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How to Check Player Levels and Kills

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The best way for players to know how well they're doing during a match is by checking their in-game stats. This is a guide on checking player levels and kills in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn the different ways to check player stats in matches, and what those stats refer to.

How to Check Player Levels and Kills

During a Match

Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats During Match

By pressing the + button during a match, players can check all players' stats. The stats shown are kills, assists, and level. Players can also see the respawn timer of Pokemon that are currently dead, the moves each Pokemon have learned, and the cooldown timer of battle items.

Opening the scoreboard will cover a huge part of the screen, putting the Pokemon in a vulnerable position. It is best to only open the scoreboard when the Pokemon is at a safe place like inside the base, or while waiting for the Pokemon to respawn.

Battle Screen and Menus Explanation

Death Stats

Pokemon UNITE - Death Stat

By pressing the X button when a Pokemon has died, players can see the breakdown of their death. It shows which enemy Pokemon defeated their Pokemon. It also shows which moves the enemy Pokemon used, and how much damage they dealt.

After a Match

Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats After a Match

Players can also see the final match stats after each game. The stats shown are total kills, assists, points, the Pokemon's level, and the overall score.

Battle Record

Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats in Battle Record

Players can check their match history and the stats of each match in Battle Record in their Trainer Info.

The stats shown are similar to the scorescreen after a match. However, the difference is that players can't view the point breakdown of that match anymore, and players can see the total damage dealt, taken, and HP recovered.

How to Check Match Stats in Battle Record

1 Pokemon UNITE - Main MenuIn the main menu, press the L button.
2.1 Pokemon UNITE - Select Battle RecordSelect Battle Record, then select the specific match from the list by pressing the A button.
2.2 Pokemon UNITE - Damage Dealt and TakenPress the R button to show the damage dealt and taken, and HP recovered.

What Player Stats are Recorded for Each Match?

checkmarkDamage Dealt and Taken
checkmarkHP Recovered
checkmarkOverall Score


Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats Points Scored

The game records the total amount of points a player scored for each match. To score points, players must collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon, then press X in the enemy's goal zone.

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Checking Score During Battles

Currently, there is no way to check the team's score during matches. It is only after the match can players see their team's score. However, there are simple ways players can do to estimate how many points their team has scored while playing.

How to Check Team Score

Score Breakdown

Pokemon UNITE - Score Breakdown

Players can also see a minute by minute breakdown of each team's score by selecting Review Battle in the scorescreen after a match. It shows how many points each player scored at a certain time.


Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats Kills

Kills are also recorded in each match. Although the game focuses more on scoring points, getting kills still play a huge role in winning the game.

Deaths are not Recorded

Unlike other MOBA games, Pokemon UNITE does not show or record deaths in each match. Deaths do not show up at any stats screen, not even during matches. It's not known why deaths are not recorded.


Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats Assists

Assists are another recorded stat in each match. They are rewarded to players that have dealt damage to a recently defeated Pokemon but is not the killer. However, the exact mechanic is not yet known.

Damage Dealt and Damage Taken

Pokemon UNITE - Player Stats Damage Taken and Dealt

The damage dealt and damage taken of each player can only be seen in the scorescreen via Battle Record. As the names suggest, they refer to the total damage dealt and taken by the player. Only the damage dealt and taken from another player is included in the stat, not from wild Pokemon.

Furthermore, the damage taken for a shielded Pokemon, and the damage dealt to a shielded Pokemon are not included in the total amount.

Held Items Affect Damage Dealt and Taken

Pokemon UNITE - Items

Held items modify a Pokemon's stats during battles. Certain stats directly affect the damage dealt, and damage taken by a Pokemon. The higher the item level, the greater its effect becomes.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade (September 1 Update)

HP Recovered

Pokemon UNITE - Go Inside Goal Zones

The HP recovered stat can also be seen along with the damage dealt and taken. This refers to the total HP a player has recovered in that match. This can come from various sources, such as picking up yellow berries, using moves, and healing from items.

How to Recover HP

Overall Score

Pokemon UNITE - Overall Score

The overall score refers to the overall contribution of each player during the match. It is not known how the overall score is calculated. However, it's speculated that it must have something to do with the existing stats like kills, and points.

The player with the highest overall score from each team is awarded the MVP badge.
Badges and Medals Guide: Results Screen Explanation

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