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Best Starter Pokemon and All Starters

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Once you start playing Pokemon UNITE you get to choose a free starter Pokemon. To learn which of the following starter Pokemon is the best, make sure to read our guide!

Best Starter Pokemon

Best Starters
Pikachu Image Snorlax Image
Okay Choice
Decidueye Image Talonflame Image Charizard Image
Not Recommended
Eldegoss Image
If there are other free Pokemon that's not listed here, help us by posting them in the comments section. Please provide a screenshot.

Pikachu Deals Great AoE Damage

Pikachu ImagePikachu
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
Attacker Ranged Top/Bottom S Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Pikachu is a great Attacker for dealing massive amounts of damage. Its arsenal of moves have the ability to either stun or slow opponents, making it effective during team fights. The only thing that Pikachu suffers from is having no escape abilities aside from its Unite move. Once Pikachu is in a fight, it has to fight. An Eject Button can only delay the inevitability of being in battle, especially if you are alone in a lane.

Snorlax is Built For the Front Line

Snorlax ImageSnorlax
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
Defender Melee Top/Bottom S Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Snorlax is a high-HP Pokemon that can take a lot of damage from enemy Pokemon. Snorlax also has a crowd control moves that allows it to block enemies from pushing past it! Beyond being a strong Defender, however, Snorlax also excels in dishing out decent amounts of damage with its Flail. Its Heavy Slam attack also deals good crowd control.

Charizard is a Dependable Fighter

Charizard ImageCharizard
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
All-Rounder Melee Bottom B Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Charizard is a flexible All-rounder Pokemon that deals consistent damage throughout the game. Having balanced stats makes it a great Pokemon for brawls. If you are seeking a decent mix of offense and defense, you can rely on Charizard to achieve that goal.

Decidueye is a Versatile Damage Dealer

Decidueye ImageDecidueye
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
Attacker Ranged Top/Bottom A Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Decidueye can act as an attack-damage carry if it learns Razor Leaf or as a long-ranged, burst-damage assassin if it learns Spirit Shackle. Either way, the Pokemon is great at dealing high amounts of damage, especially in the late game. The Pokemon's downside is its low durability and lack of mobility tools, making it an easy target for faster Pokemon.

Talonflame Bursts Down Its Prey

Talonflame ImageTalonflame
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
Speedster Melee Jungle B Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Talonflame has little to no Defense and is very easily brought down by crowd control effects. However, what it lacks in Defense, it more than makes up for with its offensive capabilities. Talonflame can burst down its enemies in the blink of an eye, especially with the amount of damage it can dish out. Even Defenders will need to keep an eye out when a Talonflame is in the field. Not to mention, Talonflame becomes untargetable when it uses Fly.

Eldegoss Offers Shields and Heals

Eldegoss ImageEldegoss
Type Attack Range Lane Main Tier
Defender Ranged Top/Bottom A Rank Icon
Recommended Moves

Eldegoss is a great support Pokemon that can heal allies, grant positive buffs to the team, and also cripple the enemy team with crowd control. Eldegoss has powerful defensive moves that make up for the lackluster offense, making it a solely support choice Pokemon. However, if you plan on playing matches ins Solo Queue, bringing Eldegoss is not ideal.

All Pokemon Unite Starter Pokemon

All Starter Pokemon

Starter Pokemon Summary
Pikachu Image
Rating: ★★★★★
Pikachu is a Attacker Pokemon that is great in all stages of the game. You will find its long-ranged, AoE moves easy to use and can also deal large amounts of damage.

Pikachu's weakness is its fragility. It can be focused down quickly if the enemy manages to close the distance. Moreover, Pikachu has little to no escape moves, only utilizing stuns to get out of fights. Proper positioning and maintaining your distance are key to winning games with Pikachu!
Snorlax Image
Rating: ★★★★
Snorlax is a highly-durable Defender Pokemon that can disable enemies and protect its allies with its arsenal of crowd control moves. It can tank a lot of damage for the team while also being a great brawler.

Snorlax's playstyle is limited to supporting its team with its defense-focused moves. It may not have the offensive prowess compared to other Pokemon in the roster, but its strong, initiating moves make up for it.
Charizard Image
Rating: ★★★★
Charizard is a versatile All-Rounder that excels in both melee and ranged combat. It can deal consistent damage throughout the game, especially when it gets its power spike once it learns its Unite Move.

However, you will find that Charizard has a weak early game. You will have to put a bit more effort into reaching higher levels as the Pokemon can be burst down while it is not fully evolved. Once you do, Charizard will be a force to be reckoned with!
Decidueye Image
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Decidueye is a great ranged damage dealer that can either barrage opponents with rapid-fire attacks or burst them down from a long range.

However, the Pokemon struggles in the early game due to its scaling, and its low durability and lack of mobility tools makes it an easy target for faster Pokemon.
Talonflame Image
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Talonflame is a highly mobile Pokemon great for knocking down opponents in quick succession. It can go in and out of goal zones for quick scores and swoop down on targets to gank them.

You will have to be careful as Talonflame is a fragile Pokemon. Missing your shot or getting cornered by the enemy almost always spells doom for the Pokemon. If you get used to its controls and take advantage of its mobility moves, however, Talonflame will be your go-to Pokemon for assassinating targets!
Eldegoss Image
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Eldegoss is the ideal Supporter Pokemon with its ability to deal consistent damage while also providing both shields and heals for the team.

Being a Supporter, however, means that your playstyle is limited to aiding your allies. Eldegoss's effectivity drastically falls when it is not supporting its allies, making it difficult to take on opponents or objectives alone. Still, if you are looking for a great support Pokemon that is easy to master, look no further than Eldegoss!

Which Pokemon Did you Choose?

Pikachu 89
Eldegoss 49
Snorlax 77
Talonflame 140
Charizard 122

Can You Switch Starter Pokemon?

The Starter Pokemon Choice is Final

Pokemon UNITE - Main Menu Talonflame

Only the starter license you choose will be free. The Pokemon which are not chosen can be unlocked using Unite Licenses. The rest of the licenses will require you to spend Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems to unlock them. Licenses will have varying prices, with some being more expensive than others. Check out our guide below to see which Pokemon to buy first for beginners!

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