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This is Game8's tier list for the best Attackers in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know each Attacker's strengths, weaknesses, and how they measure up against each other in the current meta!

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Attacker Tier List

Mew Image Pikachu Image Venusaur Image
S Rank Icon
Duraludon Image Gardevoir Image Glaceon Image Sylveon Image
A Rank Icon
Cinderace Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Greninja Image
B Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Espeon Image
C Rank Icon
Cramorant Image

Attacker Guide: How to Play Attackers

SS Tier Attackers

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Mew ImageMew S Rank Icon Any
Pokemon of All Trades
Mew is an excellent Attacker that can adapt to any situation with its Move Reset mechanic. Its unique playstyle, wherein you can swap your move loadout with different ones makes it unpredictable and even more deadly. However, you may find that it has a high learning curve with realizing Mew's power. Expect to learn the correct inputs and timings if you want to fully take advantage of what the Pokemon has to offer. With its highly synergistic moves and great team fight prowess with Mystic Mirage, Mew is an essential Attacker for any team to have!
Pikachu ImagePikachu S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Long Ranged Lockdown
Pikachu's insane damage and ability to lock enemies down with Stuns earn it a spot among great Attackers. This Pokemon can systematically wipe entire enemy teams with its AoE moves if unchecked. Additionally, its Unite Move, Thunderstorm, has one of the shortest Unite move cooldowns in the game and can turn the tides of every battle!
Venusaur ImageVenusaur S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Amazing Skill Synergy
Venusaur's versatile kit makes it one of the most dependable Attackers in the game. The Pokemon can be a tank or a sniper, depending on the playstyle you are going for. Notably, the synergy between Petal Dance and Giga Drain just makes it an unkillable, self-healing machine!

S Tier Attackers

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Duraludon ImageDuraludon S Rank Icon Bot
Massive Offense
Duraludon is a long-range powerhouse that boasts high burst damage in a large AoE. It can turn itself into a deadly turret with Flash Cannon, or mow down multiple enemies with Dragon Pulse activations. Add in its great zoning capabilities with Stealth Rock and you can further enhance its sniping capabilities.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir S Rank Icon Jungle/Top
Physic Power
Gardevoir is a Sp. Attack powerhouse that can decimate opponents with its high-impact moves in mere seconds. Having this Pokemon at the back lines uncontested makes skirmishes a breeze. However, Gardevoir must be able to get the necessary EXP in the early game to reach its premier moves to fully realize its strengths.
Glaceon ImageGlaceon S Rank Icon Bot
Glacial Strength
Glaceon is a powerful Attacker capable of gunning down its targets with a barrage of ice missiles. Its kit is highly synergistic as you deal massive amounts of damage when you take advantage of its ice crystal mechanic. Moreover, its ability to block and negate crowd control moves with Snow Cloak gives the Pokemon high survivability for an Attacker.
Sylveon ImageSylveon S Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Mobile Turret
Sylveon has a perfect mix between offense and defense. It can continuously deal damage to an enemy while at the same time keeping itself topped up through HP recovery and defensive abilities. It can hop in and out of battle while dealing damage with the use of Mystical Fire, making it a hard Pokemon to catch.

A Tier Attackers

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Cinderace ImageCinderace A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Single target destroyer
Cinderace's combination of incredibly high single-target damage and long range makes it the ultimate Attacker for knocking down opponents. The Pokemon also has a surprisingly decent amount of mobility, allowing it to be elusive while sniping key targets from afar. Cinderace's only issue is that its early game is very weak and needs a lot of farming to quickly rush its evolutions.
Decidueye ImageDecidueye A Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
It's Raining Arrows
Decidueye's long-range prowess is currently unmatched by any other Attacker on the roster. Its ability to pressure opponents with a fully charged Spirit Shackle makes Decidueye a dependable sniper for teams that can give it the opportunities needed to get clear shots. Although its lack of mobility hinders it tremendously, proper positioning and awareness are still the way to go if you want to make the most out of this Pokemon's high-damaging capabilities.
Delphox ImageDelphox A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Fight with Fire
With its hard-hitting and spammable moves, Delphox offers a great kit that can support a team with sheer firepower. Its capacity to both deal massive damage and disrupt the enemy team in a variety of ways makes it a dangerous Pokemon to fight against. Coupled with its fast charging UNITE Move, you have an Attacker that can alter the playing field to your team's favor.
Greninja ImageGreninja A Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
Never Know What Hit 'Em
Greninja is an elusive Attacker that performs well in the later stages of a match with its solid damage and mobility. Its ninja-like playstyle allows it to get an advantage in brawls using Double Team illusions or vision disruption with Smokescreen. The Pokemon also offers both melee and ranged Standard Attacks, which goes great with every playstyle. However, realizing Greninja's power will require you to pick your targets carefully and not plunge toward the enemy without an advantage.

B Tier Attackers

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales B Rank Icon Top/Bot
Veil of Power
Alolan Ninetales can dish out both damage and crowd control thanks to its freeze mechanic, all while buffing its teammates (and itself) inside the Aurora Veil area of effect. However, because of its support playstyles, Alolan Ninetales cannot stand on its own and requires the help of its teammates to follow through with its attacks.
Espeon ImageEspeon B Rank Icon Bot
Reliable Burst Damage
Espeon's kit provides anyone who uses it with a reliable mix of burst damage and tenacity, thanks to its unique passive Magic Bounce that allows Espeon to negate a hit that will otherwise cause hindrances. It is also fairly straightforward to use so anyone can pick it up! It lacks some mobility options which can sometimes spell its doom, especially against Speedsters. However, compared to other eeveelutions, Espeon gets outclassed in all aspects by Sylveon and Glaceon.

C Tier Attackers

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Cramorant ImageCramorant C Rank Icon Top/Bot
Surf's Up!
Cramorant is a decent Attacker that can pack a punch. It has moves like Hurricane that can hard disable single targets, and Dive which give it mobility. Although it kit offers plenty of utility and damage, you may find that they are lackluster compared to other Attackers that can do the same effects. Good positioning and mastery are required if you want to realize Cramorant's true potential.

Pokemon Roster Tier List

SS Tier Icon
Absol Image Greninja Image Mew Image Tsareena Image Venusaur Image
S Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Azumarill Image Blissey Image Buzzwole Image Cinderace Image Clefable Image Gardevoir Image Gengar Image Glaceon Image Greedent Image Machamp Image Mr. Mime Image Pikachu Image Sableye Image Scizor Image Slowbro Image Snorlax Image Sylveon Image Trevenant Image Zoroark Image
A Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Blastoise Image Charizard Image Delphox Image Dodrio Image Dragonite Image Eldegoss Image Hoopa Image Lucario Image Mamoswine Image Talonflame Image Tyranitar Image Wigglytuff Image
B Rank Icon
Crustle Image Decidueye Image Duraludon Image Espeon Image Zeraora Image
C Rank Icon
Cramorant Image Garchomp Image

Roster Tier List and Evaluations

Tier List Criteria

Full Criteria

Power Level Team Impact Ease-of-Use Role Effectivess

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list. Read on to learn what they refer to exactly:

  • Power Level: Determines how strong a Pokemon is in theory (when its potential is realized; optimized itemization and playstyle) compared to other Pokemon within its role.
  • Team Impact: Determines how instrumental a Pokemon is from a team's perspective. What does the Pokemon bring to the table and how effective is this to achieve victory?
  • Ease-Of-Use: When two things perform at roughly the same power level, the one that's easier to use is always better. We always have to consider the amount of effort it takes to play certain Pokemon into account.
  • Role Effectiveness: Determines how well the Pokemon upholds its role and the expectations that come with it. We look at how its playstyle coincides with the fundamental aspects of the role the Pokemon has.

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