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This is the Game8's hub for information about past and current Battle Passes in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Find out and see the list of all Battle Pass seasons, differences between the free and paid versions, the price of the paid version, if it's worth it, how to progress, item rewards, prize boxes, and more!

Current Battle Pass Rewards and End Date

End Date and Time

Season 2 Will End In

The current Season of Battle Pass will end on November 7, 2021 at 12:00AM UTC! Grind those missions to maximize the rewards!

Get Space Style: Gengar and Lucario!

Space Style: Gengar Space Style Lucario
Space Style.png Space Lucario.png

Season 2 Battle Pass: List of Rewards

Total Rewards

Battle Pass Free and Paid Items

There are two different versions of the current Battle Pass (Season 02) in Pokemon UNITE.

Season 02 Rewards
Free Battle Pass The free version will give you 1500 Aeos Tickets, 225 Item Enhancers, and a couple of Trainer Outfits
Paid Battle Pass Along with the free rewards, the paid version will give you an additional 2400 Aeos Tickets, 90 Item Enhancers, more Trainer Outfits, and Holowear for Gengar and Lucario.

Past Seasons
Season 01 Rewards
Free Battle Pass The free version will give you 2250 Aeos Tickets, 405 Item Enhancers, and a couple of Trainer Outfits
Paid Battle Pass Along with the free rewards, the paid version will give you an additional 4800 Aeos Tickets, 60 Item Enhancers, more Trainer Outfits, and Holowear for Pikachu and Cinderace.

Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass Price

Battle Pass Versions

Premium Pass Price

If you decide to buy the Battle Pass, you will have two options to choose from. We recommend buying the Premium Pass Plus only if you started playing the game late and won't be able to get everything you want when the current Battle Pass season ends.

Paid Battle Pass
Aeos Gems.png490
Premium Battle Pass Plus (+10 Levels)
Aeos Gems.png985 840(Discounted)

Pokemon UNITE Battle Prize Box

Battle Pass Prize Box.png
After maxing out your Battle Pass, you will be able to receive a special Battle Pass prize box every time you earn 130 Battle Pass Points. You can currently earn a max of 21 Battle Pass Boxes.

The items you can earn from this box is listed below.

Rate Item

Past Battle Pass Seasons

Season 1

Battle Pass Season.png

Get the Hip-Hop Style: Pikachu and Captain Style: Cinderace Holowears on top of other cosmetic rewards and items when you finish Battle Pass Season 01!

Battle Pass: Season 01

How to Unlock the Battle Pass

Pokemon UNITE - Trainer Level 5

The Battle Pass will be unlocked when your Trainer Level reaches 5.

Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

What is The Battle Pass?

In Pokemon UNITE, the Battle Pass will reward players with Currency, Trainer Outfits, Holowear, and Item Enhancers by leveling it up.

How Do I Level up My Battle Pass?

Buying Levels

Pokemon UNITE - Buying Battle Pass Levels

You can buy Battle Pass Levels for 55 Aeos Gems per level. This isn't the most efficient way to spend premium currency, but it's worth it if you started playing the game late!

Battle Pass Missions

You will need 100 points per level to level up the Battle Pass.

You can level up the Battle Pass by doing the Battle Pass Missions.

Each day lets you earn at least 80 points and weekly mission gives you a total of 480 points!

This means you can get 10 levels per week. This is plenty of time to complete everything and still earn some Battle Pass Gifts!

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