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This is a guide on how to use the in-game voice chat in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn how to use voice chat, the best apps for voice chat, and more!

Voice Chat Requirements

Unlock at Trainer Level 6

Pokemon UNITE - Trainer Level 6
Players must reach trainer level 6 before they can enable voice chat in the settings. Reaching this trainer level also unlocks Ranked Matches, which is perfect for voice chat!

Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

Headphones with Microphone Required

Pokemon UNITE - Headphones Required

You will need a compatible pair of headphones with a built-in microphone to use the Voice Chat feature. As long as your Nintendo Switch or mobile device recognizes the headphones you plugged in, you should be able to turn on the voice chat feature through the in-game settings.

How to Use Voice Chat

Turn on Voice Chat for Nintendo Switch Step-by-Step

Turn on Voice Chat in the Settings
1 While in the home screen, press X to access the side menu
2 Go to the System Settings, then turn on Voice Chat
3 Go to the Audio Tab, then turn on Voice Chat.
Turn on Voice Chat During Battle
1 Press + button to open the menu.
2 Press - button to open Settings.
3 Go down to Voice Chat Settings, then turn on Voice Chat.
4 If it is your first time turning on the Voice Chat feature, you will need to accept the Chat Terms of Use before you can use it.

Turn on Voice Chat for Mobile Step-by-Step

Turn on Voice Chat in the Settings
1 While in the home screen, head to your Trainer Menu and choose settings
2 Choose the System Settings option, scroll down, and toggle your Voice Chat to either on or off.
Turn on Voice Chat During Battle
1 Press the Microphone icon found next to your mini-map to access Mobile voice output Settings.
2 Press the Headphone icon found next to your mini-map to access Mobile voice chat input settings.
3 If it is your first time turning on the Voice Chat feature, you will need to accept the Chat Terms of Use before you can use it.
3 Make sure to enable the game to acces your microphone!

Voice Chat Settings

Incoming Outgoing
Team: All Hear all teammates. Talk to all teammates.
Team: Invited Hear all invited friends only. Talk to invited friends only.

Must Use Headphones Before Changing

You can only turn on the Voice Chat settings while you have headphones plugged in your device. If a player uses headphones that does not have a microphone, they can only turn on the Incoming option to hear their teammate's voices.

Must be Reactivated Every Match

Unlike other settings, Voice Chat settings do not save and must be turned on every match. We suspect that this is the reason why most players do not use Voice Chat, since it might waste a bit of time setting it up every game.

Can Mute Teammates

Pokemon UNITE - Voice Chat Mute
Players can mute individual teammates by going to the Battle Record screen and selecting their chat icon. This allows players to choose who they want to talk to without completely muting everyone.

If you get partnered up with a misbehaving teammate, you can report them by choosing Report Inappropriate Chat. We are uncertain what happens when a player is reported this way, but we know that it is best not to be on the receiving end of it.

Best Apps for Voice Chat

Voice Chat Apps
App Notes
Discord LogoDiscord Rating: ★★★★★
  • Compatible with mobile devices and PCs
  • Simple to use
  • Free to use
  • Has text chat
  • Nintendo OnlineNintendo Switch Online Rating: N/A
    There is no news yet if Pokemon UNITE's voice chat is supported via the Nintendo Switch Online app.

    Players can also utilize third party apps that support voice chat to better communicate with their team. While there are many voice chat apps available for multiple platforms, there are only a handful apps that gamers trust and enjoy the most.

    How to Use Discord


    Download Discord

    IOS (Mobile) Android (Mobile) PC
    ▶ App Store ▶ Google Play ▶ Official Website

    Download the Discord app using one of the links above. We recommend using the mobile versions for better portability.

    Create a Server

    1 2
    Select the Icon
    In the app, select the + symbol on the left.
    Select Create My Own
    Select Create My Own. (Any option is okay)
    3 4
    Select For Me And My Friends
    Select For me and my friends. (Any option is okay).
    Enter Server Name
    Give the server a name like Pokemon UNITE.

    Invite Friends or Join a Server

    Invite Friends to the Server
    1 2
    Select Invite Your Friends
    In the server page, select Invite your friends.
    Share Link
    Share the Invite Link to your friends.
    Join a Friend's Server
    1 2
    Select Join a Friend
    In the create your server page, select Join a friend on Discord.
    Enter the Link
    Enter the invite link to join the server.

    Talk on Voice Channel

    1 2
    Select General Voice Channel
    Select the General voice channel.
    Select Join Voice
    Press the Join Voice button.

    Voice Call Controls

    Voice Call Controls.png

    Voice Call Control List
    Control Description
    Deafen IconDeafen Prevents users from hearing anything.
    Invite Friend IconInvite Friend Invites a friend to the server.
    Noise SupressionNoise Suppression Filters background noise.
    Settings IconSettings Opens voice call settings menu.
    Toggle CameraToggle Camera Enables or disables the use of camera.
    Record or Cast IconRecord/Cast Records all conversation and camera.
    Mute IconMute Disables user's mic.
    Audio Output IconAudio Output Selects where the audio output goes through.
    Leave IconLeave Leaves the voice call conversation.

    During a voice call, there are useful controls to know. Deafen prevents users from hearing anything. Mute prevents users from talking via the mic. Leave exits the call conversation.

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