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Movement Speed Guide: How to Run Fast

Pokemon UNITE - Movement Speed Guide: How to Run Fast

Movement speed dictates how fast your Pokemon can move from one place to another. Find out the different ways to increase your Pokemon's movement speed in UNITE battles with this guide!

How to Increase Movement Speed

How to Increase Movement Speed

Equip Held Items

Item Effect
Float Stone.pngFloat Stone Attack + 24
Movement Speed + 120

Increases movement speed by (10/15/20)% when the Pokemon is not in combat.
Exp. Share.pngExp. Share HP + 240
Movement Speed + 150

While the Pokemon has the fewest Exp. Points on the team, it gains (2/3/4) Exp. Points per second. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokemon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.

Equipping the Float Stone helps you quickly transition from in and out of combat and chase low HP opponents when they are retreating. This is also useful for efficiently traversing wide-open areas while roaming as the team's Jungler.

Another held item that increases your movement speed is the EXP Share. It also increases your Pokemon's HP to give you a bit more endurance together with the speed bonus.

List of Held Items

Upgrade for More Speed Bonus

Pokemon UNITE - Upgrade Float Stone

Upgrading Held Items increases the bonus stats they give. This allows you to strengthen Float Stone and Exp. Share effects and provide an additional speed bonus as it reaches higher levels. You can upgrade them by using Item Enhancers, which can be bought from the store or be received by completing Events.

How to Upgrade Items

Stay Within Allied Lanes

Moving within the Purple Flux along the allied controlled lanes will increase your Pokemon's movement speed. Make sure to stay inside them as you make your way from the base so you can reach Goal Zones quickly!

Disappears When Goals are Destroyed

When the enemy destroys your team's Goal Zone, the flux along the lane will disappear, along with the movement speed bonus. The same will happen when you destroy an enemy Goal Zone. Overall, losing a Goal Zones will have a negative impact on how fast you can get back into the battle. So, it is best to defend them as much as possible.

How to Defend Goals

Enemy Flux Slows You Down

When an enemy Goal Zone is still present, the lane beyond it will contain an Orange Flux. Be careful, stepping into the enemy lane flux will decrease your movement speed and leave you vulnerable to getting picked off.

Use Specific Moves

You can also increase your Pokemon's movement speed by using certain moves in battle. Pokemon like Machamp has a great arsenal of moves that can give itself a boost in movement speed with a Submission, while Eldegoss can give a movement speed buff to allies with its Leaf Tornado.

Conversely, Pokemon like Alolan Ninetales and Gengar have moves that can inflict Slow, which reduces you Pokemon's movement speed. It is best to take note of their moves as you fight them so you can play around with their debuffs.

Moves that Increase Movement Speed

Unite Moves Increase Movement Speed

Activating your Pokemon's Unite move gives a boost in movement speed for a short amount of time. Take advantage of this sudden burst of speed to finish off your opponents or retreat from a losing fight!

Unite Moves Guide: How to Use

Use X Speed

Currently, X Speed is the only Battle Item that can increase a Pokemon's movement speed. Use this to close the gap between you and a retreating opponent or catch up to pesky Speedsters that are hard to target. Additionally, the bonus effect that prevents you from getting slowed for a short time gives you an option to use the item defensively.

X Speed Effect and How to Get

Consume Green Berries

Green berries appear in the Central part of the arena near the Legendary Pit (Zapdos / Rayquaza area). Consuming these will give you a boost in movement speed for a very short amount of time.

List of Berries and Effects

Mostly Used by Jungler

Green berries are mostly utilized by the Jungler to farm Wild Pokemon in the Central Area or transition to lanes faster. However, you can still consume them if you need to quickly change lanes. Overall, it is best not to go out of the lanes just to take the green berries without any good reason!

Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

Equip Boost Emblems

Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems - Maximum of 10 Emblems per Loadout

Equipping certain Boost Emblems increases a Pokemon's movement speed.

Boost Emblems Guide: List of Emblems

Equip Yellow Emblems

Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems - Yellow Color Effect.png

Having a certain number of Yellow Boost Emblems in your loadout increases your movement speed when out of combat.

List of All Yellow Boost Emblems and Effect

What is Movement Speed?

Your Pokemon's movement speed dictates how fast it can move on the battlefield. Simply put, the higher the movement speed a Pokemon has, the faster it can move to a location.

You can increase movement speed by staying within your team's Lane Flux, using moves, or equipping items that boost your movement speed. However, your opponents can inflict debuffs that can reduce your movement speed, so be careful.

Stats Explanation: Effects of Each Stat

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