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This page is a guide to the best item types to buy in the shop in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the different shops, and a priority list of what kinds of items are best to buy.

Best Items to Buy

High-Priority Items
Pokemon Licenses
Held Items
Account Items
Cosmetic Items

Pokemon Licenses

Pokemon Licenses should be the first priority when buying from the shops. Having a larger pool of Pokemon to choose from enables the team to form a better team composition against the enemy. Knowing which Pokemon to unlock is key to forming a better team.
Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Held Items

Held Items
The second priority item to buy are Held Items. Held Items give passive bonus effects to Pokemon, making them more effective during battles.
Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Account Items

Held Items
Account Items have low priority because they do not give players a noticeable advantage during matches. However, these items are useful for farming Aeos Coins, and Battle Pass Points.
List of Account Items

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic Items Header Banner.png
Cosmetic Items should always be the last priority item to buy. They do not affect Pokemon's effectiveness during battles in any way. They are purely for 'bragging rights'.

List of Shops

Unite Battle Committee (UBC)

Unite Battle Committee
The Unite Battle Committee, UBC for short, is the shop where Pokemon licenses are bought. Licenses are used to unlock Pokemon to make them always available to use. Players can buy licenses using either Aeos Coins or Gems.
How to Get Unite Licenses

Aeos Emporium

Aeos Emporium
The Aeos Emporium is where Held Items, Account Items, and Trainer Fashion Items are bought.

Items Sold in Aeos Emporium
Item Currency Description
Held Items Fashion ticket Aeos Coins
Fashion ticket Aeos Gems
These items give passive bonus effects to the Pokemon holding them.
Account Items Fashion ticket Aeos Gems
Aeos Ticket Aeos Ticket
These items affect a player's account like name change or Aeos Coin boost.
Trainer Outfits Aeos Ticket Aeos Ticket
Fashion ticket Fashion Ticket
These are cosmetic items for trainers, who do not appear during the battle itself.

Zirco Trading

Aeos Emporium
Zirco Trading is where Holowears are bought. Holowears are purely cosmetic items for Pokemon that are only activated when a Pokemon reaches its final evolution, and do not give any bonuses to the Pokemon.

Items Sold in Zirco Trading
Item Currency Description
Holowear Fashion ticket Aeos Gems
Fashion ticket Holowear Tickets
Regular items that can be bought using Aeos Gems or Holowear Ticket.

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

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