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Speedster Tier List: Best Speedsters

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Tier List
This is Game8's tier list for the best Speedsters in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know each Speedster's strengths, weaknesses, and how they measure up against each other in the current meta!

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Speedster Tier List

Absol Image Leafeon Image Meowscarada Image Zoroark Image
S Rank Icon
Dodrio Image
A Rank Icon
Gengar Image
B Rank Icon
Talonflame Image
C Rank Icon
Zeraora Image

SS Tier Speedsters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Absol ImageAbsol S Rank Icon Jungle
The King of Critical Hits
Absol has the ability to tear through unsuspecting enemies with high burst damage. Critical hits from this Pokemon can reach levels of absurdity that even tanks can't withstand. The only thing holding this Pokemon back is its reliance to take targets out as soon as possible — failure to kill them quickly often leads to death.
Leafeon ImageLeafeon S Rank Icon Any Lane
Quick and Lethal
Leafeon's high mobility and burst damage makes it a quintessential Speedster. It has dash moves that makes it mobile during fights, but it also has a naturally high movement speed via Chlorophyll, allowing it to roam the map faster without using its moves and giving it an edge over most Speedsters. Its burst damage comes not only from its moves but also its attacks and is up-to-par with the top Pokemon, not just among Speedsters.
Meowscarada ImageMeowscarada S Rank Icon Jungle
Cutthroat Cat
Meowscarada is a textbook Speedster but has a little more mechanics than usual. It's an excellent assassin thanks to its high burst damage and mobility, which are common features of Speedsters, and it can rely both on its moves and attacks. However, it does have a unique combination of mechanics that makes it stand out from others, such as cooldown reduction/reset, invisibility, and increased critical-hit rate to name a few. The Pokemon's high burst damage and plethora of mechanics give it some edge over other Speedsters.
Zoroark ImageZoroark S Rank Icon Jungle
The Night Prowler
Zoroark has everything that makes a Speedster great - high mobility and high damage. It offers a new way of outplaying opponents with its Illusion ability. However, its dependence on its combos may throw off players who are accustomed to the few-input burst combos other Speedsters have.

S Tier Speedsters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Dodrio ImageDodrio S Rank Icon Jungle
Ready, Set, Speed
Dodrio redefines the meaning of being a Speedster, highlighting the importance and impact of high movement speed. Because of this, it strays from the typical assassin role that Speedsters are usually known for, and instead emphasizes on scoring points throughout the game. Although its teamfight is problematic to say the least, it makes up for it by pressuring the enemy to be on their toes and defend their goals or get left behind in points.

A Tier Speedsters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Gengar ImageGengar A Rank Icon Jungle
The Boogeyman
Gengar may take more time than most Speedsters to go online, but the wait is always worth it because of its incredible power spike at level seven. Once Gengar unlocks Hex, it becomes an unstoppable ganking machine that can strike from almost anywhere. Combine that with its healing mechanic, and you got yourself a deadly Speedster!

B Tier Speedsters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Talonflame ImageTalonflame B Rank Icon Jungle
Death from Above
Talonflame is a solid Speedster with incredibly high mobility and solid burst damage. Its access to moves such as Fly and Brave Bird allows it to traverse vast distances and inflict heavy damage in the blink of an eye. Additionally, its ability to sustain with heals through Aerial Ace gives it more survivability when it gets to chain attacks and as a jungler.

C Tier Speedsters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Zeraora ImageZeraora C Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
Speed and Power
Zeraora's incredible speed and damage burst makes it capable of shredding opponents in quick succession. Compared to other Speedsters in the roster, however, Zeraora's progression is sluggish while also having long cooldowns for its moves. This forces you to make more involved plays that will most likely result into a blunder when Zeraora misses its target.

Pokemon Roster Tier List

SS Tier Icon
Blissey Image Inteleon Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Mimikyu Image Slowbro Image Umbreon Image Urshifu Image Zacian Image
S Rank Icon
Absol Image Alolan Ninetales Image Blastoise Image Blaziken Image Chandelure Image Cinderace Image Clefable Image Comfey Image Dodrio Image Eldegoss Image Glaceon Image Hoopa Image Lapras Image Leafeon Image Mew Image Trevenant Image Venusaur Image Zoroark Image
A Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Buzzwole Image Crustle Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Dragapult Image Espeon Image Gardevoir Image Gengar Image Goodra Image Greninja Image Lucario Image Mamoswine Image Meowscarada Image Pikachu Image Sableye Image Scizor Image Snorlax Image Sylveon Image Tyranitar Image Wigglytuff Image Zeraora Image
B Rank Icon
Azumarill Image Charizard Image Cramorant Image Dragonite Image Greedent Image Machamp Image Mr. Mime Image Talonflame Image Tsareena Image

Roster Tier List and Evaluations

Tier List Criteria

Full Criteria

Power Level Team Impact Ease-of-Use Role Effectivess

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list. Read on to learn what they refer to exactly:

  • Power Level: Determines how strong a Pokemon is in theory (when its potential is realized; optimized itemization and playstyle) compared to other Pokemon within its role.
  • Team Impact: Determines how instrumental a Pokemon is from a team's perspective. What does the Pokemon bring to the table and how effective is this to achieve victory?
  • Ease-Of-Use: When two things perform at roughly the same power level, the one that's easier to use is always better. We always have to consider the amount of effort it takes to play certain Pokemon into account.
  • Role Effectiveness: Determines how well the Pokemon upholds its role and the expectations that come with it. We look at how its playstyle coincides with the fundamental aspects of the role the Pokemon has.

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