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Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - Banner.jpg

This is a guide for all the Stone Tablet Locations in Genshin Impact. Head out to Dragonspine and find all the Stone Tablets to receive a reward.

Stone Tablet Map

Genshin Impact - Dragonsine - Stone Tablet Map.jpgEnlarge

Stone Tablet Locations

Stone Tablet How to Get
1 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 1.jpgEnlarge In a room with a locked door near the Statue of the Seven.
2 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 2.jpgEnlarge This Stone Tablet can be found on top of a rock in this area, nearby a deactivated Ruin Grader.
3 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 3.jpgEnlarge After solving the Seelie Puzzle and defeating the 2 Ruin Guard and Ruin Grader, you can drop down into the chamber and find the Stone Tablet there.
4 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 4.jpgEnlarge The Stone Tablet is being guarded by a Ruin Grader.
5 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 5.jpgEnlarge Found outside the Domain Door.
6 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 6.jpgEnlarge Solve the first Seelie puzzle to reveal a new area then use a Scarlet Quartz to melt the ice in the corner hiding the Stone Tablet.
7 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 7.jpgEnlarge The Stone Tablet can be found inside the Secret Room. You will need the Princess' Box, Priest's Box, and Scribe's Box to open it.
8 Genshin - Dragonspine - Stone Tablet - 8.jpgEnlarge On a platform near the Frostbearing Tree. A new enemy will appear as well.

Stone Tablet Rewards

Claymore Reward - Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Snow-Tombed Starsilver Image Snow-Tombed Starsilver

After interacting with all 8 Stone Tablets, you can go to the area near the Statue of the Seven and activate the mechanism to unlock the door.

Inside, you will be able to receive a free weapon, the Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver Stats

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>>3 in the tomb, light all the torch and the sword will spawn

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I didn't receive the Snow-tombed Starsilver "(

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