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Unknown Stars_Banner.jpg

Unknown Star is the first phase of the Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact. Read on to find out when the event will start, how to complete the Unknown Star Story Quest, how to play the Event Challenge, and what rewards you can get!

Unreconciled Stars Quests
Genshin - Unreconciled Stars - Unknown StarUnknown
Genshin - Unreconciled Stars - Star of Deceitful DreamsDeceitful Dreams Genshin - Unreconciled Stars - Star of DestinyStar of
Where Ancient Stars Align.pngWhere Ancient Stars Align

Unreconciled Stars Event Guide

Unknown Star Event Schedule

Unknown Star Event Time

Event Start US: 2020/11/16 10:00am (GMT-5)
EU: 2020/11/16 09:00am (GMT)

How to Unlock Unknown Star

Unknown Star will start automatically as long as you are AR 20 or above and in the event period. It's the quest that starts the entire Unreconciled Stars event.

Unreconciled Stars Event Guide

Unknown Star Checklist

Things To Do in Unknown Star

For this part of the Unreconciled Stars event, you want to make sure you do everything on the list above. Clearing Meteorite Remains in the Star of the Deceitful Dreams part of the event might be a faster way of gathering Fading Star's Might, but it costs Resin to get the rewards.

Unknown Star Story Quest

How to Start Unknown Star

Unknown Star_Map.jpg

As mentioned above, Unknown Star unlocks at the start of the Unreconciled Stars event if you're Adventure Rank 20 or higher.

Speak to Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild to begin the quest.

Unknown Star Walkthrough

Katheryne of the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild seems to have something to tell you.

Unknown Star Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild and look for Katheryne
  • Check out the stiuation at Springvale
  • Examine the nearby victims
  • Head to the hill to look for Allan
  • Rescue Allan from the monsters surrounding him
  • Clear out the meteorite shards on the hill
  • Return to Springvale to check on the victims

1 Unknown Star_Katheryne.jpg
Head to Mondstadt and go to the Adventurers' Guild to speak to Katheryne.
2 Unknown Star_Springvale.jpg
Travel to Springvale and approach the marker just outside Springvale.
3 Unknown Star_Joyce.jpg
Talk to Joyce.
4 Unknown Star_Adler.jpg
Talk to Adler.
5 Unknown Star_Edna.jpg
Talk to Sister Edna.
6 Unknown Star_Allan.jpg
Head to the marker at the hill behind Springvale and save Allan from the Slimes.
7 Unknown Star_Shard 1.jpg
Pick up the two meteorite shards in the area.
8 Unknown Star_Edna 2.jpg
Head back to Springvale and speak to Sister Edna to check on the victims.

Unknown Star Quest Rewards

Fading Star Fading Star's Might ×40 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×30000

Unknown Star Tips & Strategies

Recommended Party

Unknown Star_Party.jpg

You will have to fight Electro and Pyro Slimes to save Allan. It is recommended to use Cryo or Hydro characters to defeat them quickly.

Unknown Star Event Challenge - Meteorite Shards

After completing the Unknown Star quest, you'll be able to find Meteorite Shards in six areas of Teyvat to get Fading Star's Might.

Find Stars and Meteorites

Genshin - Check your Minimap for Meteorites

The Meteorite Shards will be marked with little blue circles on your minimap when you are in the right areas, so seek them out and get as many as possible. The last three areas will be unlocked when you have found 7 Meteorite Shards in each of the first three areas.

Meteorite Shard Locations

Unknown Star Meteoric Wave Quests

Each of the World Quests below are unlocked after completing the Unknown Star Story Quest. Complete each of them to obtain more Fading Star's Might for use in the Event Shop!

That Which Fell From the Sky


Sister Grace is worried about some of the people still outside the city walls during this crisis.

That Which Fell From the Sky
Walkthrough and Rewards

To Each Their Duty

To Each Their Duty_Banner.jpg

Huffman has some new orders for the Knights of Favonius, but needs someone to help relay the orders.

To Each Their Duty
Walkthrough and Rewards

Thoughts Carried On the Wind

Thoughts Carried On the Wind_Banner.jpg

Godwin is flustered and needs help clearing out some nearby Hilichurl camps.

Thoughts Carried On the Wind
Walkthrough and Rewards

Unknown Stars Rewards

Unknown Star Quest Rewards

Completing the Story Quest of Unknown Star will get you a nice start on your event currency, the Fading Star's Might pieces used in the Event Shop.

Fading Star Fading Star's Might ×40 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×30000

Meteoric Wave Quest Rewards

Clearing Unknown Star will also unlock three event world quests that also reward you with Fading Star's Might, so make sure to clear all of them!

Quest Rewards
FellFromtheSky_Banner.jpg That Which Fell From the Sky
Mora Image Mora x25,000
To Each Their Duty_Banner.jpg To Each Their Duty
Mora Image Mora x25,000
Thoughts Carried On the Wind_Banner.jpg Thoughts Carried On the Wind
Mora Image Mora x25,000

Meteorite Shard Rewards

For each area you find seven Meteorites in you get Primogems and Mora. If you find all fallen stars in the 6 areas that have Meteorite Shards, you should be able to get a total of 118 Fading Star's Might fragments to use in the Event Shop

Quest Rewards
Where Stars Fall
Mora Image Mora x25,000
Guyun Starcatcher
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Meteors Over Qingce
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Starlit Cape Oath
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Stardust in Jueyun
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Yaoguang Algol
Mora Image Mora x20,000
Total Reward
Mora Image Mora x120,000

218 Fading Star's Might

If you tally up all your hard earned Stars from the quests and Meteorite Shards, you should have 218 from Unknown Star. None of these require Resin to get, so make sure you get them all!

Source Star's Might
Unknown Star Quest
Meteoric Wave Quests
Meteorite Shards
Total Reward

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