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Can Players Use The Same Pokemon?

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Players having the same Pokemon in a match is a feature of Pokemon UNITE. This page is about whether players can use the same Pokemon during battles, and the things players can do in this situation.

Can Players Use the Same Pokemon?

Not Allowed on the Same Team

Pokemon UNITE - Not Allowed in the Same Team

Players cannot use the same Pokemon if they are on the same team. However, players from opposite teams can have the same Pokemon.

Use Quick Chat

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Chat

Players should use the quick chat during the picking phase of a match to inform their team what Pokemon they want to use. They should also inform the team which lane they want to play in.

How to Use Quick Chat and Pings

Lane Indicators

Pokemon UNITE - Lane Indicators

Although each Pokemon have a recommended lane, there are some Pokemon that can be played in a different lane. Aside from using quick chat, players can indicate which lane they prefer using the Map Path option in the battle prep menu.

How to Set Map Path
1 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Prep Menu
Press the ZL Button Switch button to open the Battle Prep menu
2 Pokemon UNITE - Map PathSelect Map Path
3 Pokemon UNITE - Choose LaneSelect the lane you prefer
4 Pokemon UNITE - Lane Icons
These icons Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane IconPokemon UNITE - Jungle IconPokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Icon indicate Top, Center, and Bottom lanes respectively, and will be displayed on your portrait

Cancel Pick

Pokemon UNITE - Cancel Pick

There will be a checkmark on the player's portrait indicating that they are ready to play. However, players can still cancel their pick by pressing the B button should they decide to play as a different Pokemon. This is useful if players want to adjust their pick for a better team composition

Try Out Different Pokemon

Familiarize at Least One Pokemon for Each Role

Pokemon UNITE - Familiarize One of Each Role

As a rule of thumb, players should familiarize themselves with one Pokemon for each role to have a larger pool of Pokemon to choose from. Having at least one Pokemon of a specific role that players know how to use is a good way to get better at the game.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Use Practice Area

Pokemon UNITE - Practice Area

Players can use the Practice Area to get an idea of which Pokemon they feel they can do well with. They can use the Practice Options, and the dummy to quickly test how powerful the Pokemon can be.

How to Use the Training Mode (Practice Area)

Play Standard Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Lobby

If players are hesitant in playing Ranked Matches with a Pokemon they are still familiarizing themselves with, playing Standard Matches is the best alternative. Players still get to experience playing with other people without the fear of getting demoted if they lose.

Standard Battle Guide and Rules

Match Types

Pokemon UNITE - Match Types

Players can choose the match type they want to play, each giving a unique experience for players to practice different Pokemon.

Match Types: CPU, Random, and Friendly Match

Play Quick Battles

Pokemon UNITE - Quick Battles

Players can play Quick Battles as another way to practice different Pokemon. The great thing about Quick Battles is its significantly shorter timer, allowing players to pratice different Pokemon quicker, and more frequently.

Quick Battle: How to Unlock and Rules

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1 Anonymousabout 2 years

Technically you can play with the same pokemon on the same team if they're all the base evolution of different evolved pokemon. You can start a match work multiple Eevee's on the same team, as long as they evolve to different pokemon! An Eevee that becomes Espeon and another Eevee that becomes Sylveon is 100% possible.


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