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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when does Zapdos appear, how and when to beat Zapdos, what moves Zapdos have, what rewards Zapdos give, and more!

When Does Zapdos Appear?

Time Remaining Location

Zapdos will spawn when there is 2 minutes left in the match. It will appear in the Legendary Pit, which is located at the central part of the map within the Jungle area.

Zapdos Respawn Time

Respawn Time
Does Not Respawn

Zapdos can only be defeated once per match. Unlike other wild Pokemon, Zapdos does not respawn.

How to Beat Zapdos

Zapdos Boss.png

Difficulty Hard

Gather Your Teammates

Fighting Zapdos alone will be near impossible! It will require the entire team's presence to defeat it efficiently. Remember, overcommitting to Zapdos will leave your goals open for a while as fighting it will take a lot of effort. So, you and your team should coordinate and make sure that Zapdos is a top priority before setting out to capture it.

Use Unite Moves

When fighting Zapdos, it is advised to go all out with your powerful moves to defeat it fast as possible. You can do this by concentrating your Unite moves on Zapdos.

Unite Moves Guide

Best Roles to Beat Zapdos

Role Rating
Attacker ★★★★★
Speedster ★★★☆☆
All-Rounder ★★★★★
Defender ★★★★★
Supporter ★★★★☆

Defender and All-Rounder Pokemon should absorb most of the damage dealt by Zapdos while stunning it as much as possible. This will delay Zapdos' moves to give ample time for Attacker Pokemon to deal massive damage. Depending on their moveset, have Supporter Pokemon heal lost HP or inflict Zapdos with status effects accordingly. For safety, a Speedster can survey the area to prevent an ambush from the enemy team.

All Pokemon UNITE Roles

When to Beat Zapdos

A Last-Ditch Effort


If your team is behind in points during the final moments of the match, taking advantage of Zapdos' effect should be a top priority. Defeating Zapdos, combined with the double bonus points bonus in the last 2 minutes, is a great way to flip the outcome of a match!

Ambush the Opposing Team

When the enemy team is contesting Zapdos, capitalize on it by ambushing them from behind. It is important to focus on the enemy Pokemon first, taking advantage of their lost HP from fighting Zapdos to knock them down. This way, you can get the last hit on Zapdos once they are gone.

When Not To Go to Zapdos

Your Team has a Significant Lead

It could be tempting to pursue Zapdos in the last 2 minutes of the match for the substantial points it gives. However, if your team already has a significant lead in points, it is best to not pursue Zapdos completely. Instead, try to focus on preventing the opposing team from capturing Zapdos.

Zapdos Moves

Thunder Attack

Zapdos AoE Attack.png

Zapdos has a variety of thunder attacks that deal single target damage. It's Area of Effect thunder move will not have a specific targeted area, but will hit all nearby Pokemon if they are close enough to Zapdos.

Stomp Attack

Zapdos Stun Move.png
Zapdos has a crowd control move that launches Pokemon up and the air and dealing damage when they hit the ground. This also stuns them for a short amount of time.

Zapdos Rewards and Effects

Zapdos Reward.png

Aeos Energy 20 + 20 to teammates.
Bonus Effect Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured for 30 seconds.

Defeating Zapdos will reward your team a huge amount of Aeos Energy. It will also make all remaining enemy goals charged up, meaning your team can score goals instantaneously!

Like other wild Pokemon, it is important to deliver the final hit to Zapdos so your team can get the bonus effects. It important to know, however, that the points you get from defeating Zapdos should still be scored in the enemy goal to add to your team's overall points.

Is Beating Zapdos Worth It?

It is true that defeating Zapdos can literally turn games around. Its effect is worth prioritizing when matches seem bleak, and will be important to keep a close eye on when you team is leading in points.

Keep in mind that the risk of getting knocked down while fighting Zapdos is high as it will leave your team's goal wide open for the enemy to score. So, it is best to assess your team's current state in the match, and decide whether it will be beneficial to contest.

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