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This is a guide on how to play the Speedster Role in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play Speedsters, their strengths, and weaknesses, best lanes, as well as the best Speedster Pokemon!

How to Play Speedster

Jungle Role is Essential

Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora Farming the Jungle Area with Agility.gif

Jungler role is well-suited for Speedsters. Their ability to efficiently maneuver around the map makes them dependable for clearing out Wild Pokemon spawns at the center of the map. Having access to a lot of EXP in the early game allows them to reach their move upgrades fast, which allows them to tip the balance of lanes when they eventually rotate to them.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Secure Wild Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Gengar Farming the Center Area

One aspect of being an effective jungler is knowing when and where Wild Pokemon in the map so you can farm EXP effectively. Remember, securing jungle camps essentially gives your team an advantage since you are denying the opposing team of potential levels

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

Help Lanes When Needed

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Talonflame Helping out a Lane.png

Speedsters can swoop down from the jungle area and provide extra offense when their teammates are pushing or taking down opponents in the lanes. You can initiate ganks at the lanes for ambushing unsuspecting enemies for easy takedowns, as well as establishing lane dominance for an aggressive push.

Initiate the Fight to Secure Objectives

Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw Speedster Backup

Speedsters can also provide additional offense to help defeat boss Pokemon when they spawn. Though they can practically solo objectives, it is still recommended to rally your teammates towards securing objectives to get a higher chance of success.

Objectives Guide

Have Good Map Awareness

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Map Awareness.png

It is important to have a general idea of where your enemies are located at any given time. Knowing this means you can pick fights you can win and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Always be vigilant in spotting enemies while tagging them so you can warn your teammates and prevent them from getting ganked.

Know When to Use Dash Moves

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Using Dash Move to Retreat.png

Speedsters have certain moves in their kit that can make them move to a targeted location instantaneously. These can be used for a tactical retreat when you are caught in a bad situation or closing the distance between you and the opponent to deal damage.

Employ Hit-and-Run Tactics

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Hiding in Grass.png

Speedsters are very good at utilizing hit-and-run tactics due to their high mobility and damage. In a team fight, the ideal scenario is to swoop in, quickly burst down a squishy opponent, and get out. Once your move cooldowns have been refreshed, you can repeat the process again on another target. This tactic ensures that you don't die too quickly by staying in a fight for too long.

Go In and Out of Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Scoring Quick Goals.png

Speedsters are fast enough to go in and out of goal zones and easily score points. Zeraora can use its Volt Switch to dive towards a goal zone and quickly snap back just before an opponent comes. Moreover, Talonflame can get around obstacles with Fly and land directly on top of a goal zone to score. Though these moves are mainly used for offense, they give an extra layer of evasion which can also be used for disengaging.

Bait Out Enemy Moves

Using the Speedster's arsenal Dash moves, you can easily get out of the way and evade incoming attacks from opponents, provided they are not Sure-Hit moves. This is especially effective if you are fighting the enemy Speedster who also has high mobility.

Target Isolated Enemies

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Cup Japan Absol Knocking Down Greedent.png

Speedsters excel at assassinating targets quickly to dwindle the enemy team's numbers. If you find an enemy whose isolated from their allies, dive in and burst them down before their team can help.

Best Speedsters

Speedster Pokemon Tier List


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Absol ImageAbsol S Rank Icon Jungle
Absol can deal high amounts of damage due to its high critical rate. Feint ignores the opponent's defense and shields, making it deadly for taking out even the toughest of opponents. You can easily set up quick ambush using Pursuit that deals bonus damage when enemies get hit from behind.

Absol Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Talonflame ImageTalonflame A Rank Icon Jungle
Talonflame is an expert at pressuring the opponents and their goal zones while being hard to pin down. Moves like Brave Bird or Fly grant immense mobility while dealing very high damage to opponents caught in the damage area. Also, Flame Charge can help you get out of a tight spot or close the distance to your opponent while dealing damage along the way.

Talonflame Guide: Builds and Best Items

Speedster Best Lane

Jungle Area

Speedsters are recommended to take control of the jungle area of the arena, as they can navigate around the large space quickly and effectively. Here, they can freely farm for experience while accumulating Aeos Energy without the need to contest with opponents located at the lanes. This will also allow you to keep the center area in check and reveal enemy locations when they go through the jungle.

Best Farming Route for Junglers

Speedster Pokemon Strengths

High Mobility

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Hit and Run Tactics.png

Speedsters have access to a wide array of Dash moves which makes them capable of transitioning between areas faster and employing hit-and-run tactics on opposing Pokemon. This gives them the highest Mobility rating of all the available roles in the game.

Great for Scoring Quick Goals

Speedsters can be your top scorer in the team. They can quickly pick up scattered Aeos Energy in the arena and can easily go in and out of enemy goals for quick scoring.

High Burst Potential

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Talonflame Dealing Burst Damage.png

Speedsters are capable of dealing high amounts of damage in a short amount of time, making them effective as the team's assassin. You can depend on them for taking down sturdy Pokemon like Defenders or All-Rounders and securing objectives for the benefit of the team.

Speedster Pokemon Weaknesses

Low Endurance

Speedsters have low HP, and aren't typically meant for sustained fights or staying in the frontline. They usually have to dive in, score a takedown, and get out quickly before the enemy manages to target them.

Subpar Early Game

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Gengar Fighting Machamp at the Bot Lane.png

Speedsters depend on a smooth early game to get to their move upgrades. Lanes do not provide that much EXP compared to the jungle, making it difficult for Speedsters to win early brawls against opponents. Getting controlled by the enemy may stretch the level gap enough to hinder the Speedster from getting the advantage it needs later in the game.

Limited Support Capabilities

Outside their Dash and Attack moves, there isn't room for Speedsters to have any moves that can support their team in any other way. Moreover, Speedsters are only effective against single targets, making team fights hard to manage.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Role

What are Speedsters?

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Full Roster.png
Speedsters are highly mobile Pokemon that excel at dealing quick attacks and scoring points. They take advantage of their high mobility to maneuver around the battle arena and flank opponents.

List of All Speedster Pokemon

Why Should You Play Speedster?

The Speedster role is for players who want to incorporate the assassin-like playstyle of striking down unsuspecting opponents and scoring goals out of nowhere. They are also good for the patient or opportunistic players that like to take advantage of mistakes or openings made by the enemy team.

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