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Whether you call it a clan, a group, or a team, players can now form squads in Pokemon UNITE! Learn more about how to create a or join a squad, its features, the available squad challenges, the benefits of joining a squad, and more! Form a group with the best players in the world and create a Unite Squad!

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Boss Rush Quick Battle Integration

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Squad Ranking

The new Boss Rush quick battle mode will make use of the UNITE Squad feature, where you and your squadmates can earn additional points when you play together. The points your squad earns can be exchanged for rewards, which will have higher value the higher your team's score! Additionally, squads will be able to compete for leaderboard rankings against other squads, which will have their own set of rewards.

Boss Rush Guide: Mechanics and Release Date

How to Create or Join a Squad

Create a Squad

How to Create a Squad
1 Open up the Menu and select the Unite Squad option.
2 Choose to Create a Squad.
3 • Pick a name for your Squad.
Tags determine what kind of players you're looking for to join your Squad.
Join Restrictions determines if anyone can join the Squad or if approval from the Leader is needed.
4 Select Save to create your Squad!

Add Up to 30 Members

A Unite Squad can have up to 30 members. There is no way to increase the capacity, so make sure to add your play group first before adding other trainers online!

Join a Squad

How to Join a Squad
1 Open up the Menu and select the Unite Squad option.
2 Choose to Join a Squad.
3 Search the name or the ID number of the squad you want to join, then select Request to Join.
Note: If searching using the ID number, remember to type the # sign before typing the ID number.

Join Request Approval

To join a Unite Squad labeled with Approval Required, your join request must first be approved by its squad leader.

Squad Challenges

Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenge Main Screen

Participating in UNITE Squad Events will give you and your squad members in-game rewards. Each time your squad completes missions, you will get Squad Points, which will award you a Sticker and currencies when you reach a certain amount.

Squad Event Missions

Mission Squad Points
Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenges Team Icon Win 1 battle on a team with members of your Unite Squad (Refreshes every day)
+ 100
Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenges Team Icon Participate in 2 battles on a team with members of your Unite Squad (Refreshes every day)
+ 50
Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenges Solo IconBecome MVP 1 time
+ 10
Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenges Solo IconParticipate in 2 Standard battles with Pokemon of different Roles
+ 10
Pokemon UNITE - Squad Challenges Solo IconUse a UNITE Move 3 times
+ 10

Squad Challenges Team Icon = must be completed with Squad members
Squad Challenges Solo Icon = can be completed solo.

Squad Challenge Rewards

Reward Squad Points
Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Ukulele Icon Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Harp Icon Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Electric Guitar Icon Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Saxophone Icon Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Violin Icon Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Trumpet Icon
Target Reward
(Chosen by Squad Leader)
Squad Points
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x200 400
Squad Points
Item EnhancerItem Enhancer x25 600
Squad Points
Aeos CoinsAeos Coins x500 800
Squad Points

Target Reward

Before you can start completing challenges, your Squad Leader will choose one of the following Target rewards to unlock for all members. Note that the event will not begin if a target reward is not selected.

Squad Challenge Target Reward
Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Ukulele Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Harp Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Electric Guitar Icon
Electric Guitar
Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Saxophone IconSaxophone Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Violin IconViolin Pokemon UNITE - Sticker Trumpet IconTrumpet

Squad Features

Assign a Squad Leader

Pokemon UNITE - Squads Change Squad Leader

Every Squad has a Squad Leader that takes charge of the group. Unlike other members, Squad Leaders have the authority to accept requests to join the squad and to remove people from the squad. Squad Leaders can also give up their roles to another squad member and become a regular member in the process. Only 1 Squad Leader may be present in a squad at any given time.

How to Remove a Squad Member

How to Remove a Squad Member
1 Select the squad member you want to remove. Then, choose Remove from Unite Squad.
2 Select Yes to confirm.
3 After that, the squad member will be removed from the Unite Squad.
Note: There is a 1-minute interval before you can remove another squad member.

Squad Chat Feature

Pokemon UNITE - Squad Chat Feature

All Squads come with a Squad Chat, which is a message board that allows squad members to freely communicate with each other. It also notifies members when a new squad member joins the group or if a squad member has left the group.

Connect with Other Trainers

When in a Squad, you'll have an easy time viewing the profiles of your other Squad members. Additionally, you can directly send friend requests to them as well if they're not your friends yet.

Looking to expand your squad with more players? visit our Online boards and connect with other Pokemon UNITE trainers online!

Pokemon UNITE Online Boards
Pokemon UNITE - Final Friend Request Board IconFriend Request Board Pokemon UNITE - Final General Discussion Board IconGeneral Discussion Board

Benefits of Being in a Squad

Team Up for Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Waiting for a Match in the Lobby
Squads are a good place to get to know a lot of different players. If you happen to find several other people who are on the same skill level as you are, you can add each other as friends in-game and team up for your next matches, allowing for better coordination and in turn, better odds of victory.

Information Sharing

Being part of a Squad gives you the opportunity to learn more from other players about their varying skills and playstyles. This can also work the other way around and allow you to impart your knowledge to less experienced players.

What Are Squads?

Pokemon UNITE - Squads Menu

Squads are a new feature introduced in Pokemon UNITE for Version It functions similarly like guilds in most MMORPGs, allowing players to easily set up lobbies, team up in battles, and exchange information.

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