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Daily Login Rewards Guide: 14-Day Welcome Gifts

The Daily Login Rewards is a 14-day Event where players will get rewards like Unite Licenses, Pokemon Skins, and In-Game currency. Read on to learn all the rewards you can get and how it the event works!

All Login Rewards

Daily Login Reward List

Day Reward
1 Aeos Coins 680 Aeos Coins
2 Alolan Ninetales License Unite License: Alolan Ninetales
3 Beach Style: Venusaur
4 Aeos Ticket600 Aeos Tickets
5 Sporty Set HeadwearTrainer Outfit
Sporty Set: Headwear
6 Sporty Set InnerwearTrainer Outfit
Sporty Set: Innerwear
7 Aeos Coins 880 Aeos Coins
8 Cinderace License Unite License: Cinderace
9 Aeos Ticket700 Aeos Tickets
10 Sporty Set BottomsTrainer Outfit
Sporty Set: Bottoms
11 Aeos Ticket700 Aeos Tickets
12 Sporty Set ShoesTrainer Outfit
Sporty Set: Shoes
13 Aeos Ticket800 Aeos Tickets
14 Greninja LicenseUnite License: Greninja

Things to Do Every Day

Daily Login Overview

14-Day Welcome Gifts Event

Daily Login Rewards.jpg
After completing the tutorial on a new account, an event called 14-Day Welcome Gifts will become available. It will last until you have unlocked every reward. Simply log in for 14 days to get the reward for that day. You do not need to login in a row to get the next reward

This is a great event to help new players settle into the game
The daily login will reset every 5 PM PST.
List of Events

Three Free Unite Licenses

Unite License REward.jpg
Since the daily login reward will reward you with three Unite Licenses, you should avoid buying these specific Pokemon.

If you already have these Unite Licenses, don't worry! You will get rewarded with coins instead.

License Aeos Coins Gems
Alolan Ninetales LicenseUnite License: Alolan Ninetales
Cinderace LicenseUnite License: Cinderace
Greninja LicenseUnite License: Greninja

How to Unlock All Pokemon (Unite Licenses)

Aeos Coin and Ticket Rewards

Currency Reward.jpg
One of the important rewards given to you through the daily login is the Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets that you can spend in the store to help you start out in the game.

Currency Day Amount
Aeos Coins Aeos Coins 1 680
7 880
Total 1560
Aeos TicketAeos Tickets 4 600
9 700
11 700
13 800
Total 2800

What to Buy in the Shop: Best Items to Buy

Free Cosmetics Items

Trainer Outfits

You will also unlock a trainer outfit set for your trainer and a Holowear for Venusaur. These are cosmetic items that do not give any gameplay advantages but will allow the players to customize the aesthetics of their trainer or Pokemon.

List of All Skins: Fashion and Holowear

Pokemon UNITE Related Guides

List of Events Partial Banner

List of Events

Eevee Festival Events

Event Name End Date
Pokemon UNITE - Eevee Appeal-o-rama Event Partial BannerEevee Appeal-o-rama June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Leafeon Commemorative Log-In Bonus Partial Banner.pngLeafeon Log-In Bonus June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Eevees Daily Walk Partial BannerEevee's Daily Walk June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Eevee Festival Battle Challenge Partial BannerEevee's Festival Battle Challenge June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Eevee Festival Holowear Bonus Partial BannerEevee Festival Holowear Bonus June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Eevee Festival Challenge Partial BannerEevee Festival Challenge June 23, 2023
12:00AM UTC

Active Events

Event Name End Date
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 11 Partial BannerRanked Season 11 June 12, 2023
3:30AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 15 Partial BannerBattle Pass Season 15 June 12, 2023
12:00AM UTC

Repeating Events

Event Name Duration
Daily Missions Event GuideDaily Missions Resets daily.
Available everyday.
Score Challenge BannerScore Challenge Available during weekends from Saturday to Monday.
Intense Battle Training BannerIntense Battle Training Available This Week.
Pokemon UNITE - Total Score Challenge - Wigglytuff Partial BannerTotal Score Challenge Available in 2 Weeks.
Assist Crash Course! BannerAssist Crash Course! Available Next Week.

Permanent Events

Event Name Duration
Pokemon UNITE - Gift Code Exchange Partial BannerGift Code Exchange Available on all platforms.
Codes can be redeemed.
Pokemon UNITE - Returning Players Event Partial BannerReturning Player Event Available for 14 days after returning from a 14 days or more absence from UNITE
Pokemon UNITE - 14-Day Welcome Gifts14-Day Welcome Gifts Log in for 14 days after account creation.
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner ChallengeBeginner Challenge Activates after Trainer level 3 for only 30 days.
Pokemon UNITE - Super Item Enhancement Missions Event GuideSuper Item Enhancement Missions Event Guide Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora MissionZeraora Mission Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Held Item Enhancement Support MissionsHeld Item Enhancement Support Missions Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Max-Grade Trial Campaign GuideMax-Grade Trial Campaign Guide Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
You can link your account and claim a reward!You can link your account and claim a reward! Available from
November 16, 2021
(no deadline)

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