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This is a guide for beginners on how to play the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the basic rules of the game and some tips & tricks to make you the best pokemon trainer!

Pokemon UNITE Starter Guides
Beginner Guide Letter.pngBeginner's Guide Standard Battles Letter.pngStandard Battle Rules Things to do first letter.pngThings to Do First

Beginner's Startup Guide

Beginner's Startup Checklist
Checkmark.pngUnderstand the Rules
Checkmark.pngKnow Your Pokemon's Role

Understand the Rules

Pokemon Unite - Teammwork.png

In Unite battles, 2 teams consisting of 5 Pokemon battle it out in Aeos Island. The main objective of each team is to score more points than their opponent.

Unite Battle Guide and Rules

Know Your Pokemon's Role

Choose A Pokemon.jpg

Role Description
Attacker Excels at dealing heavy ranged damage to opponents.
Speedster Highly mobile Pokemon that excel at making quick attacks and scoring points.
All-Rounder Tenacious fighters with balanced Offense and Endurance.
Defender Great for protecting allies and hindering opponents.
Supporter Provides team support by inflicting status conditions on opponents and healing allies.

Each Pokemon has their own set of stats and unique moveset for players to master. Just like other MOBAs, their general playstyle is determined by their given role.

Knowing your Pokemon's Role, along with its strengths and weaknesses, is key to contributing to the overall synergy of your team.

All Pokemon UNITE roles

Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Guide Checklist
Checkmark.pngPreparing for a Battle
Checkmark.pngDefeat Wild Pokemon
Checkmark.pngUse your Pokemon's Unite Moves
Checkmark.pngScore Points
Checkmark.pngRetreat When Low on HP
Checkmark.pngUtilizie Jump Pads

Preparing for a Battle

Prepare for Battle.jpg

After joining a lobby and choosing a pokemon to use, you can press ZL to do some preparations before the battle while you wait for the match to start. Here, can view what moves your Pokemon can learn at certain levels. This also gives you a chance pick a lane you want to pursue, so your team will know where to go when the match starts.

If you have them in your inventory, you can also set what Battle Items or Held Items you will bring with you in battle.

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Defeat Wild Pokemon.jpg
The objective of the game is to get Aeos Energy and deposit them in the enemy's Goal Zones. The easiest way to gain Aeos Energy is to defeat the wild pokemon around the map. The amount of Aeos Energy you receive will depend on the strength of the wild pokemon you defeated.

Wild Pokmeon Bonus Effects

Pokemon Description
BouffalantBouffalant Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce enemy movement speed.
LudicoloLudicolo Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon.

Some Wild Pokmeon give bonus effects in addition to the Aeos Energy and experience. Keep on the look out for these wild Pokemon in the arena and use them to your advantage!

Wild Pokmeon Guide

Level Up and Evolve Your Pokemon

How to Evolve.png

Defeating Wild Pokemon not only gives you Aeos Energy, but also experience. Though it is tempting to focus defeating player-controlled opponents, most experience are gained by defeating Wild Pokemon. So, it is important to farm as much as you can so you can level up fast and evolve your Pokemon so you can learn new and more powerful moves to dominate your opponents.

Evolution: How to Evolve and Timing

Use your Pokemon's Unite Moves

Unite Move - Talonflame.png
Your Pokemon has a strong finisher ability called Unite moves. Use these moves to deal massive damage to opponents or alter the the flow of the battle.

Unite Moves Guide

Score Points

After you have gained some Aeos Energy it is now time to deposit them in the enemy's Goal Zones to score some points. It is important to remember that undeposited Aeos Energy will not count to the overall score of your team.

To score points, you simply need to walk up to the enemy's Goal Zone and press and hold X to deposit the Aeos Energy you are carrying. Although scoring points seems to be easy, there are some things that you need to take note of:

  • If an enemy damages you while you are depositing your Aeos Energy, you will get interrupted and you will need to try again.
  • You can only carry a maximum amount of Aeos Energy at a time. Make sure to deposit your Aeos Energy frequently.

Best Goal Timing: When to Score

Retreat When Low on HP


When clashes get too much for you to handle, you can recall back to your base by pressing Down button on the D-Pad. This will help you recover lost HP. Remember, it is better to retreat and fight another day than get knocked down in battle and drop your precious Aeos Energy.

Recall Guide: When to Retreat

Utilize Jump Pads

Super Jump Pad.png

standing on top of these pads will launch you in a specific direction, which allows you to traverse the arena as fast as possible.

Super Jump Pads Guide

Advanced Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Advanced Gameplay Tips Checklist
Checkmark.pngGoal Zones Buff Allies
Checkmark.pngUse Grass to Hide From Enemies
Checkmark.pngSteal Aeos Energy from Enemies
Checkmark.pngCapture Boss Pokemon

Goal Zones Buff Allies

Goal Zone Buff.jpg
A very good tip to know is that Goal Zones buff allies. When a player steps on one of their friendly Goal Zones, they will get a shield, a movement speed buff, and will heal slowly over time.

This mechanic can be used to heal and protect you and your teammates while you are out in a lane. When you realize that your team is losing a clash, you can pull the fight back to your Goal Zone to get buffed constantly while you are fighting the enemy team. Conversely, you also need to be careful in taking fights when the enemy is near their Goal Zones since they will be harder to fight.

Use Grass to Hide From Enemies

Tall Grass and wild pokemon.png

Tall grass are placed at strategic areas of the map. Use them to sneak up on enemies, or hide in it when your are being chased down.

When ambushing enemies, go for targets that over extend their reach. This way, they will be too busy running away, allowing you deliver more strikes and eventually taking them down. Careful, an unsuccessful gank can make enemies more cautious.

Vision Guide

Steal Aeos Energy from the Enemy

Steal Aeos Energy.jpg
Aeos Energy doesn't simply come from defeating wild pokemon. You can also see how much Aeos Energy an opposing pokemon is carrying by looking at the number beside their health bars. A good thing to note is that the player who gets the last hit from a wild pokemon will get the Aeos Energy.

If a player gets defeated, the Aeos Energy they are carrying will be dropped on the ground and any other players can freely pick up the dropped Aeos Energy.

Capture Boss Pokemon

Pokemon Description
DrednawDrednaw Points Earned: 20
Grants EXP points and shields to the allied team.
RotomRotom Points Earned: 20
Rotom heads towards an enemy goal and aid the allied team in capturing it. Enables faster charging time.
ZapdosZapdos Points Earned: 20
Gives +20 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured.

As you fight your opponents and defend goals, additional objectives will come up during a match that will let you take on formidable Pokemon call Boss Pokemon. Capturing these strong Pokemon give useful buffs and extra points for your team to take advantage of.

Boss Pokemon appear in strategic areas of the arena, and usually take a bit of an effort to defeat. It is important to communicate with your teammates when pursuing these objectives so you can defeat it efficiently.

Objective Guide: When to Target Bosses

Trainer Level Rewards

Trainer Level.png

As you participate in UNITE battles and slowly master the Pokmeon in your roster, your Trainer's level will go up. Reaching certain levels will unlock useful rewards.

Unlock the Battle Pass

Battle Pass Season.png

Once your Trainer reaches level 5, you will unlock the Battle Pass. Check in every now and then to claim free in-game currency, Trainer Outfits, Holowear, and Account Items, etc.

Battle Pass Guide

Unlock Battle Items

Battle Items can be unlocked as play Unite battles level up you Trainer Level. They are special items that gives useful effects when used in a match. Be sure to add Battle Items in your arsenal to get bonus effects in Battle!

Below are all the Battle Items available to unlock:

Item Effect
Potion.pngPotion Trainer Level: 4
Heal your Pokemon for 12.5% of its maximum health.
X Attack.pngX Attack Trainer Level: 7
Increases your Pokemon's Attack and Sp Attack for 5 seconds.
X Speed.pngX Speed Trainer Level: 8
Increases your Pokemon's Speed for 5 seconds. Your Pokemon's movement speed will not be able to decrease while this item is in effect.
Fluffy Tail.pngFluffy Tail Trainer Level: 10
Prevents wild Pokemon from acting and increases their damage taken by 1.5 times.
Eject Button.pngEject Button Trainer Level: 11
Makes your Pokemon move quickly in the specified direction.
Slow Smoke.pngSlow Smoke Trainer Level: 13
Puts up a smokescreen that decreases movement speed of all enemy Pokemon in a wide area.
Goal-Getter.pngGoal-Getter Trainer Level: 16
Boosts your goal scoring speed by 2 for a short period of time.
Full Heal.pngFull Heal Trainer Level: 16
Removes any status effects and prevents them for a period of time.

Battle Items Tier List

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