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Free Character Tier List: Best Free Pokemon to Play

Free Character Tier List: Best Free Pokemon to Play

This is a full tier list of all the Pokemon you can get for free in Pokemon UNITE. Read on for a full tier list of which Free Characters are best to use and why, and how to unlock all free Pokemon!

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Free Character Tier List

S Rank Icon
Alolan Ninetales Image Slowbro Image Venusaur Image
A Rank Icon
Cinderace Image Decidueye Image Crustle Image Zeraora Image
B Rank Icon
Greninja Image
If there are other free Pokemon that's not listed here, help us by posting them in the comments section. Please provide a screenshot.

Tier List of All Pokemon

S Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales S Rank Icon Top
Deadly in the right hands
Alolan Ninetales can hinder opponents with its ice moves that can inflict slow or freeze them entirely. Though it can easily knock down an opponent with burst damage, it can be a bit difficult to line up perfect hits. But, in the right hands, Alolan Ninetales can easily manipulate the battlefield in its favor.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro A Rank Icon Bot
Versatile Defender
Slowbro excels at being a great Defender because of its ability to shrug off attacks and incapacitate enemies with Telekinesis. Slowbro may feel different from other Defenders due to its unique moveset, but having them makes Slowbro versatile and unpredictable.
Venusaur ImageVenusaur S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Powerful Tank with Insane Damage
Venusaur is just insane right now. You can spam Petal Dance and Giga Drain to have god-like survivability whole dealing tons of damage. This makes Venusaur a pseudo-tank Pokemon that can carry as well as survive in a team battle!

A Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Cinderace ImageCinderace A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Fight with fire
Cinderace has superb single target output thanks to its affinity for inflicting burn. It also has high mobility in the form of Low Sweep or Feint, which helps maintain a good position as you bombard your opponents with fast attacks. Once you get the feel for its power, Cinderace can easily be your go-to Attacker for future matches!
Decidueye ImageDecidueye A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Rapid-Fire Attacks
Decidueye is a great attack-damage carry thanks to Razor Leaf, increasing its attack speed and allowing it to attack multiple targets at once. It can also burst targets down from a long range using Spirit Shackle. The Pokemon's downside is its low durability and lack of mobility tools, making it an easy target for faster Pokemon.
Crustle ImageCrustle A Rank Icon Top
A hard shell to crack
Crustle has superb survivability thanks to its durability and surprisingly high damage output . New players will appreciate how powerful Crustle is because of its ability to control the battlefield with Rock Tomb or fight enemies directly with X-Scissor. It may take a bit of practice to get the hang of its moveset, but mastering Crustle's strengths and playstyle will surely help teams conquer matches. Crustle is a great addition to your Pokemon roster!
Zeraora ImageZeraora A Rank Icon Jungle
Too Fast, Too Powerful
Zeraora has a combination of powerful Dash moves and single target burst in its arsenal. It can be a formidable foe as the game goes on thanks to how strong it is when it comes to farming and fighting opponents alike. Zeraora is also one of the best Junglers in the game, making it an excellent addition to your roster.

B Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Greninja ImageGreninja A Rank Icon Any
Requires mastery to reach full potential
Greninja takes a while to get powerful in a match. Hitting the right beats and maintaining its growth throughout the match is key to reach its powerful moves. Moreover, what it lacks in overall defense, it makes up in how it can make itself difficult to hit with moves like Substitution. It will take a bit of effort to operate Greninja to its full potential.

Tier List Criteria

Free Pokemon Tier List Criteria
Power Level Ease of Use Versatility

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list:

  • Power Level: Determines how well the Pokemon can contribute to the overall competence of the team in terms of its moves, as well as its effectiveness in fulfilling its role as a member of a team.
  • Ease of Use: Determines how easy it is to control the Pokemon during a match, whether it is straight forward enough to pick up and understand without too much hassle.
  • Versatility: Since you will be spending most of your time grinding for Aeos Coins, it is important that the Pokemon can offer variety in terms of gameplay to keep battles fresh.

How to Get All Free Pokemon

Select a Starter Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Free Character Selection Screen.png

Aside from the Starter Pokemon you picked when you completed the tutorial, you can also get free Pokemon from claiming level rewards or from in-game events. It is important to note that Unite Licenses that you receive through these allows you to keep the Pokemon entirely. So it is best to claim free Pokemon when you have the chance!

Best Starter Pokemon

Claim Level Rewards

Slowbro Level Reward.jpg

Pokemon Trainer Level
Slowbro ImageSlowbro 2
Venusaur ImageVenusaur 5

After completing the tutorial, you will automatically start at trainer level 2. As a reward, you will unlock Slowbro. Progress a bit further in trainer levels and you get to unlock Venusaur when your reach level 5. So far, these are the only Pokemon you can unlock through the trainer level rewards.

How to Get Battle Points Fast

Logging in Everyday

14 Day Login Reward

Pokemon Log in Bonus
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Day 2
Cinderace ImageCinderace Day 8
Greninja ImageGreninja Day 14

Players can take advantage of the 14-Day Welcome Gifts event to get free rewards and, most importantly, free Pokemon! Here, you can get Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, and Greninja You just have to log in for 14 days to claim the rewards.

Daily Login Rewards Guide

Obtain from Events

Zeraora Mission

Pokemon How to Get
Zeraora ImageZeraora Win 32 Unite Battles

The powerful Zeraora can be obtained by completing the Zeraora Mission Event! This mission requires players to win 32 battles to get the Zeraora License! There will likely be similar events in the future which allow players to unlock new characters by participating in Events.

List of Events

Receive as Challenge Reward

Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Challenge Licenses.png

Pokemon How to Get
Crustle ImageCrustle Day 7 Beginner Challenge Reward

Players can also get a free Pokemon by doing the Beginner Challenges, which consists of seven sets of missions, each with their own in-game rewards and currencies. When you complete all the Beginner Challenges, you will be rewarded with a Garchomp License!

Beginner Challenge Guide

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