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List of Controls and How to Change Control Mapping

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Are you new to Pokemon UNITE and is confused with the controls? This is a guide to the controls for Pokemon UNITE on the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Learn all the controls for Pokemon UNITE in our complete guide, and learn how to change the control settings and mapping to match your playstyle!

How to Change Control Settings and Remap Controls (Nintendo Switch)

It is possible to change the in-game control mapping easily via the Settings menu. Unfortunately, the remapping is somewhat limited, as players are only given a select list of options for each button, but it does allow for variation to match the player's preferences.

1 Go to the Trainer Menu from the Home Screen.
2 Select the Settings Tab.
3 Choose Button Settings, to pull up a list of buttons.
4 Select the button you wish to remap and press A. You'll be able to check a list of available move options for this button.

Best Settings to Use

List of Control Settings (Nintendo Switch)

The full list of English controls for Pokemon UNITE on the Nintendo Switch can be seen above.

Explanation of Each Move (Left Side)

Initial Button Description
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - ZL Button Switch Unite Move
An Ultimate move which Pokemon gain access to at specific levels (varies per Pokemon).
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - L Button Switch View Arena
Hold and use the right stick to pan your camera around you.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - Minus Button Minimap ON/OFF
Toggles the minimap between a small view and a large overlay.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - L Analog Switch Move
Control your character.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - Up D-Pad Switch Quick Chat
Hold and use the right stick to select one of a set of easy phrases or announcements.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - Left D-Pad SwitchPokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - Right D-Pad Switch Move Select
When reaching a certain level, you can pick one of two moves to learn. Use these buttons to select the move, or ignore it to choose the preset Auto-Selected move.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Left Side) - Down D-Pad Switch Warp to Start
Hold for a few seconds to quickly warp to your base, from where you can do a super jump to any controlled goal.

Explanation of Each Move (Right Side)

Initial Button Description
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - ZR Button SwitchR Button Switch Move 1 & 2
Hold and release one of these buttons to execute one of the two moves currently learned. At the start of the match, pressing either ZR or R determines which of the two starting moves you will learn.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - Plus Button Switch Open the Menu
Allow you to choose options like exiting the match.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - A Button Switch Attack
The standard attack. Unlike special moves, it has no cooldown time.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - B Button Switch Cancel Move
While holding the ZR or R button, you can cancel the use of the move by pressing B.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - X Button Switch Score
When you have Aeos Energy and are standing in the opponents' goal zones, hold X to score a goal.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - Y Button Switch Battle Item
Uses the Battle Item equipped before the start of the match.
Pokemon UNITE - List of Controls (Right Side) - R Analog Switch Aim Move
While holding ZR or R, use the right stick to aim your move.

How to Change Control Settings and Remap Controls (Mobile)

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the layout of the buttons in-game.

However, there are a few quality of life changes you can choose in the Controls tab at the Setting Menu.

Changing Movement and Moves Area

Pokemon UNITE - Panel Placement Settings (Horizontal)

You can choose to change the horizontal axis of where the movement and the moves are on the screen.

This can be useful for people who have their own way of gripping their phones or holding their tablets.

1 Go to the Settings Menu found at the top right of your screen while in-game.
2 Go to the controls tab.
3 Go all the way down tap Adjust on the Panel Placement section .

Best Settings to Use

Mobile Battle Interface Explanation

Pokemon UNITE - Mobile Combat Interface

1 This button will expand the minimap.
2 This is your movement interface. Press and hold within the cricle to move your Pokemon
3 This button will display the scoreboard.
4 Opens the Settings tab. This is also where you will find the option to surrender or quit the game if you are in a bot match.
5 The ping system in the game. Using any of these buttons will put a mark on your current position on the minimap.
6 Activates your Unite Move.
7 Tap to use your basic attacks. The icon will turn yellow if your next attack is a Boosted Attack
8 Only available if you have Advanced Controls enabled in the control settings. Clicking this will make your Pokemon attack the nearest Wild Pokemon
9 Your Pokemon Moves. You will need to drag your fingers while holding down on the screen to aim your Move.
10 This displays your equipped Battle Item.
11 This is your Score Goal Button. This will also display the maximum amount of Aeos Energy that you can carry.
12 Your Recall Button. Use this to teleport back to base

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