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Zoroark Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

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Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

The best guide on how to play Zoroark in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, matchups, and more!

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Zoroark Latest Nerfs & Buffs (7/18)

Version Patch Notes

Zoroark Changes (July 18)
Stat Change • Attack stat reduced from 150 - 700 to 135 - 660 (Level 1 - 15).

These values are taken from Zoroark's standard attacks, which is a rough estimate on how much attack Zoroark lost.

Lvl Attack
5 266 → 245
10 410 → 382
15 700 → 660

Stat Updates Attack stat increased. Attack stat reduced from 150 - 700 to 135 - 660 (Level 1 - 15).

Night Slash Cooldown increased from 8s to 10s (+2s). Night Slash+ : Cooldown increased from 7s to 9s (+2s). Fixed a bug where the move cannot be upgraded. Damage decreased. Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s (-2s). Night Slash+: Cooldown reduced from 9s to 7s (-2s).

Feint Attack Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon increased from 6624 to 7618. (+15%) Cooldown reduced from 7s to 6s (-1s). Feint Attack+: Cooldown reduced from 6s to 5s (-1s).

Cut Damage increased by 10%. Cooldown reduced from 5.5s to 4.5s (-1s).

Nightfall Daze UNITE move gauge reduced by 10%.

Zoroark Basic Info

Tier Rating: S Rank Icon

Role: Speedster
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Difficulty: Expert
"Confound the competition with speed and illusions!"

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Zoroark Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
3 Stars.png
5 Stars.png
2 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Zoroark Cost and Price

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark License Available for Purchase

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Unite License IconUNITE License: Zoroark
Aeos Coin Icon 14,000
Aeos Gems 575

As of November 3, 2022, Zoroark is now purchasable for 14,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems! This comes one week after Zoroark was first released and was only available to purchase together with the Costume Party Style Zoroark Holowear for 1,381 Aeos Gems.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Highly mobile moveset. Lots of dash moves.
✔︎ Currently has the highest Standard Attack damage in the game.
✔︎ Illusion works well with Hit-and-Run strategies
✖︎ Low defenses and HP.
✖︎ Dependent on combos for burst damage.
✖︎ Suceptible to crowd control. Does not have unstoppable moves outside of Unite Move.

Zoroark Best Builds

Zoroark Builds

The Best Build for Zoroark is the one with the gold crown!

Dash and Slash Build

Dash and Slash Build
Pokemon UNITE - Best Build Icon
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Recommended Lane
Attack: +33
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
Critical-Hit Rate: +2.10%
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation Yes Jungle
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Critical-Hit Rate
Free Negative Stats:
Sp. Atk
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This is a hit-and-run build that utilizes Feint Attack's mobility and move reset mechanic to make Zoroark hard to hit while it pressures opponents. You can be flexible with choosing your other move, depending on the effect you prefer - if you want HP recovery, learn Cut or if you prefer crowd control, learn Shadow Claw instead. The build also takes advantage of the mobility provided by Zoroark's moves to get extra stats from score-related items.

Attack Weight boosts Zoroark's attack stat each time you score a goal (up to 6 times). Getting the maximum bonus, especially in the early game, allows you to deal high amounts of damage when you perform combos. Razor Claw can trap targets in place with extra slow effects, making it easy for you to land attacks. Lastly, Focus Band increases your defenses and gives you survivability when you dash around and attack targets. However, if you feel you can utilize Zoroark's dash moves to their full potential and get around enemy attacks, you can run Scope Lens instead for massive damage via critical hits.

Full Heal gives Zoroark protection from hard crowd control so it can deploy its combos without getting interrupted. Make sure to activate the item before engaging a target to get the most out of its effect. If you are looking to inflict more slow effects to trap targets in place, you can run Slow Smoke instead.

Your Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Brown Emblems for maximum damage and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that increase Attack, or Critical-Hit Rate since you need to maximize your damage output for your moves and attacks. You can freely trade Sp. Atk.

High Burst Build

High Burst Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Recommended Lane
Attack: +30
Critical-Hit Rate: +8%
Critical-Hit Damage: +12%
Attack Speed: +7.50%
Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation Yes Jungle
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Critical-Hit Rate
Free Negative Stats:
Sp. Atk
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This is a full-damage build centered on bursting targets down with Night Slash and Shadow Claw. The key to this build is hitting all of Night Slash's activations, particularly the final AOE damage since that'll deal the highest burst damage. The best approach is to disable targets first with Shadow Claw before performing combos.

Muscle Band, Scope Lens, and Razor Claw should provide all the damage you need to burst down targets when executing Night Slash Attacks. Razor Claw, in particular, adds a slow effect to targets each time you hit them with a move. This will be crucial in keeping targets in place as you slash them down in quick succession. Remember that your attacks between each Night Slash activation can be critical-hit, so make sure to incorporate Standard Attacks in between dashes.

Full Heal protects Zoroark from being interrupted by enemy crowd control when performing combos. Make sure to activate the item first before looking to engage an opponent. If you feel confident enough to combo off without the need for protection, you can run X Attack instead to further amplify your damage output and increases your attack speed.

Your Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Brown Emblems for maximum damage and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that increase Attack, or Critical-Hit Rate since you need to maximize your damage output for your moves and attacks. You can freely trade Sp. Atk.

High Mobility Build

High Mobility Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects
(at Level 30)
Recommended Lane
Attack: +42
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
Movement Speed: +150
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation Yes Jungle
Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane
Emblem Color Combination Target Emblem Stats
Positive Stats:
Movement Speed
Critical-Hit Rate
Free Negative Stats:
Sp. Atk
The emblem color and stats here are suggestions only. The builds are still viable even without the suggested emblems.

This build adds more mobility to Zoroark's already impressive dash-centered moveset. Consider this build if you want to employ hit-and-run strategies like counter-jungling or scoring.

Float Stone not only gives more Attack for Zoroark, it also boosts the Pokemon's movement speed, allowing it to roam the map efficiently. Moreover, it also helps Zoroark get to enemy goal zones faster so it can stack Attack Weight bonuses. For defense, Focus Band will be helpful during the early game, especially when contesting Wild Pokemon camps to steal EXP from the enemy.

Fluffy Tail will make farming Wild Pokemon camps faster when you are roaming the map. The faster you can secure spawns, the faster you can transition to lanes to help your teammates push and score points. Alternatively, you can opt for X Speed to further increase Zoroark's mobility. It also gives the Pokemon a chance to negate enemy crowd control when it gets cornered.

Your Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 7 Yellow Emblems for faster traversal of the map and 2 Brown to add a bit more damage to Zoroark's attacks. You can pick any color, for the last emblem slot, but take note of the stats it gives. Equip Emblems that increase Attack, Critical-Hit Rate . If you can, add movement speed in the loadout for maximum movement speed. You can freely trade Sp. Atk.

Zoroark Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Explanation
Attack Weight.pngAttack Weight Attack Weight adds more Attack stat for Zoroark each time you score goal (up to 6 times). Getting the full stack bonus further increases Zoroark's damage for maximum lethality.
Float Stone.pngFloat Stone Float Stone increases both of Zoroark's movement speed and attack. This allows the Pokemon to efficiently roam the map while also adding to its damage output.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band Focus Band provides extra defenses and a chance to save Zoroark with HP recovery when its HP gets low.
Scope Lens.pngScope Lens Scope Lens increases both of Zoroark's critical-hit rate and damage. This can potentialy help Zoroark burst down targets in quick succession, if it manages to deal a couple of critical hits.
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band Muscle Band adds more damage to Zoroark's Standard Attacks. Since you will constantly be dealing Standard Attacks during combos, the extra damage will be significant when it piles up.
Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw Razor Claw adds a slow effect everytime you hit opponents with your moves. This allows you to keep opponents in place as you set up combos and burst down targets.

List of Held Items

Best Battle Items

Item Explanation
Full Heal.pngFull Heal Full Heal gives Zoroark protection against getting interrupted when it performs its combos.
Slow Smoke.pngSlow Smoke Slow Smoke provides extra crowd control for keeping opponents in place for combos. It can also be used defensively, giving you an escape tool when you are being chased down.
Eject Button.pngEject Button Eject Button adds more dash opportunities to Zoroark's already great dash moveset. The item gives you a quick and easy way to reposition Zoroark during fights.
X Speed.pngX Speed X Speed helps Zoroark get increased in movement speed for maneuvering around the battlefield. It also helps Zoroark get around enemy crowd control.
X Attack.pngX Attack X Attack gives Zoroark a boost in damage for a short time, which can be enough to deal the final blow for taking down opponents.

List of Battle Items

Best Moveset

Move Explanation
Shadow Claw ImageShadow Claw Night Slash is a quick and hard-hitting dash move that has Zoroark burst down its targets with powerful slashes. Getting the full amount of hits allows Zoroark to launch an air attack that can easily bring even the sturdiest of Pokemon down.
Night Slash ImageNight Slash Shadow Claw allows Zoroark to disable a target with a stun, which leaves them vulnerable to Zoroark's combos.

This moveset offers the most amount of damage when used in a combo. The stun from Shadow Claw will be helpful for keeping targets in place while you set up combos. If you are looking to increase Zoroark's reach and mobility, you can opt for Feint Attack, which has a longer range. It is also a bit easier to combo off with since it has a longer effect duration in between attacks. As an alternative to your damage move, you can learn Cut can help you sustain yourself with HP recovery as you dash through targets.

Which Moveset Do You Think is Best for Zoroark?

Shadow Claw & Night Slash 91
Shadow Claw & Feint Attack 27
Cut & Night Slash 10
Cut & Feint Attack 25

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Previous Poll Result

Shadow Claw & Night Slash 404
Shadow Claw & Feint Attack 45
Cut & Night Slash 42
Cut & Feint Attack 86

How to Play Zoroark

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Race to Level 7

Zoroark's power spike happens when it reaches level 7. From here, it will have access to better dash moves and damage that improve its lethality in combat. Gathering as much EXP as possible, especially during the early game, will be crucial in turning Zoroark into an effective assassin. Try your best not to get too aggressive to avoid getting knocked down in the fight and losing momentum.

Focus on Farming with Initial Kit

Both of Zoroark's initial moveset - Fury Swipes and Slash - offer decent mobility and damage that contributes to the Pokemon's early offense. Since Zoroark's defenses are relatively low during the early game, it is best to use the moves for farming Wild Pokemon spawns instead of seeking out enemy knockdowns - unless they are over-extending. You can also take advantage of Fury Swipes' double activations to deal quick burst damage towards a single target and steal EXP from opponents!

Jungle Area is Recommended

Taking the Jungler role is highly recommended. This will allow Zoroark to farm Wild Pokemon spawns in the jungle area uncontested and get EXP much faster. Thanks to its powerful dash moves, it also opens up strong gank opportunities as the game progresses.

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Pick Dash Move Based on Playstyle

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Catching Up to Charizard with Night Slash

When Zoroark reaches level 5, you will get to pick between two powerful dash moves that offer high amounts of damage. Each move has distinct mechanics that can make your experience with Zoroark better.

Learn Feint Attack for More Mobility

Feint Attack has Zoroark dash back and forth towards marked locations and deal damage to each opponent caught in its path. It has a powerful effect that instantly resets your other move's cooldown each time you hit targets with the dash. Although Feint Attack is slower than the other choice, learning this move gives you more control over where you want Zoroark to dash, which will make it easier for you to line up your shots in between combos. Moreover, the move's longer range makes it a more straightforward dash move that allows you to traverse thick walls.

Feint Attack: Zoroark Move Effect and Cooldown

Learn Night Slash for More Burst Damage

Night Slash turns Zoroark's movement into dash attacks. Whenever you hit targets with moves or enhanced Standard attacks while Night slash is in effect, you can chain together powerful hits up to a total of six (6) moves and/or Standard Attacks. Getting the full amount of hits allows Zoroark to jump up in the air and launch a strong slash move to deal a ton of damage! Learn this move if you are looking to burst down a single target in quick succession. The move is also strong against Defenders or All-Rounders.

Although Night Slash gives out better damage for combos, you may find its controls a bit difficult, especially when going for its full effect. Check out the page below to learn more about the move and how to use it properly!

Night Slash: Zoroark Move Effect and Cooldown

Trick the Enemy Team with Illusion

Zoroark's passive ability, Illusion, has the Pokemon turn into a random opposing Pokemon or Wild Pokemon to confuse the enemy team. The effect lasts for 15 seconds which gives you enough time to move around the battlefield without getting noticed. During this, you will show up in the enemy team's minimap as an ally or as a gold dot when you take the form of a Wild Pokemon.

Illusion: Zoroark Passive Effect and Cooldown

Get a Better Position for Combos

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Tricking Opponents with Illusion

The best way to use Illusion to covertly get close to the enemy team and line up your attacks. A good strategy is to hide inside the tall grass first before activating the ability. This way you can confuse opponents long enough to gank them from behind and perform combos.

Augment Dash Moves with Damage

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Attacking Blissey With Shadow Claw.png

When Zoroark reaches level 7, it will have access to its damage move upgrade. Here, you get to pick between Cut and Shadow Claw, both of which are essentially the same in terms of dash capabilities. At first glance, these moves appear to be underwhelming in effect. However, what they lack in damage, they make up for with utility.

Recover HP with Cut

Cut allows Zoroark to both deal damage and recover HP each time you use it on an enemy. This gives Zoroark much-needed sustain for staying in the fight longer. Incorporating Cut in your combos makes it so that whenever you get in a brawl, you will be able to increase your survivability when you consistently hit opponents with the move.

Cut: Zoroark Move Effect and Cooldown

Stun Targets with Shadow Claw

Shadow Claw offers a quick disabling move in a form of a stun when you hit targets at a specific range. It is a great move to use on its own, allowing you to set up knockdowns for your teammates. Incorporating Shadow Claw in your combos allows you to stun targets in place when making it easier for you to get attacks in and keep momentum.

Shadow Claw: Zoroark Move Effect and Cooldown

Avoid Getting Caught in the Middle of Clashes

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark Getting Caught in the Middle

Although Zoroarak is a great Pokemon for assassinating targets, its effectiveness in combat falls during team fights where moves are thrown from all over the place. Zoroark is at its best when it has momentum, and maneuvering around the battlefield filled with opponents may put the Pokemon to a halt. As a Speedster Pokemon, you will have to depend on your dash moves to get around AoE moves and crowd control to get close to opponents and take them out of the fight. Avoid positioning yourself at the front line of the fight to increase your chances of surviving a clash.

Nightfall Daze Strategy

Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark ACtivating Unite Move

Zoroark's Unite Move, Nightfall Daze, is a quick and powerful move that has the Pokemon release AoE shockwaves within an area. Generally, you will want to get close to the target before activating the move to deal the most damage possible.

Nightfall Daze: Zoroark Move Effect and Cooldown

Use it as a Finisher

One way to get the most out of the move's damage is to activate Nightfall Daze as a finishing attack to cleanly knock down an opponent. The massive damage will be enough to knock down low-HP Pokemon instantly, especially after performing a combo!

Disengage From Fights

When attempting combos, you may find yourself either interrupted by enemy crowd control or missing a move, leaving Zoroark open for counterattacks. You can use Night Fall's to become unstoppable for a few seconds as Zoroark channels the explosion, allowing you to avoid getting further pinned down by enemy stuns or slows. Additionally, the added movement speed you get for activating the move will help you disengage from the fight easier.

Unite Move Guide: How to Use and Effects

Zoroark Progression and Leveling Guide

Lane Guide

Level Objectives
1 - 4 • Stick with one of your allies in the top or bottom lane. Focus on farming Wild Pokemon with your initial moveset.
• Avoid seeking knockdowns early in the match, unless opponents overextend their position.
• If you have score-related items equipped like Attack Weight, utilize the dash you get from both Slash and Fury Swipes to go in and out of enemy goal zones.
5 - 6 • Once Zoroark fully evolves at level 5, you will have access to an upgraded dash move. Depending on your lane matchups, learn Feint Attack for more mobility or learn Night Slash for single targets.
• When the match time reaches 8:50 secure the Altaria and Swablu spawns in the middle of the lanes with your ally. It is best to wait for the enemy team to deal damage to the Wild Pokemon and strike only strike when their HP is low enough to get the last hit.
• Help your allies secure objectives at the 7:00 mark. Generally, the priority should be Regieleki to get ahead in points in the early game. If the enemy team manages to secure Regieleki, however, see to it that your team secures the bottom lane objective to negate their advantage.
7 - 9 • Once Zoroark learns its damage move at level 6, your offense is now strong enough to easily burst down low HP targets. Additionally, you get helpful effects to aid you in brawls - Cut provides HP recovery, while Shadow Claw provides stun.
• Stay focused on leveling up and securing Wild Pokemon spawns to get ahead in levels. You utilize Zoroark's high mobility to counter-jungle and cut off EXP from the enemy. Only engage opponents during team clashes or when an easy matchup is isolated from its teammates.
• Once Zoroark reaches level 9, it will have access to its Unite Move. At this point, the Pokemon is now capable of handling itself in a fight thanks to its high mobility and high damage output. However, it is still best to stick to allies to avoid getting pinned down.
• Help your allies secure the next objective spawns. Expect your opponents to use their Unite Moves as teams clash. Be sure to keep your distance from the front line. Instead, maneuver around the battlefield and pick off single targets.
10+ • Continue to stick with your allies to hunt targets, secure objectives, and push lanes.
• Try to reach at least level 13 before or when Rayquaza spawns for a fully-upgraded moveset.
• Make sure you have Nightfall Daze available when Rayquaza spawns.
• During the Rayquaza fight, focus on picking off single targets instead of going for the objective. Use Zoroark's dash moves to go around and gank the enemy team. Only secure Rayquaza when most of the enemy team is knocked down.

Jungle Guide

Level Objectives
1 - 5 • Learn Fury Swipes first to jump over the wall and get to Xatu quickly. Utilize the move's second activation to deal additional damage.
• Clear the first wave of jungle camps and reach level 5 to get to your upgraded dash move. You can either learn Feint Attack to get more mobility in roaming the central area further or learn Night Slash and seek to gank targets in lanes.
• Help out a lane by securing the Altaria and Swablus spawns at 8:50, getting knock downs, and scoring points. • If you are running score-related items like Attack Weight , you can use your dash moves to go in and out of enemy goal zones and score small points. However, it is still best to clear out opponents in the lanes first for a clean score.
6 - 9 • Clear the second wave of jungle camps to reach higher levels and learn your upgraded damage move. This drastically improves Zoroark's combat abilities, with Cut providing HP recovery, while Shadow Claw providing stuns.
• Help lanes secure the Altaria and Swablus spawns at 7:20. If possible, go for the Top lane as you will be near Regieleki, which is the best first objective to secure.
• If possible, reach level 9 to get Zoroark's Unite Move before or when objectives spawn to have a strong presence during team fights.
10+ • At this point, you can either stick with your team to hunt targets or roam the map and score points to get ahead. Either way, continue farming Wild Pokemon to reach higher levels before Rayquaza spawns for a fully-upgraded moveset
• Seek out and isolate opponents to remove them from team fights.
• If you are behind in points, you can utilize Zoroarks dash moves to run toward an enemy goal zone to score points.

Zoroark Combos

When setting up Zoroark's combos, we recommend to use Illusion first to flank opponents and get proper positioning for your dash moves. This way, you will have a better chance chaining together multiple hits to reach maximum damage output

Slash and Swipe Combo

Slash and Swipe Combo
Fury Swipes IconSlash IconStandard Attack IconFury Swipes IconStandard Attack Icon ~

Fury SwipesSlashStandard AttackFury SwipesStandard Attack ~
This is Zoroark's early-game burst combo. It is best used for farming Wild Pokemon or taking down over-extending enemies. Note that it is best not to push through with the combo if the first Fury Swipes does not hit the target.

Start by activating Fury Swipes to get close and hit the target. Then, use Slash to deal damage and reposition Zoroark. Finish the combo by using Fury Swipes second activation and bombarding the target with Standard Attacks.

Hyper Feint Combo

Hyper Feint Combo
Slash Icon or Cut Icon or Shadow Claw IconStandard Attack IconFeint Attack Icon ► Repeat 2x

Slash or Cut or Shadow ClawStandard AttackFeint Attack ► Repeat 2x
Start by using Zoroark's damage move to get close and deal damage to the target. Once close, hit the target with a Standard Attacks. Then, use Feint Attack to start dashing through the target. If the damage lands on the target, Zoroark's damage move's cooldown will automatically be reduced. At this point, you will repeat the set of attacks until you reach Feint Attack's enhanced form.

When dashing with Feint Attack, it is best to take a bit of time to reposition Zoroark before activating the move again. This way, you can increase your chances of hitting the target and get the cooldown reduction.

Ultimate Hyper Feint Combo

Ultimate Hyper Feint Combo
Cut Icon or Shadow Claw IconStandard Attack IconFeint Attack Icon ► Repeat 2x ► Nightfall Daze Icon

Cut or Shadow ClawStandard AttackFeint Attack ► Repeat 2x ► Nightfall Daze
This is the same as the Hyper Feint combo but integrates Zoroark's Nightfall Daze. Although you can practically use any damage move for this combo, we recommend learning Shadow Claw as it allows you to stun targets in place and get the most damage out of the Unite Move activation.

Night Slash Burst Combo

Night Slash Burst Combo
Slash Icon or Cut Icon or Shadow Claw IconNight Slash Icon + Standard Attack Icon x3 ► Slash Icon or Cut Icon or Shadow Claw Icon

Slash or Cut or Shadow ClawNight Slash + Standard Attack x3 ► Slash or Cut or Shadow Claw
Start by using Zoroark's damage move to get close and deal damage to the target. Then, activate Night Slash. At this point, you will be alternating between moving around the target and dealing enhanced Standard Attack damage. Repeat the process until you reach Night Slash's enhanced form. While Zoroark is in mid-air, you can activate your damage move to get closer to the target

When you dash towards an area with Night Slash, always follow it up with at least one (1) Standard Attack to keep the move's effect online. It is also important that you do not do extra movements after dashing as it will remove the effect.

Ultimate Night Slash Burst Combo

Ultimate Night Slash Burst Combo
Cut Icon or Shadow Claw IconNight Slash Icon + Standard Attack Icon x3 ► Slash Icon or Cut Icon or Shadow Claw IconNightfall Daze Icon

Cut or Shadow ClawNight Slash + Standard Attack x3 ► Slash or Cut or Shadow ClawNightfall Daze
This is the same as the Night Slash Burst combo but integrates Zoroark's Nightfall Daze. The Unite Move is best used at the end of the combo. However, you can activate the move in the middle of the combo if you miss the target.

Matchups & Counters for Zoroark

Zoroark Matchups

Hard Counter
Alolan NinetalesBlastoiseCrustleGreedentMamoswineMega Mewtwo XMega Mewtwo YMr. MimePikachuScizorSnorlaxTrevenantTsareena
Fair Matchup
Good Matchup
Matchup Notes
Hard CounterHard Counter Even MatchupEven Matchup Easy MatchupEasy Matchup
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Zoroark.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Hard Counter with Slow and Disables

Zoroark is capable of using its high mobility to make it hard for the enemy to catch. However, it is still susceptible to getting disabled as you perform your combos. When looking to fight these Pokemon, keep in mind their moves and how they can affect your gameplay.

Hard Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Tsareena ImageTsareena Rating: ★★★★★
• Has hard-hitting AoE moves that can keep up with Zoroark's damage. Also has disruption with either Trop Kick or Grassy Glide.
• Can sustain itself with HP recovery via Queenly Majesty triggers.
• Cleanly stops Zoroark's momentum with Queen Ascendant.
Blastoise ImageBlastoise Rating: ★★★★★
• Innately high durability stat will make it hard to brawl against.
• Has access to hard crowd control moves like Surf and Hydro Pump, which can hinder Zoroark's movement.
• Difficult for Zoroark to combo off when Rapid Spin is in effect.
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Rating: ★★★★
• Can either stun Zoroark with Dazzling Gleam or shove it with Avalanche.
• Can chain freeze with moves and Snow Warning activations effects to shut down Zoroark.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Rating: ★★★
• Getting linked with Power Swap makes it hard for Zoroark to set up combos while in a brawl.
• Can pressure Zoroark with both damage and stun via Confusion or Psychic.

Even Matchups for Zoroark

When faced against these Pokemon, you will need to depend on your combos to knock them down completely before they have a chance to counter. Keep in mind that Zoroark has low defenses and HP, making it hard for the Pokemon to stay in the fight long after executing attacks. Try your best to engage these Pokemon only when you have a clear advantage.

Be Wary of Crowd Control

Pokemon with Crowd Control
Blissey Image Buzzwole Image Clefable Image Slowbro Image Umbreon Image Wigglytuff Image
How to Beat
• These Pokemon either have a way to disrupt Zoroark's momentum with stuns or shut down its movement completely. Although Zoroark is more than capable of taking down these Pokemon, it is best that you play it safe and only engage them when they are isolated. Otherwise, have an ally back you up to make the fight more manageable.
• Hide in the tall grass or disguise yourself with Illusion and wait for them to use their crowd control move. Strike when you have a clear shot of your combos and keep pressuring them until they fall.

Avoid Prolonged Fights

Pokemon with Hard-Hitting Combos
Aegislash Image Azumarill Image Garchomp Image Lucario Image Machamp Image Tyranitar Image Urshifu Image Venusaur Image
How to Beat
• In terms of brawls, you can expect these Pokemon to win every time. You will have to play safe and use your dash moves to maneuver around them while dealing damage. It is important that you do not get caught by their moves. Be patient and see to it that you get the full amount of damage with your combos.
• When you are pinned down by these Pokemon, you can use Nightfall Daze to deal a killing blow or take advantage of the unstoppable effect to disengage from the fight.
• Although these Pokemon get powerful during the mid to late game, their early game is relatively weak and takes a bit of time to get going. Take advantage of Zoroark's early evolution and upgraded moves to out-damage them when they have yet to get strong.

Get The First Strike

Speedster Pokemon
Absol Image Gengar Image Leafeon Image Talonflame Image Zeraora Image
How to Beat
• It will take a combination of skill and timing to outpace your fellow Speedsters. The best approach is to simply get the first strike on them so they will scramble and use their dash moves defensively.
• For a defensive approach, learn Cut to recover back lost health as you incorporate it in combos. Otherwise, if you are looking to get more aggressive, learn Shadow Claw so you can pin them down with stun.
• Fight close to an allied Goal Zone or with teammates nearby so you can have a way to retreat if things go awry.

Utilize the Speed Advantage

Pokemon with Mobility Moves
Cinderace Image Dragapult Image Dragonite Image Dodrio Image Greninja Image
How to Beat
• These Pokemon have a great mix of damage and mobility that can keep up with Zoroark's aggression. They also have the ability to disrupt your flow with either evasion or stuns.
• If you have Feint Attack learned, you can quickly get close to them easily. When they use their dash to retreat, you can use your damage move to follow them while also extending Feint Attack's mark to keep the move in effect.
• If you have Night Slash learned, only use the move when you are close to the target. Otherwise, they may just dash in the opposite direction, leaving Zoroark open for a counterattack.
• Since these Pokemon are generally hard to take down, it will be best to pair up with an ally to get extra help. You can have them pin down the target while you deliver the killing blow.

Easy Matchups for Zoroark

Easy matchups will not require as much effort to fight compared to other Pokemon. You will want to target low-HP Pokemon for easy knockdowns. Make sure you keep the pressure on when you engage and avoid retreating from the fight until the target is knocked down. If you manage to get pinned down by the enemy, you will have a high chance of getting away, thanks in part to Zoroark's moveset being dash moves

Punish Low Mobility Pokemon

Pokemon with Low Mobility
Chandelure Image Decidueye Image Duraludon Image Espeon Image Gardevoir Image Lapras Image
• These Pokemon have the capacity to burst down Zoroark when you are in their line of fire. The best way to fight these Pokemon is to go around and flank them with a surprise attack. You can use the tall grass to hide before you attack.
• When they use their dash moves to reposition, take time to line up your combos and strike when their moves are on cooldown.

Outmaneuver and Outplay

Pokemon with Low HP
Glaceon Image Inteleon Image Mew Image Sableye Image Sylveon Image
• These Pokemon have little to no mobility moves that can keep up with Zoroark. Once their position is compromised, it will be hard for them to fight back. Additionally, because of their low HP, they can easily fall to either Zoroark's damage move.
• Evade their initial burst moves with Agility or Jump Kick. You can also use the moves to get closer to them.

Avoidable Disables

Pokemon With Set Up Attacks
Cramorant Image Delphox Image
• These Pokemon have moves that can leave Zoroark incapacitated. However, the moves set up are slow enough for you to use Zoroark's moves to evade them.
• These Pokemon also do not have proper dash moves that can help them reposition if they miss their attacks. This leaves them vulnerable to getting burst down when you manage to get close enough.

Cut the Support Short

Supporter Pokemon
Comfey Image Eldegoss Image Hoopa Image
• These Pokemon are only strong when they are supporting their allies. See to it that you take them out first during team fights to cut the enemy team's buff gains.
• When they are isolated from their teammates, performing any combo will be enough to take them out quickly.

Disrupt the Early Game

Pokemon With Weak Early Game
Charizard Image
• These Pokemon need to either reach their power spikes to become strong or have generally weak moves that do not contest Zoroark's gameplay. This makes their early game slow, which you can take advantage of by cutting off their EXP gain by either consistently knocking them down during the early game or using Zoroark's arsenal of dash moves to steal Wild Pokemon camps from them.

Best Teammates for Zoroark

Pokemon Explanation
Pikachu ImagePikachu Snorlax ImageSnorlax Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Disablers
Pokemon with disabling moves makes it easier for Zoroark to finish its combos. They can use moves like Heavy Slam and Sing to keep enemies in place and allow Zoroark to quickly and safely execute combos.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Mamoswine ImageMamoswine Tsareena ImageTsareena Frontliners
Pokemon that can charge the frontlines helps Zoroark do its job of picking off targets. They can keep the enemy's attention away from Zoroark and direct it towards themselves, giving room for Zoroark to wait for an opening before dashing in and knocking out targets. They can also use disabling moves like Confusion and Icicle Crash to set up Zoroark's combos.

Looking for teammates to synergize with you? Head over to our Friend Request Board to find other trainers to join you in your grind or just to hang out with!

Friend Request Board

Zoroark Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Slash ImageSlash
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 5.5s
Starting Damage: 335
Final Damage: 402
Has the user dash in the designated direction , dealing damage to opposing Pokemon.
Shadow Claw ImageShadow Claw
(Lv. 7)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 5.5s
Starting Damage: 598
Final Damage: 1024
Has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon, and leaving them unable to act for a short time. If this move hits an opposing Pokemon near the dash's end point, that Pokemon will be thrown instead of being left unable to act.
Upgrade: Increases the length of time opposing Pokemon are thrown.
Cut ImageCut
(Lv. 7)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 4.5s
Starting Damage: 560
HP healed: 8% of Max HP
Final Damage: 965
HP healed: 10% of Max HP
Has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and restoring the user's HP.
Upgrade: Increases the amount of HP this move restores.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Fury Swipes ImageFury Swipes
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 7.5s
Starting Damage: 872
Damage per dash: 436, Number of dashes: 2
Final Damage: 996
Damage per dash: 498, Number of dashes: 2
Has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon. If this move hits an opposing Pokemon, for a short time, it can be used again.
Night Slash ImageNight Slash
(Lv. 5)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 8s / Upgraded: 7s
Starting Damage: Dash: 494, Final Attack: 1196
Damage per dash: 494, Final attack damage: 1196
Final Damage: Dash: 937, Final Attack: 2270
Damage per dash: 937, Final attack damage: 2270
For a short time, the user's next movement becomes a dash attack. After the user performs a dash attack, its next basic attack becomes a special boosted basic attack. Then, after that special boosted basic attack (or another move) hits an opposing Pokemon, the user's next movement becomes a dash attack again, and so on. This move's effect duration is limited, but after each time the user hits with a dash atack, a special boosted basic attack, or another move, the duration resets. If the user moves when unable to do a dash attack, this move's effect duration immediately ends. During this move, if the user hits opposing Pokemon with a combined total of six dash attacks and special boosted basic attacks (or other moves), the uuser will jump into the air and then land with a slash in a set area of effect, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon. If this slash attack hits opposing Pokemon, the user recovers HP. While jumping, the user is able to use Shadow Claw or Cut to move a set distance.
Upgrade: Reduces the move's cooldown.
Feint Attack ImageFeint Attack
(Lv. 5)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 6s / Upgraded 5s
Starting Damage: 3979
Damage per dash: 532, Number of dashes: 4, Leap damage: 1332 + 519
Final Damage: 7550
Damage per dash: 1010, Number of dashes: 4, Leap damage: 2526 + 984
Has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and reducing all of the user's move cooldowns. If this move hits opposing Pokemon, the dash's start point is marked for a short time, and the user is able to use this move again. If this move is used again, the new dash's start point is marked, and the user dashes back toward the previous one, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits along the way. As long as a point is marked, if the user uses certain moves other than Feint Attack, the point where the move was used becomes the new marked point. If the user hits opposing Pokemon four times with either Feint Attack or other moves without interrupting the chain of marking, the next use of Feint Attack changes. If this changed Feint Attack is used, the user leaps at the designated opposing Pokemon and deals damage to it before landing in the designated direction.
Upgrade: Reduces this move's cooldown.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Nightfall Daze ImageNightfall Daze
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Sure Hit
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 100s
Starting Damage: 3144
Damage per shock wave: 1048, Number of shock waves: 3
Final Damage: 4794
Damage per shock wave: 1598, Number of shock waves: 3
Has the user release three dark shock waves with increasing area of effect, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon. The user is immune to hindrances while releasing shock waves.

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage.

Ability (Passive)

Illusion ImageIllusion All Evolution Stages
The Pokemon takes form of a random wild Pokemon or Pokemon from the opposing team. The Pokemon returns to its original form when it takes damage or uses a basic attack or move.

Zoroark Stats & Evolutions

Zoroark Evolutions

1st Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 5)

Zoroark Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3030 55 45 135
2 3100 60 48 147
3 3181 65 51 160
4 3274 71 55 175
5 3698 99 73 245
6 3821 107 78 265
7 3962 116 84 288
8 4125 127 91 315
9 4312 139 99 346
10 4528 153 108 382
11 4776 169 119 423
12 5061 187 131 470
13 5389 208 145 525
14 5766 232 161 588
15 6200 260 180 660

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Zoroark In-Game Stat Listings

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
3.5 Stars.png 1.5 Stars.png 4 Stars.png 2 Stars.png 0.5 Stars.png

Zoroark Skins (Holowear)

ZoroarkCostume Party StyleCostume Party Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 1050
ZoroarkGhost StyleGhost Style

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

Zoroark Character Spotlight

Zoroark Achievements

Night Slash Achievement

Night Slash
Pokemon Move
Zoroark ImageZoroark Night Slash ImageNight Slash
Hit 2 or more Pokemon from the opposing team at the same time when slashing the ground while landing with Night Slash or Night Slash+ (10/20/40 times)
Medals & Points Rewards
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Achievement Medal Beginner
Pokemon UNITE - Achievement Points.png 5
Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x100
Pokemon UNITE - Expert Achievement Medal Expert
Pokemon UNITE - Achievement Points.png5
Aeos Coin IconAeos Coin x300
Pokemon UNITE - Master Achievement Medal.png Master
Pokemon UNITE - Achievement Points.png10
Holowear Ticket IconHolowear Ticket x3

List of Speedster Pokemon Achievements

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Pokemon UNITE - SlowbroSlowbro Pokemon UNITE - SnorlaxSnorlax Pokemon UNITE - SylveonSylveon Pokemon UNITE - TalonflameTalonflame
Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena Pokemon UNITE - Tyranitar IconTyranitar Pokemon UNITE - Umbreon IconUmbreon
Pokemon UNITE - Urshifu IconUrshifu Pokemon UNITE - WigglytuffWigglytuff Pokemon UNITE - VenusaurVenusaur Pokemon UNITE - ZacianZacian
Pokemon UNITE - ZeraoraZeraora Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark -

Upcoming Pokemon

Upcoming Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Mimikyu IconMimikyu
October 19, 2023
Pokemon UNITE - Meowscarada IconMeowscarada

Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 12 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: June 27, 2023
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo X OP Tier 26.1% 73.18%
Pokemon UNITE - Mega Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo Y SS Tier 13% 74.78%
Pokemon UNITE - Umbreon IconUmbreon S Tier 8.7% 71.50%
Pokemon UNITE - ZacianZacian SS Tier 5.8% 74%
Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark S Tier 5.8% 72.25%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker All-
Supporter Defender Speedster
Pokemon UNITE - Mega Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo Y Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo X Pokemon UNITE - BlisseyBlissey Pokemon UNITE - Umbreon IconUmbreon Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark

Master Rank: Top Ranked Win Rates

Pokemon by Role

All Pokemon Roles
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Speedster IconSpeedsters Supporter IconSupporters

Pokemon by Characteristics

Attack Type
Pokemon UNITE - Melee Type Partial BannerMelee Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Ranged Type Partial BannerRanged Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Physical Type Partial BannerPhysical Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Special Type Partial BannerSpecial Pokemon
Stat Rankings
Pokemon UNITE - HP Ranking Partial BannerHP Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Defense Ranking Partial BannerDefense Ranking
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