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Solo Queue Tier List: Best Pokemon for Solo Queue Ranked Matches

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Want to climb the ranks solo-queue in Pokemon UNITE, but don't know which Pokemon to use? Read this article to know the best Pokemon to use for climbing the ranks in solo-queue, and why you should pick them.

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Solo Queue Tier List

SS Rank Icon
Dragapult Image Falinks Image Inteleon Image Leafeon Image Mega Mewtwo X Image Mega Mewtwo Y Image Meowscarada Image Mimikyu Image Miraidon Image Zacian Image Zoroark Image
S Rank Icon
Absol Image Blastoise Image Blaziken Image Buzzwole Image Ceruledge Image Chandelure Image Dodrio Image Glaceon Image Lapras Image Mew Image Pikachu Image Slowbro Image Sylveon Image Umbreon Image Urshifu Image Venusaur Image
A Rank Icon
Aegislash Image Alolan Ninetales Image Azumarill Image Blissey Image Charizard Image Cinderace Image Clefable Image Crustle Image Decidueye Image Delphox Image Dragonite Image Eldegoss Image Espeon Image Gardevoir Image Gengar Image Goodra Image Greninja Image Hoopa Image Lucario Image Machamp Image Mamoswine Image Metagross Image Mr. Mime Image Scizor Image Snorlax Image Talonflame Image Trevenant Image Tsareena Image Tyranitar Image Wigglytuff Image Zeraora Image
B Rank Icon
Cramorant Image Duraludon Image Garchomp Image Greedent Image Sableye Image
C Rank Icon
Comfey Image Gyarados Image

Tier List Evaluation Complete!

Pokemon UNITE - Ceruledge Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

With the release of Ceruledge on June 13, 2024, the tier list evaluation is now complete! Check out the Pokemon's placement below.

Ceruledge Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

Solo Queue Tier List Updates
(June 2024)

New Pokemon Placement

Update Date Pokemon Summary
6/14 Ceruledge ImageCeruledge
Enters S Tier

• Ceruledge' damage, mobility, and utility moves make it a great pick for solo queue.

Tier List Explanations

SS Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Dragapult ImageDragapult SS Rank Icon Jungle
The Stealth Bomber
Dragapult is a ranged damage dealer that relies on fast attack speed to dish out damage quickly and take out its targets. It can also deal area damage with its Boosted Attack, which is a unique attack mechanic. It has stealth capabilities and can increase its damage output with each knockout thanks to Phantom Force. Its best asset is its unique charged-based Unite Move, allowing for some new and interesting interactions with items like Energy Amplifier.
Falinks ImageFalinks SS Rank Icon Any
One-Man Army
Falinks is a great solo queue pick due to its varying gameplay. It has a great mix of damage, mobility, and durability. It also has mechanics that are uncommon and extremely effective, such as cooldown reduction/reset, stat manipulation, and damage reduction. However, the Pokemon's complexity does require a high degree of skill, making it quite a niche pick.
Inteleon ImageInteleon SS Rank Icon Bot/Jungle
Cunning Chameleon
Inteleon's camouflage and critical-hits makes it the quintessenial assassin despite being an Attacker. It can easily pick off targets either from close range using Liquidation or from afar with Snipe Shot. Although frail and vulnerable in the early game, it becomes a formidable carry and damage dealer in the late game.
Leafeon ImageLeafeon SS Rank Icon Any Lane
The Nimble Eevee
Leafeon is perfect for solo queue games. Its kit is a great mix of mobility and burst damage, making the Pokemon an expert at picking off targets and ganking. Its leveling progression allows it to be placed in any lane or in the jungle since it only needs to reach at least level 4 to start making an impact in the game. The Pokemon doesn't rely too much on its allies to make a significant difference in the game and is capable of carrying them by itself.
Mega Mewtwo X ImageMega Mewtwo X SS Rank Icon Any
Peak Pokemon Strength
Mega Mewtwo X is a vicious Pokemon that's perfect for solo queue. It has a great balance of damage, durability, and mobility via its stats and moves. It thrives in chaotic and drawn-out fights thanks to its ability to increase its Attack, Defense, and Sp. Def. stats simply by attacking opponents, becoming stronger and more durable simultaneously. It reaches its full strength when it manages to fill up its Mega gauge and mega evolve, becoming an overwhelming force for a duration. Lastly, it doesn't have any obvious weakness that opponents can exploit.
Mega Mewtwo Y ImageMega Mewtwo Y SS Rank Icon Any
Peak Psychic Prowess
Mega Mewtwo Y is a late-game powerhouse that's perfect for solo queue. It becomes deadlier as fights prolongs thanks to its ability to increase its Sp. Atk. and attack speed when attacking opponents. It reaches its full strength when it manages to fill up its Mega gauge and mega evolve, becoming a rapid-fire Attacker for a duration.
Meowscarada ImageMeowscarada SS Rank Icon Jungle
Cunning Cat
Meowscarada is a great pick for solo queue, particularly as an assassin. Its moves deal high burst damage and have a cooldown reduction/reset mechanic built in them, allowing it to get aggressive during fights and set the tempo of the game. It's also great in winning teamfights thanks to its powerful Unite Move and is easy to use, which is something sought after in solo queue.
Mimikyu ImageMimikyu SS Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Peculiar Phantom
Mimikyu is a great pick for solo queue. It's simple enough to use but has mechanics that makes it exceptionally strong, giving it the potential to carry games. It doesn't have any glaring weaknesses that conflicts with the Pokemon's potential. It's also flexible enough that makes the Pokemon fit well in any team with little to no compromise.
Miraidon ImageMiraidon SS Rank Icon Any
Lightning Fast
Miraidon is a great solo-queue pick. It has a versatile gameplay and high damage potential, which are strong features when playing solo queue. Although the Pokemon requires top-notch skills from players, its capacity to carry games makes it all worth while.
Zacian ImageZacian SS Rank Icon Jungle
The Crowned Sword
Zacian has virtually all mechanics in the game built in its kit thanks to its ability, Intrepid Sword, making it a great solo-queue Pokemon. It can disable and weaken opponents, buff itself, and keep itself alive all while dishing out insane amounts of damage. Its only downside is the fact that it can only equip two (2) Held items since one slot is permanently reserved for its unique item, Rusted Sword, which actually does not do and give anything. This limits potential builds for the Pokemon that would've made it even stronger. Nonetheless, the Pokemon will have no problem carrying its team to a win.
Zoroark ImageZoroark SS Rank Icon Jungle / Bot
Nightfall Assassin
Zoroark is a well-balanced Speedster that's a reliable choice for the Jungler role. Thanks to its assortment of dash moves, expect to get knockdowns and quick getaways to get ahead of your opponents. Though it is capable of dealing high amounts of damage with its combos, you will find them hard to pull off, especially in the chaotic nature of solo queue. Expect to adjust your aggression accordingly if you are looking to climb the ranks with this Pokemon solo.

S Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Absol ImageAbsol S Rank Icon Jungle
Lord of Crits
Absol brings insane damage through critical hits, allowing it to easily pressure its targets. It can give its team a decent advantage simply by continuously picking off targets, especially early in the early game. It also has great scaling since it does not need to evolve. If given a significant level advantage, Absol can carry its team to victory with no problem.
Blastoise ImageBlastoise S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Pump it Up!
Blastoise's kit has a great mix of damage and utility with the Rapid Spin combos and Hydro Pump stuns. Moreover, it can disrupt the entire enemy team in an instant using Hyrdo Typhoon. With its high durability and Sp. Attack stat, Blastoise is a great Defender to run in solo queue.
Blaziken ImageBlaziken S Rank Icon Any
Fiery Fighter
Blaziken's fast and strong combos makes it a great solo-queue pick. Having the ability to freely switch between movesets allows the Pokemon to adapt to various situations without drastically changing its gameplay. It can stand against multiple targets at once and still get the upper hand thanks to its passive, Blaze, giving it a recovery tool and allowing it to deal additional damage. Although the Pokemon can be difficult to master, its strength is suited for solo queue games.
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole S Rank Icon Jungle / Bot
Here Comes the Slam
Buzzwole is a very capable All-Rounder that has the ability to isolate and pin down key targets with Leech Life and Superpower. It has everything you need to become a great front line Pokemon - high damage and defense. However, its dependence on its allies to follow up its moves hurts overall effectiveness.
Ceruledge ImageCeruledge S Rank Icon Any
Searing Slasher
Ceruledge fits well for solo-queue play. Its kit contains mechanics and effects that allow the Pokemon to carry games if used properly. It can also go in any lane, making it a flexible pick in any team composition. However, it does require a high level of skill to play the Pokemon effectively.
Chandelure ImageChandelure S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Ignite the Fight!
Chandelure's kit makes it a stable solo-queue pick. It has a considerable amount of firepower in the form of burst and burn damage, even in the early game. It also has disabling and debuff moves that are extremely useful in teamfights, most notably Imprison and Ignite Midnight. Chandelure carries its team by providing quality firepower that can secure objectives and eventually win the match.
Dodrio ImageDodrio S Rank Icon Jungle
A Nimble Bird
Dodrio fits the Speedster role perfectly thanks to its insanely high movement speed. Although it doesn't stray from the typical high-mobility, high burst damage trait of Speedsters, it's best played as a roamer and scorer for the team, putting pressure on the enemy to defend their goals. It's definitely a fun Pokemon to play in Solo queue due to its soloist nature, but can't carry its team by itself.
Glaceon ImageGlaceon S Rank Icon Bot
Glacial Strength
Glaceon is a powerful Attacker that is suited for knocking down opponents. It is effective at bursting down low HP targets with endless barrages of ice crystals and even going toe-to-toe with Defenders thanks to its passive ability, Snow Cloak. Although it is still beneficial to be backed by allies, You will find that Glaceon can stand on its own because of its versatile and synergistic kit.
Lapras ImageLapras S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Lethal Melodies
Lapras is a stable Defender pick in solo queue. It can deal significant damage, disable enemies, and keep itself alive during fights. It's effective right from the start and scales well into the late game. Moreover, it synergizes well with a lot of Pokemon, allowing it to fit into any team composition.
Mew ImageMew S Rank Icon Any
Adaptive Attacker
Mew is a unique Attacker that can swap out its moves on the fly thanks to its Move Reset mechanic. This allows Mew to drastically change its playstyle, whatever the situation. Given how Solo Queue matches play out, the versatile nature of Mew can be beneficial for solo players looking for a bit of everything when playing matches. Additionally, even if you don't want to utilize the mechanic, you will find the Pokemon's damaging moves decent enough for a pure Attacker playstyle.
Pikachu ImagePikachu S Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Thunderous Pokemon
Pikachu can deal both high single target and area damage from a long range, making it extremely powerful in teamfights. It also has great scaling since it doesn't need to evolve to reach its power spike. However, its most notable asset is its fast-recharging Unite Move, allowing Pikachu to deal large amounts of damage across multiple targets consistently.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro S Rank Icon Bot
Defender-Supporter Hybrid
Slowbro has the best single-target disablers in the game with Telekinesis and Slowbeam, which can cut off key targets from the fight. Additionally, Slowbro can also contribute to the team's overall offense with Scald. This makes the Pokemon flexible enough to take on the Defender role if your team lacks one.
Sylveon ImageSylveon S Rank Icon Top/Bot
Anti-Sp. Atk. Pokemon with Early Power Spikes
Sylveon can weaken a Pokemon's Sp. Atk. while increasing its own Sp. Atk. and Sp. Def, making Sylveon a great counter to Sp. Atk. Pokemon. However, what truly makes Sylveon a great pick for solo-queue is its early power spikes, having access to the Unite Move and upgraded moves earlier compared to other Pokemon.
Umbreon ImageUmbreon S Rank Icon Top / Bot
Versatile Defender
Umbreon is the most versatile Eeveelution. Although it's categorized as a Defender, its gameplay is more like an All-Rounder, taking the frontlines and applying aggression. However, it has multiple means of healing itself and providing useful stuns and debuffs, which are typical features of a Defender. It's a Pokemon that does well in Solo Queue given how flexible it is, allowing it to fit in any team composition.
Urshifu ImageUrshifu S Rank Icon Jungle
Combat Prowess
Urshifu has a great mix of damage and defense, which makes it an excellent duelist. It's durable enough to take on multiple opponents at once but can also deal significant damage in return, particularly when using Wicked Blow. Moreover, its Unseen Fist ability makes it effective against Pokemon that can provide or gain shields. It also allows Urshifu to dive enemies who are under the safety of their goal zones. With that, you'll find Urshifu to be one of the best All-Rounders for Solo Queue.
Venusaur ImageVenusaur S Rank Icon Top
A Razor-sharp Pokemon
Venusaur has one of the most flexible kit in the Attacker Role. It can deal area damage while healing itself thanks to the Petal Dance + Giga Drain combo and snipe down enemies with its long-ranged Solar Beam. Although it takes a bit of time for Venusaur's power to scale and take over the game, it becomes difficult for its enemies to stop its momentum once it does.

A Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Aegislash ImageAegislash A Rank Icon Jungle/ Bot
En Garde!
Aegislash's sword and shield playstyle gives players a high level of versatility when fighting opponents. Its ability to block attacks and counter with high damaging attacks is satisfying when pulled off. However, its dependence on boosted attacks means that you will have to learn its mechanics to fully take advantage of its strengths. Still, Aegislash is a well-balanced Pokemon that can carry games on its own.
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales A Rank Icon Top
Non-Stop Freezing Festival
Alolan Ninetales' ability to freeze enemies constantly from afar makes it one of the most annoying Pokemon to fight against. It can also dish out burst damage with its Avalanche + Blizzard combo and has support capabilities with Aurora Veil. Though it is teammate dependent, you will find that Alolan Ninetales is a capable Attacker that can stand on its own when it needs to.
Azumarill ImageAzumarill A Rank Icon Jungle/ Bot
Strong Tides
Azumarill is straightforward Pokemon that is easy to pick up and learn compared to other All-Rounders. Its innate critical hit mechanic can easily bring down foes who are unfortunate enough to fight Azumarill one-on-one. However, its lack of proper mobility and unstoppable moves pull it back from being a dependable All-Rounder for the team. If you are willing to adjust your gameplay around its critical hit ability, Azumarill can still dominate games when used to the fullest.
Blissey ImageBlissey A Rank Icon Bot
High-HP Supporter
Blissey is the ultimate Supporter Pokemon in all respect with its arsenal shield and healing moves. It even has the highest HP in the whole UNITE roster! However, Blissey's effectiveness relies solely on being able to support the team's carry throughout the game, especially in crucial moments. Still, with just a bit more effort, its support moves can have a significant impact in solo queue.
Charizard ImageCharizard A Rank Icon Bot
Durable Single-Target Assassin
Charizard is a DPS damage dealer that can take out squishier targets easily. Its hard-hitting moves and ability to dominate lanes with Seismic Slam make it a formidable Pokemon to fight against. The downside to Charizard is that it takes some time before it reaches its full potential. Though Charizard cannot carry the game alone, it can take out the enemy Pokemon that do.
Cinderace ImageCinderace A Rank Icon Top/Jungle
High-Velocity Attacker
Cinderace is another late-game powerhouse Pokemon with its insane attack speed and attack damage. The best thing about Cinderace is it can secure Boss Pokemon effectively, making it a valuable asset to any team. With the right build, Cinderace's high mobility mixed with its firepower can overwhelm the entire enemy team.
Clefable ImageClefable A Rank Icon Top / Bot
Caught by Gravity
Clefable's strengths come from generating advantage with massive heals and heavy disruption. Although these can certainly have value for any team composition to have, they usually do not translate well in the solo queue setting. Expect to add more effort towards getting decent heals with Moonlight or Draining Kiss.
Crustle ImageCrustle A Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Moving Fortress
Crustle is an incredibly durable and mobile Pokemon thanks to its moveset. It can be built as a deadly attacker with X-Scissor and a slippery scorer thanks to Shell Smash. However, it can get overwhelmed by cunning and hard-hitting Pokemon like Cinderace.
Decidueye ImageDecidueye A Rank Icon Top/Jungle
It's Raining Arrows
Decidueye can offer a good amount of offensive support for the team with its fast auto attacks and long range moves. However, it is held back by a lackluster early game that requires you to reach at least level 7 to start being a threat. Additionally, it lacks mobility moves that can help it reposition itself or escape tricky situations. It will take a properly coordinated team to fully utilize what Decidueye can offer on the battlefield.
Delphox ImageDelphox A Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Fiery Fox
Delphox is a stable Sp. Atk. caster for solo-queue games. Its long-ranged, low-cooldown, and high damage moves can burn through any enemy Pokemon's HP quickly. Delphox is also great at teamfights thanks to Fanciful Fireworks, slowing, reducing healing effects, and dealing damage to enemies in a huge area. However, what holds Delphox back from reaching higher placement is its low durability and mobility, and weak early game.
Dragonite ImageDragonite A Rank Icon Jungle/Bot
Feel the Impact
Dragonite lives up to the All-Rounder name by having a versatile kit that can excel in both melee and ranged combat. Its moves synergize well with each other, which allows it to dominate lanes once it reaches its move upgrades. Additionally, Draco Impact's extremely long reach will make opponents cautious when going for objectives. Dragonite's high secure potential and mobility makes it a decent pick for solo queue
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss A Rank Icon Bot
Best Healer in the Game
Eldegoss will always be a valuable asset to any team composition with the constant healing and shielding it provides. However, just like other Supporter Pokemon, Eldegoss relies heavily on other Pokemon to carry and win the game, making Eldegoss not a good Pokemon for solo-queue. Eldegoss only becomes a great pick when players group up with their friends who can cooperate well with the team.
Espeon ImageEspeon A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Psychic Strength
Espeon is a dependable Attacker that is capable of bursting down single targets with high-intensity Sp. Attacks. It can dominate lanes with its long-ranged Psyshock and turn the tide during team fights using Psychic Solare. Unfortunately, its lack of proper mobility moves and limited playstyles hurts it from being a great pick for solo queue.
Gengar ImageGengar A Rank Icon Jungle
Peek a Boo!
Gengar's ability to easily melt down single targets with its arsenal of combos makes the Pokemon a great assassin. It can also itself constantly recover HP when its moves hit, making up for its innate squishiness. Although not great for team fights, if you are looking to generate an advantage by cutting off key targets in the enemy team, look no further than this Pokemon!
Goodra ImageGoodra A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Slime Spreader
Goodra is a Defender with a special way of fulfilling its role. It soaks damage either by increasing its defenses and weakening its opponents with Muddy Water or keeping itself alive and dealing damage using Dragon Pulse. It can also punish attackers by slowing them when they attack thanks to Gooey, which makes the Pokemon a great frontliner. However, it scales relatively slow for a Solo-Queue Pokemon and does not deal enough damage to quickly knock out opponents during fights.
Greninja ImageGreninja A Rank Icon Jungle
A True Ninja
Greninja is a fast, cunning, and hard-hitting Pokemon with high potential to carry the game. While weak early on, Greninja becomes a damage powerhouse when it is able to reach its move upgrades.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir A Rank Icon Top
Strong Sp.Atk. Damage Moves
Gardevoir's gameplay both provide high Sp. Attack damage from a long range and quick disables for the team to take advantage of. However, Gardevoir scales far slower and needs allies by its side most of the time, otherwise, it gets defeated easily.
Hoopa ImageHoopa A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Hyper Support
Hoopa has the capacity to make remarkable plays through its unique support moves like Hyperspace Hole and Rings Unbound, which focus on enhancing your team's reach and positioning. However, because of its dependence on its teammates to take make use of the advantage it generates, Hoopa falls short of being a good pick for solo queue.
Machamp ImageMachamp A Rank Icon Jungle
Rampaging Brawler
Machamp can consistently provide itself with buffs and immunity from certain disables, allowing it to ignore enemy moves while it charges its targets. It can also deal significant damage thanks to its critical hits. Moreover, Machamp can be built in various ways depending on what the team needs or lacks, taking roles such as a carry or a tank.
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine A Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Thick-Skinned Initiator
Mamoswine is a highly durable Pokemon with an arsenal of crowd-control moves This makes Mamoswine a great initiator to have on the team that can open up opportunities for your teammates to knock down opponents or open goal zones. However, Mamoswine must have a near-perfect early game for it to be an effective initiator.
Metagross ImageMetagross A Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Fighter-Tank
Metagross can fit nicely in solo queue games but is an alternative pick at best. Its kit is a great mix of damage, mobility, and utility, and it's also a versatile pick. However, the Pokemon isn't meant for carrying game by itself and needs a coherent team to assist it.
Lucario ImageLucario A Rank Icon Any
A Hyper Carry All-Rounder
Lucario is a highly dependable All-Rounder for any team to have. Its high mobility, good damage, and survivability makes Lucario a top pick for solo-queue. Even after receiving numerous nerfs, Lucario remains as formidable as ever.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime A Rank Icon Bot
Supporter with High Burst Damage
Mr. Mime has a good balance between utility and damage thanks to its moves like Barrier and Guard Swap. It is also a durable Pokemon that can tank damage for the team while also being able to fight back. Though it does not offer any straightforward support move for the team, you will find that Mr. Mime plays like an All-Rounder that can stand on its own.
Scizor ImageScizor A Rank Icon Jungle
Two-in-one Pokemon
The ability to evolve into another Pokemon with different stats and gameplay is unique to this Pokemon. Scyther deals more damage but is less durable, making it a typical assassin. On the other hand, Scizor is more durable but deals less damage, turning it into a stereotypical All-Rounder. However, both evolution does not do anything noteworthy on their own and feels like they're just lesser versions of more established Pokemon.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax A Rank Icon Top
The Sleeping Giant
Snorlax is an effective Defender Pokemon from beginning to end, offering consistent crowd control moves while being able to stay in the fight longer with its high durability. Though it can essentially carry the game with just these two factors, Snorlax still depends on its teammates to become effective.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame A Rank Icon Jungle
Death from Above!
Talonflame's gameplay is centered around diving targets from a distance and bursting them down quickly. Its highly mobile moveset can make you near impossible to catch, which is perfect for goal-focused playstyles. Talonflame is also notorious for stealing Boss Pokemon with moves like Fly or Brave Bird.
Tsareena ImageTsareena A Rank Icon Jungle
The Ultimate Duelist
Tsareena almost perfect move kit synergy that promotes high damage, great mobility, and ample crowd control. It is a top pick for solo-queue because it can independently carry itself without much help from supports or teammates. Tsareena's sustain and survivability via Stomp and Trop Kick are enough to dominate lanes and allow it to survive grueling fights while dealing heavy area damage.
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar A Rank Icon Jungle / Bot
Tyranitar is a very powerful All-Rounder Pokemon that excels in both offense and defense. Its premiere move, Sand Stream, makes the Pokemon a beast in brawls and team fights. However, its slow early game and dependence on its allies to properly feed it to reach higher levels make it a hard Pokemon to use in Solo Queue. Still, if you are willing to put up with the chaotic nature of Solo Queue and hit the right beats, you will find Tyranitar to be one of the best Pokemon that can dominate the match.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff A Rank Icon Bot
Has Great Team Synergy
Wigglytuff provides both disruptive offense and life-saving defense thanks to Sing and Starlight Recital, respectively. Wigglytuff synergizes well with any Pokemon, whether they're long-ranged attackers or melee brawlers, making Wigglytuff a valuable asset to any team in solo-queue.
Trevenant ImageTrevenant A Rank Icon Bot
Drain and Sustain
Trevenant's high-sustain and high durability make it a great Defender to have in the middle of a clash. Moves like Curse and Pain Split take advantage of Trevenant's HP to deal damage to enemies near it while leeching away their HP. Unfortunately, it falls short in the offense side of things that can help it carry the game.
Zeraora ImageZeraora A Rank Icon Jungle
An Electrifying Wildcat
Zeraora's arsenal of highly mobile damaging moves makes it a great Speedster for any strategy. However, because its move upgrades take too long to learn, expect that the Pokemon will be underpowered for the entire early game. This makes Zeraora a hard Pokemon to use in solo queue. But, when you manage to pull it off, you will find that Zeraora can still wreak havoc with its Wild Charge and Plasma Gale.

B Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Cramorant ImageCramorant B Rank Icon Top/Bot
A Living Gattling Gun
Cramorant excels at dealing high amounts of damage with its hard-hitting moves. However, because its moves need to be properly set up, Cramorant is a hard Pokemon to use in an uncoordinated team.
Duraludon ImageDuraludon B Rank Icon Bot
Titan-Level Threat
Duraludon boasts high burst damage, long range, and relatively easy gameplay. Moves like Dragon Pulse and Flash Cannon offer high amounts of damage that can directly affect a teamfight. Though its lack of proper mobility moves makes it depend on Defenders to support it, Duraludon can still dominate lanes if you manage to play it right.
Garchomp ImageGarchomp B Rank Icon Jungle
Deadly Swipes
Garchomp requires a lot of time to reach the point where it can take over the game via its insane attack speed and lifesteal. However, even with all that attack speed and lifesteal, Garchomp has no means of immunity against stuns and debuffs, making it easy for enemy Pokemon to stop Garchomp completely. One upside to Garchomp is its capacity to defeat Boss Pokemon on its own.
Greedent ImageGreedent B Rank Icon Top/Bot
Gas! Gas! Gas!
Apart from being a tanky Pokemon, Greedent can make itself hard to target with the use of Covet. Combining that with Belch allows it to pick off easy targets. However, because of how different its playstyle is compared to other Defenders, Greedent cannot carry games by itself. Still, the Pokemon remains the go-to pick for unique strategies like counter-jungling or quick scoring.
Sableye ImageSableye B Rank Icon Top / Bot
Knows All the Tricks
Sableye is a unique Supporter Pokemon. Its gameplay consists of aiding your team by causing havoc and confusion on the battlefield. Combined with its ability to turn invisible with Prankster, you will find the Pokemon to be a great disabler and an effective Pokemon for strategies that involve scoring, assassinating, and scouting. Unfortunately, you may find yourself struggling to juggle between unique playstyles and the expectation that comes with the support role. Being placed in an uncoordinated team limits Sableye's true strengths as it cannot carry games alone.

C Tier

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Comfey ImageComfey C Rank Icon Bot
Over-attachment Problems
Comfey revolves around attaching itself to an ally and keeping them topped up with healing or shields, while at the same time hitting them with disabling moves.

Though this introduced a new mechanic, it also proved to be Comfey's biggest problem when queueing solo in Ranked games. Most often than not, your success as Comfey relies heavily on the skills of the ally you're supporting, hence constant communication is required. That's just not gonna happen in Solo Queue ranked matches.
Gyarados ImageGyarados C Rank Icon Top / Bot
Dragon of the Depths
Gyarados isn't a top pick for solo queue, although it can still do well with enough effort. Its primary problem is that it needs to fill up its effort gauge first to evolve and reach its full potential. And given how random things can get when playing solo queue, picking Gyarados will always be a hit or miss. The faster it can evolve the better it will perform, but the longer it remains as Magikarp the harder things will be not just for the Pokemon but also the entire team.

Tier List Criteria

Full Criteria

Ability to Solo Other Pokemon Ability to Handle More Than 1 Pokemon Not Needing Other Teammates to Set-up a Play

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list. Read on to learn what they refer to exactly:

  • Solo Other Pokemon: This refers to the Pokemon's capacity to defeat any Pokemon by itself.
  • Handle More Than 1 Pokemon. This refers to a Pokemon's capacity to take on groups of enemies at once.
  • Not Needing Other Teammates. This refers to a Pokemon's capacity to set up plays without needing any allies, and to carry the team to a win.

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26 Anonymous3 months

Blissey is an OP support because of how much capabilities it has. it can save an ally from certain death using it's unite move: bliss assist. while it feels like a supporter it also feels like a tank thanks to its easy healing opportunities. it can also stun and deal damage with egg bomb. my recommended battle item is full heal or eject button, and the egg bomb soft boiled build.

15 PinoFloysover 1 year

ELDEGOSS for S tier. Best supporter soloQ, it can secure objectives and farm easily Drop Cinderace to B. I'm sure you will play it in lane. It is garbage there. It is not even among the best junglers.


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