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How to play with bots.png
This is a guide on how to play with bots (AI) in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know what bots are, how to play with bots, how to set up bot matches, and more!

How to Play With Bots

Use Friendly Match Type

Friendly Match Standard.png

You can play with bots by selecting the Friendly Match game mode. Here, you have full control on how many bots you want for both teams. Additionally, you can invite your friends to populate the other slots.

Use CPU Match Type

CPU Match (Eng).png

CPU Match is another way to play with bots. Here, you are paired with real people online going up against bots.

Cannot Have Bot Allies

You can only be paired up with other people online or with friends you have invited in the lobby.

Not Available in Ranked Battles

Friendly Match Ranked.png

Bot matches are only available for Standard or Quick Battles. You will get an error message when switching to Ranked Battle while in a Friendly Match.

For more information on Rank Battles, check out our guide!

Rank Battles Guide

How to Set Up Bot Matches

Set Up Bot Match.png

Friendly Match lets you decide how many bots will be present during the match. Use this to set up your own team combinations!

Any Combination of Allies and Enemies

Friendly Match Asymmetric.png
Friendly Match bots lets you play with any number of allies or enemies you want. You can have full 5 vs 5 matches, or even asymmetrical ones if you want a handicap. Want to set up a one vs five match? Go ahead!

Adding Bots in the Lobby

Friendly Match Add.png
To add bots in the lobby, select the icon located beside the last slot at the right. Selecting the button at the top will add one ally, while selecting the button at the bottom will add one enemy.

Removing Bots in the Lobby

Friendly Match Remove.png
To remove bots in the lobby, select the icon of the trainer you want to remove and select Remove From Lobby.

Cannot Choose Bot Pokmeon

You will not be able to choose the bot's Pokemon. Bot Pokemon will always be random every match.

What are Bots?

Playing With Bots

Bots are Pokemon that are controlled by an AI in place of a player. You can play with or against them in certain game modes. Bots are labeled as Trainer during battles.

Does Not Provide Rewards

Bot matches do not give Aeos Coins and Eos Energy after the match. Moreover, it does not give experience to your trainer, nor counts as an actual battle.

No Penalty For Leaving

Friendly Match Leave.png
Unlike normal online battles with other players, you can leave a bot match any time without getting penalized. Simply go to the System Settings tab in the settings menu and press the X button on your controller. Doing so will make you will end the match immediately, you do not have to surrender.

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