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A new Pokemon UNITE ranked season is slated to end on October 13, 2022! Find out when will Ranked Season 6 end, and and the rewards you will get for the current ranked season!

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When Will Ranked Season 6 End?

Ends on October 13, 2022

Pokemon UNITE - New Ranked Season

Start Date September 2, 2022
07:00AM UTC / 12:00AM PDT
End Date October 13, 2022
07:00AM UTC / 12:00AM PDT
Ranked Season 6 Ends in

Ranked Season 6 started on September 2, 2022 at 07:00 AM UTC, the same day that Phase 2 of UNITE's Anniversary will commence, and will end on October 13, 2022.

Shortened Ranked Season

Like Ranked Season 5, the new Ranked Season 6 will have a shortened duration - roughly 41 days only.

Once again, this is significantly shorter than the Ranked Season we usually have. Fortunately, UNITE assured players that they have adjusted the rank reset so players could reach the same rank in a shorter time.

Climb the Ranked Ladder With Our Guides!

Pokemon UNITE - Garchomp with Held Items

Looking to reach a higher rank placement before the end of the season? We got you covered! Check out our ranked guide and best build guide below for extra tips on grinding the ranked ladder.

Ranked Guides
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked GuideRanked Guide Pokemon UNITE - Best Builds for Every PokemonBest Builds for Each Pokemon

Ranked Season 6 Rewards

Rewards Per Rank

Rank Rewards
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Rank
(Beginner: Class 2)
Pokemon UNITE - Great Rank
(Great: Class 4)
Pokemon UNITE - Expert Rank
(Expert: Class 5)
Pokemon UNITE - Veteran Rank
(Veteran: Class 5)
Pokemon UNITE - Ultra Rank
(Ultra: Class 5)
Ranked Season 6 Trainer Skin IconUNITE Ranked Set (Season 6)
Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank
(Master 1200)
Ranked Season 6 Background IconBackground
Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank
(Master 1400)
Ranked Season 6 Border IconFrame
Pokemon UNITE - Master Rank
(Master 1600)
Ranked Season 6 Sticker IconSticker

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