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How to Move the Camera and Best Timing

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Guide

This is a guide on how to use the camera while in a match in Pokemon Unite. Read on to learn how to use the camera, when to use the camera, best camera settings, what is the camera and more!

How to Use the Camera

Camera Button Controls

Pokemon UNITE - Move Camera

To use the camera, simply press and hold the L Button Switch button on your controller. You can then move the camera in any direction by using the R Analog Switch analog stick on your controller.

Icon Will Change While in Use

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Icon Change

While pressing down on the camera button, the Eye Symbol will turn into a Directional Symbol. The button icon will also change to an analog stick, indicating that the camera is in use.

Camera Touch Controls

Another way to move the camera is to use touch controls. Simply press your finger down on the mini map and your view will automatically be brought to the location. Additionally, you can freely swipe anywhere in the mini map to quickly jump to different locations. Using this method is faster than the traditional button combination for camera controls.

Activates when Knocked Down

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Knocked Down

When you get knocked down, you will get the chance to move the camera around while you wait to respawn. The Vision mechanic will still take effect here, meaning you will not be able to see your opponents unless they are near allies or your team's goals. Here, you can simply control the camera with the R Analog Switch analog stick without pressing L Button Switch.

When to Use the Camera

Survey Lanes

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Map Fights
You can use the camera together with the mini-map to see the condition of your team's lanes. You can check important details like the health of Goal Zones, your teammate's current level, Wild Pokemon spawns, etc. Having these knowledge will help you make informed decisions on where you need to go.

Great for Setting Up Ganks

Pokemon UNITE - Set Up Gank

Take advantage of the extended view for setting up ganks on unsuspecting enemies. Makes sure your are hiding inside the tall grass and wait for the right moment to strike!

Check Objective Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Boss Pokemon
While battling it out in lanes, you can use the camera to keep the Objectives in check when you are near them. This is helpful in knowing whether opponents are pursuing Boss Pokemon.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the camera surveying your sorroundings when fighting Boss Pokemon to avoid getting ambushed by the enemy team.

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Best Camera Settings

Best Camera Sensitivity

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Sensitivity

You can change how fast the camera moves in the Camera Sensitivity Section in the Controls tab of the Settings menu. It is recommended that you set it high enough while still maintaining full control for quick transitions.

Since you can only feel the difference during matches, you can test the values you set via the Practice Area and adjust it accordingly.

How to Use the Training Modes

Turn on Camera Follows Moves

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Follows Moves Screen

On Off

A useful camera is setting is turning on the Camera Follows Moves . This allows the camera to stretch outside your view so you can see where your moves are targeted off screen. Check out the differences below:

List of Settings and Best Settings to Use

Mini Map Position (Lower Right)

Mini Map Lower Right

Setting the mini map at the lower right side of the screen is very useful if you heavily rely on using touch controls when using the camera. This allows you to continue controlling your Pokemon while navigating the map with your right thumb.

What is the Camera?

Pokemon UNITE - Camera Moving

The camera is a game mechanic that allows the player to extend their view of the battlefield during matches. Use it to see parts of the map without actually going there.

No Range Limit

Pokemon UNITE - Camera no Limit
There is no limit to where you can move the camera. You can even use it to view the enemy's side of the map, though you will not see where your opponents are due to the vision mechanic.

Vision Guide: How Sight Works

Can Still Control Your Pokemon

It is important to note that you can still control your Pokemon while moving the camera. Use it to extend your view while going to certain areas of the map.

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