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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Abra in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when Abra appears, how to find Abra, what moves Abra has, what rewards Abra gives, and more!

Abra Location and Spawn Time

Time Remaining Location
Match Start Random

Abra Respawn Time

Respawn Time
60 seconds

Abra will respawn in exactly 60 seconds after it is defeated. It will keep respawning until the end of the match.

Abra Rewards and Effects

Aeos Energy 20 (+3 at the final minute)
Bonus Effect None

Is Beating Abra Worth It?

Given that Abra awards 20 points without putting up a fight, it is one of the better wild Pokemon to defeat in Auroma Park. Hunt them down when they're near you and score whenever the goal is at x2 for an easy 40 points.

How to Beat Abra

Unleash Your Offense

Pokemon UNITE Abra 01.png
Abra is more annoying than it is difficult since it teleports away if you are near it. Unleash all of your moves in order to bring it down easy and gain 20 points for you to score.

Do Not Pursue

It's not wise to hunt down Abra as it appears randomly on the map when it spawns or teleports. Just take them down as soon as they appear near you and don't go too far just to hunt it down as you'll be wasting precious time and putting yourself at risk of an enemy ambush.

When to Beat Abra

Attack On Sight

Pokemon UNITE Abra 02.png
Since Abra is placed at random areas in the map, it is recommended that you defeat it once you see it. Just unload your combos on it as soon as you can to bring its health down quickly. The good news is that Abra will not recover HP after it teleports away and stays out of combat, so the next time you see it you can finish it off.

Abra Moves


Pokemon UNITE Abra 03.png
Abra does not fight back and will only teleport away from battle, marked by the small blue bar at the bottom. The location it teleports to will be totally random but usually not too far away.

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