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This is a guide to controls in Pokemon UNITE. Learn all the controls for Pokemon UNITE in our complete guide, and learn how to change the control mapping to match your playstyle!

How to Change and Remap Controls (Nintendo Switch)

It is possible to change the in-game control mapping easily via the Settings menu. Unfortunately, the remapping is somewhat limited, as players are only given a select list of options for each button, but it does allow substantial variation to match the player's preferences.

1 On tha main menu, press X to pull up the menu.
2 Select Settings at the very bottom of the list.
3 Choose Button Settings, the fourth option down, to pull up a list of buttons.
4 Select the button you wish to remap and press A. You'll be able to check a list of available move options for this button.

List of Controls (Nintendo Switch)

The full list of English controls for Pokemon UNITE on the Nintendo Switch can be seen above.

Explanation of Each Move (Left Side)

Initial Button Description
ZL Button Switch.png Unite Move
An Ultimate move which Pokemon gain access to at Level 9.
L Button Switch.png View Arena
Hold and use the right stick to pan around the stage.
Minus Button.png Minimap ON/OFF
Toggles the minimap between a small view and a large overlay.
L Analog Switch.png Move
Control your character.
Up D-Pad Switch.png Quick Chat
Hold and use the right stick to select one of a set of easy phrases or announcements.
Left D-Pad Switch.pngRight D-Pad Switch.png Move Select
When reaching a certain level, you can pick one of two moves to learn. Use these buttons to select the move, or ignore it to choose the preset Auto-Selected move.
Down D-Pad Switch.png Warp to Start
Hold for a few seconds to quickly warp to the start area, from where you can do a super jump to any controlled goal.

Explanation of Each Move (Right Side)

Initial Button Description
ZR Button Switch.pngR Button Switch.png Move 1 & 2
Hold and release one of these buttons to execute one of the two special attacks currently learned. At the start of the match, pressing either ZR or R determines which of the two starting moves you will learn.
Plus Button Switch.png Open the Menu
Allow you to choose options like exiting the match.
A Button Switch.png Attack
The standard attack. Unlike special moves, it has no cooldown time.
B Button Switch.png Cancel Move
After holding the ZR or R button, executing the special move can be cancelled by pressing B.
X Button Switch.png Score
When you have Aeon Energy and are at the opponents' goal, hold X to score a goal.
Y Button Switch.png Battle Item
Uses the Battle Item equipped before the start of the match.
R Analog Switch.png Aim Move
When holding ZR or R, use the right stick to aim the special move.

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