seconds.
Pokemon UNITE - Registeel IconRegirock Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also gives them increased Attack and Sp. Attack for 90 seconds.
Pokemon UNITE - Rotom IconRotom Heads toward an enemy goal and aids the allied team in capturing it. When it reaches a goal zone, it makes it vulnerable for 24 seconds.
Pokemon UNITE - Regieleki IconRegieeki Heads towards an enemy goal zone to make it defenseless for 25 seconds. Aids the allied team while pushing.

As you fight your opponents and defend goals, additional objectives will come up during a match that will let you take on formidable Pokemon called Boss Pokemon. Capturing these strong Pokemon gives useful buffs and extra points for your team to take advantage of.

Boss Pokemon appear in strategic areas of the arena, and usually take a bit of an effort to defeat. It is important to communicate with your teammates when pursuing these objectives so you can defeat them efficiently.

Objective Guide: When to Target Bosses

Prioritize Drednaw, or Regice, Regirock, Registeel

Depending on what map you're playing, Dreadnaw or Regice or Regirock or Registeel and Rotom or Regieleki will spawn at the same time. In most cases, you may not be able to get both of them. On that note, it's generally better to prioritize Dreadnaw or Regice or Regirock or Registeel since its effects are more beneficial for the entire team, particularly the large EXP bonus.

Equip Battle Items

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Points Reward Screen.png
As you participate in UNITE battles and slowly master the Pokemon in your roster, your Trainer's level increases. Reaching certain levels will unlock useful rewards. One of these are Battle Items, which are special items that give extra effects when used in a match. Be sure to add Battle Items in your arsenal to get helpful effects in battle!

Battle Items Tier List

Utilize Boosted Attacks

Pokemon UNITE - Boosted Attack Yellow Bar

Each Pokemon's boosted attack has an additional effect when it hits. Understanding how your Pokemon's boosted attack works allows you to make better decisions during battles.

Boosted Attacks Guide: How to Use

Save Unite Moves for Objectives

Pokemon UNITE - Greninja Stealing Drednaw with Waterburst Shuriken

It is best to save your Unite Move for securing objectives like Zapdos or Rayquaza, since huge team fights usually happen at those locations. Depending on the Pokemon you are using, use your unite move to take out the opposing team first or steal the objective from them.

Unite Moves Guide: How to Use

Always Have Your Unite Move for Zapdos or Rayquaza Fight

When Zapdos or Rayquaza is about to spawn, make sure to have your Unite Move ready when it spawns. However, if your Unite Move is already available, save it and don't use it until Zapdos or Rayquaza spawns. Having your Unite Move when Zapdos or Rayquaza arrives gives you and your team a better chance at winning the team fight near its area or taking the Pokemon for yourselves.

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Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos icon Zapdos Pokemon UNITE - Rayquaza iconRayquaza

Equip Boost Emblems

Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems - Maximum of 10 Emblems per Loadout.png

Equipping Boost Emblems gives your Pokemon additional stats that can help it perform better during matches. Try to mix and match Boost Emblems to fit your Pokemon's build and playstyle.

List of All Boost Emblems

Utilize Emblem Color Effects

Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems - Colors.png

Having a certain number of Boost Emblems with a specific color adds another layer of stats on top of your Held Items and Boost Emblems. Depending on your Pokemon, utilize the added effect of Boost Emblem colors to gain a slight advantage during matches.

Boost Emblems Guide: How to Use and Upgrade

Beginner Support Box

Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Support Box Banner.png

Buying a Beginner Support Box makes leveling up your Trainer Level, and accumulating Aeos Coins and Aeos Energy much faster.

However, it's important to note that you'll have to spend real money to buy it since it can only be purchased using Aeos Gems.

Beginner Support Box: Is It Worth It?

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Tips and Tricks Guides

Strategy Guides

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